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Is it possible to have an agent in the US who could sell my music to the film and television industry?

A Record-Producer.com visitor from Canada asks whether it is possible to have an agent in the US, for film, TV and country music...


Question from a Audio Masterclass visitor...


I've been composing music with some success for the past 20 years, but my goal is to make it outside of my country.

I wrote music for television, advertising and special events, but I am wondering if it is possible for me to have an agent in the US who could sell my music to the film and television industry.

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I also write pop and country songs, and since I've been writing jingles for so long, I think I know a hook when I hear one.

Thank you for your answer and for advice in general. I think you provide us with very good information.

Frank J.
ffortissimo studios~creatifs

Reply from David Mellor...

You won't regret joining Taxi, a referral service for songwriters and composers. If they gave me a commission for my recommendation, I might include a live link, but I'm sure you can find it anyway :-)

I have experience of Taxi from the 'other side' - as a publisher looking for material.

They put up my listing for free, pre-selected material and sent me the best of the bunch. Didn't cost me a thing. I received fifty-odd demo CDs from which I chose the best composers and published their work, which is now earning money for them and for me.

I have no reason to assume that it would be any different for any of their other listings. It really would be very difficult to operate something like this as a scam for so long - so much easier just to be genuine.

Quite often there are listings for TV music. I can tell you that the competition is fierce. But at least the door is open - all you have to do is be the best!

Other than that, there is no reason why you shouldn't contact US publishers directly. Try this search...


Don't forget to contact them first and ask if you can send material. US publishers won't listen to anything that arrives uninvited.

Let us know how you get on.

By David Mellor Saturday August 6, 2005