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Kicktronic allows you to perform solo with the sound and feel of a full band

Now available to solo performers worldwide is the KICKTRONIC Electronic Bass Drum and Virtual Band System.



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Equipping Your Home Recording Studio ow there's finally a way to sound like a full band without compromise as this innovative technology puts the musician back in music.

For years now, solo musicians have attempted to replace band-mates with technology, only to find that there is no substitute for human expression. Backing tracks, drum machines, loopers, sequencers etc. allow us to fill in the sound in the absence of adequate musicians, but these technologies fall short in providing the feel and spontaneity of human performers. This brings us to self-accompaniment. The concept of self-accompaniment has long intrigued the solo player as it promised a natural way to expand one's sound without the hassle and complications of finding like-minded band members. However, to date there has been no easy and practical way to achieve the true "one-man-band" (just think of the guy with the drum set strapped to his back).

Developed by FLOTECHNIC Design, the KICKTRONIC Electronic Bass Drum and Virtual Band System is a unique self-accompaniment system that offers a complete rhythm section to anyone playing a melody instrument such as guitar, keyboard etc. The system is comprised of one or two foot sensors (the second foot sensor is sold separately), and software that runs on your PC. By simply tapping your foot to the rhythm of your playing, Kicktronic provides accompaniment with a user-modifiable kick drum, snare drum, and crash cymbals. The drum and cymbal sounds are all generated using an analog-style synthesizer technique called "analog modeling technology", which creates much more variation and character that the mainstream sample-based electronic drums on the market. To complete the rhythm section, Kicktronic provides an auto-bass, which is a very unique and innovative bass accompaniment – the rhythm of the bass is determined by the rhythm you play on the kick drum, while the note is determined by the note you play on your melody instrument. Now you're a complete band! In addition to this there are effects provided for your instrument, as well as an option to plug in an auxiliary input such as vocals so that you can achieve the true one-man-band.

By our press release coordinator Wednesday January 5, 2011