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How good is your drummer? Put him to the test in five different ways.

A good drummer is worth his or her weight in platinum. But how can you know for sure just how good they are?


A good drummer has the quality of 'snap'. It's impossible to put into words what snap is. But if a drummer has it, you know straight away. If you're wondering whether a particular drummer has snap or not, he doesn't.

But any way of analyzing the quality of a drummer's timing and precision has to be a good thing. 'What gets measured gets improved' is an old saying.

The Beatnik RA1200P Rhythmic Analyzer will do just that. It has a touch-sensitive pad on which the drummer can show off his skills. The analyzer's display will show each stroke visually with an accuracy down to 512th notes. Yes really.

The unit can review stroke accuracy and analyze transitions between changing subdivisions and display separate historical accuracy summaries for each.

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Equipping Your Home Recording Studio

Of course the unit is adaptable for different skill levels. No point in starting off on the John Bonham setting.

You can find out more about the Beatnik RA1200P Rhythmic Analyzer at www.tuners.com.

By the way, we have no connection with this company other than we found the product interesting.

By David Mellor Sunday April 11, 2010

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