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I Fall Through Clouds by Sp3ccylad

I Fall Through Clouds by Sp3ccylad - 7th place entry in the Second Record-Producer.com Creativity Competition


I Fall Through Clouds

Artist's information...

Sp3ccylad, a self-confessed Beatles anorak of the highest order, has been dabbling in music for perhaps just a bit longer than he cares to admit; or indeed acknowledge.

Fascinated by the enabling possibilities given to musicians by the home studio, he disappeared into a room upstairs armed with a copy of Ian MacDonald's Revolution in the Head and a bunch of Beatles CDs. He hasn't been seen making sense in public for about two-and-a-half years and has his meals pushed under the door three times a day. When he started, he had one cat. He was shocked to find out just the other day that he now has seven. Six of them barely recognise him.

Using Logic Pro on an iMac G5 and a bunch of cobbled-together kit borrowed from the top-secret MIDI laboratories at Fisher-Price, he's already managed to release one self-produced album, Fnurgled, which is available on the usual download channels. A new album, ...Amongst Tax Collectors and Thieves is being mastered right now and should be released by early summer.

You'll never think of Huddersfield in the same way again.

You can listen to Sp3ccylad's demos and suchlike here, and buy Fnurgled DRM-free here

By David Mellor Thursday November 30, 2006
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