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How to get your music heard by people that matter

To get on the path to fame and success in music, you have to get your music heard. But you might have to get hundreds of people to listen before one wants to sign you. Where do you find these people?


Your path to the fame and success you deserve in music is straight and direct. It couldn't be simpler...

Get your music heard by an A&R manager or label boss.

If they like your music, if they like you, and if they think they can sell your records, you're in!

Yes, it is as simple as that. Having the right music, persona and style is what matters most. But for that to have any impact, you have to get your music heard.

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There's a problem...

No-one will listen.

You can't simply send your demo CD and presentation package to an A&R manager or label boss. It will get sent right back to you without being heard.

There are two reasons for this. One is that a song that the label releases in six months time might accidentally be similar to yours. You might sue them for copyright infringement. The other is that most demo CDs are frankly not worth listening to. But that's another story. Yours of course will be different.

So you have to persuade the A&R manager or label boss to hear your music. You can do that using a inventive letter or fax (not e-mail - there's too much spam for yours to get noticed).

I once heard of an English artist who played American-style country music who got his demo heard by dozens of labels. Not much market for a non-US country music artist, you might think. However he cleverly compared himself with Keith Urban, who is very successful in the States, and is in fact Australian.

Being inventive can get you heard.

But you also have to play the numbers game. A&R managers and label bosses can't always hear a hit, even when it is blindingly obvious. So you need to get your music out to as many people as possible, perhaps hundreds.

You could get addresses of record labels from a yellow pages style directory. But you won't get people's names.

You have to have people's names, otherwise the only person who will read your letter or fax is the office junior, maybe even an intern.

Fortunately there is a directory that gives you everything you need. Full contact details for almost every record label there is, in North America and the UK. It's updated regularly too.

Work your way through this massive list with hundreds of entries and you are sure to find plenty of people who will listen.

The directory you need is the A&R Registry.

It comes in print and CD-ROM versions that are physically shipped to you. Priced from $69 dollars it must be the best investment you could possibly make for your future career.

Even if you don't have a demo ready, you could start making contacts. Build up a list of people who will talk to you, starting now, so that when you are ready with the demo in a couple of months time, they are ready and waiting to hear it.

You can order the A&R Registry here...

By David Mellor Friday June 24, 2005