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How to open doors and get a foot in the music industry

A Record-Producer.com visitor asks how she can open doors into the music industry. It's a tough question, and you need to be tough to make it...


Dear Mr. David Mellor,

First of all let me thank you for taking the time and reading my mail. it means way more than youll ever know. and i thank you from the bottom of my heart. let me get to my question now.

I'm a 28 yr old female, with lot of potential and i have what the pop/ country music buisness needs. how would i go about getting somewhere, and with whom would you say i start with. i wanna stand out from everyones elses mail that they get. i wnat that person to say hey what is this, then go and put it in to listen to. i know they will love what they hear. i have been singing every day since i was a 3 yr old little girl. i wnat to change my life, the future and help the world and be roll model for thousands of fans.

Please any information you have about opening doors and how to get my foot in would be great. If they just contacted me and i came to the studio , id blow them away with my vocal talent. to be up on stage is where i feel alive and feel like im giving the world a piece of my soul...............if you are willing to take a chance may i send a tape to you with a few tracks on it for you to give it a listen? then ill wait to see what your personal advise would be for me to do next. Thank you again for giving me this wonderful oppertunity.

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Equipping Your Home Recording Studio

Thank you ....... Sincerlly,

Name not published
Bellefontiane, ohio

Reply from David Mellor...

Clearly this is a message from the heart. And clearly anyone who is genuinely determined to achieve success in music deserves a credible answer, even if it may seem off-putting and perhaps even a touch harsh.

Firstly, many people over-rate their abilities. Self confidence is good, but it has to be coupled with self-criticism and the will to improve continually. Great artists are like great sports players. They started out with natural talent and ability, but they didn't get where they are now without intensive training and a continuous program of improvement.

Secondly, there are many, many people in the same position. And many of them are very good indeed. Never, ever underestimate the competition. It is incredibly fierce.

Thirdly, short cuts are rare. Very rare. Yes you might get 'discovered' you might get your demo CD heard. But act as if this is never going to happen. You are going to work your way up the long and hard way.

The long and hard route to success is to get yourself in front of an audience, be original and learn how to entertain them. Learn how to make your audience a little bigger each time. Get yourself noticed, get more prestigious gigs.

When you have a following, the music industry has to take notice of you.

Demo CDs have their place - as part of your promo pack to get you gigs. A good demo and promotional package will get you gigs.

And if you are in front of an audience, and they are loving what you do, and you are original...

You are on your way!

By David Mellor Monday July 18, 2005