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"Idle Pop" by Keith Gould

My self-produced track 'Idle Pop'...


My self-produced track 'Idle Pop' and the cover art from Volume VII, the 3 track release from whence it came.

It was written, recorded, performed and produced by me in my acoustically challenged former residence in NW London-it was an estate next to a major rail artery out of London. You may be able to hear freight trains pass between words, or my next door neighbour's screaming infant the local pit-bulls, poilce sirens or the habitual hedge trimmers in the background. Still I used what I had available.

Mics were SM57, £100 U87 copy, tandy realistic, akg c3000, synths GEM equinox, Yamaha CS01. Mac G4 running Cubase VST (pre SX) with about 5 soft synths. Guitar Fender Jaguar (modified with humbucker), Yamaha 01V mixer, tannoy reveals, TLA valve compressor/DI.

FREE EBOOK - Equipping Your Home Recording Studio

Equipping Your Home Recording Studio

Vox were recorded with home made vocal booth (ikea mirror/ screen with duvets) and pop shield and BVs in bathroom. Guitars thru TLA fatman and amp sim on 01V.

Everything else programmed in. Mastered by Emasters.


Of the three tracks on Volume VII, Idle pop is the most traditional in instrumentation. There's 2 vox, guitars, and programmed synths doing piano, drums, and a moogy patch shadowing the guitar. Accessible in the lyrics and catchy in the chorus, this is a fantasticly cheeky parody of reality TV style singer/ wannabe celebrity culture by fantastically skilled solo artist


[...former student of David Mellor, Denise, Rob, Two Steves, Mal, Joe Duffy, Charles, Dr Mick Grierson and others]

Now preparing second three track release, PETROL ON DYNAMITE + FLAMETHROWER mastered by Andy Jackson @ tubemasters, previews on www.myspace.com/keefsystems

Keef is currently seeking musical collaborators to form a band and gig. Pref based N/W/C London, contact via myspace/keefsystems.


Further information is available at www.myspace.com/keefsystems

By Keith Gould Thursday November 30, 2006

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