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Good Fortune Industries unveils Phil the Tip Jar

The world’s first interactive card-dispensing tip jar with lights/sounds for musicians and bands.


For musicians and bands looking for a little more monetary “love” from their audiences prior to playing “Mustang Sally” for the hundredth time, Good Fortune Industries today announced Phil the Tip Jar, the world’s first interactive card-dispensing tip jar complete with LED lights and sound effects.

A vast improvement over using a dirty pitcher from the bar or mason jar like most bands do, Phil isn’t just another accessory or piece of gear, Phil is an excellent front man for any band or act. Phil helps bands and musicians engage and delight audiences, increase the amount of tips they receive, enhance their performances and provide their contact information (leading to even more gigs) with every single tip.

Phil the Tip Jar Features:

  • Professional design with Phil the Tip Jar branding (custom branding will be available in late 2019)
  • Money Drop Slot with infrared motion sensor
  • LED Light Effects illuminates blue, red and green or cycles through all colors
  • Contact card storage slot
  • Special sound effect – with audible “cha-ching” sound when a tip is received and contact card is dispensed. (this can be disabled when necessary)
  • Power cord

Pricing and Availability:

Phil the Tip Jar is now available online at for $199.00.

About Good Fortune Industries, Inc.

Good Fortune Industries, Inc. is a California-based company that was founded in 2017 with the mission to ignite and promote the positive aspects of paying good fortune forward generating smiles and happiness everywhere. The company makes its original TipforTip Jar for retail businesses and now has added its new Phil the Tip Jar just for musicians and bands. For more information, please visit

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By Our Press Release Coordinator Thursday July 18, 2019

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