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Halter Technical introduces Scene Monitor - a premium comfort headphone

Ultra-lightweight headphones designed for creatives in broadcast and video production.


Halter Technical LLC, the Los Angeles-based manufacturer of audio products for the broadcast and video production industry are excited to introduce the Scene Monitor headphone. Designed to fill the gap in the market for an inexpensive, quality headphone, the Scene Monitor is comfortable enough for producers, directors, script supervisors, loggers, and editors to wear for an entire workday without fatigue.

While there are thousands of headphones on the market, the new Scene Monitor offers many features that professionals working with sound have previously never had all in one package. Scene Monitor has a quality build and is easy to repair.  It features a single, straight 3-foot cable that won’t kink or catch like coiled cables.  It is compatible with IFB receivers from Comtek, Sennheiser, Zaxcom, Lectrosonics, Shure, Wisycom, and ALL devices with a stereo 3.5mm headphone jack.

The Halter Technical Scene Monitor accomplishes all of this and more.  Best of all, the Scene Monitor is available at an affordable enough price that it can be purchased on a per show or project basis.  Included in the package is one headphone, one set of leather earpads, and one set of silicone earpads.  Now, customers have the option of using the earpads they find best for their client, and have a spare set at their disposal.

Scene Monitor is available in two different SKU’s.  Customers may purchase a single Scene Monitor  (Model No. HTSM1) or as a 10-Pack (Model No. HTSM1-PACK).  These options offer a convenient and cost effective way to outfit an individual, or a show or facility with the perfect work headphone solution.

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Equipping Your Home Recording Studio

Both the HTSM1 single Scene Monitor and HTSM1-PACK Scene Monitor 10-Pack are now available from all of Halter Technical’s retail partners.

About Halter Technical LLC

Located in Los Angeles, CA, Halter Technical is a manufacturer of high quality audio equipment for the world’s broadcast and video production markets. Founded by Doc Justice, an experienced veteran Production Sound Mixer and Audio Supervisor, Halter Technical’s mission is to scrutinize the production audio marketplace to discover inefficiencies, and to reinvigorate the industry.

Halter Technical: Never Settle For Standard.

For additional information, visit the company online at

By our press release coordinator Tuesday July 31, 2018