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GForce launch Virtual String Machine, quite simply the last word in classic (and new) strings

After a string of globally acclaimed plug-in releases, GForce are back with another unique and inventive twist on a classic theme. For Virtual String Machine (VSM) they've sampled 17 classic and rare string machines to bring you the ultimate in classic string sounds. With over 2.5GB of data and 700+ totally authentic patches, VSM is the only vintage string machine collection you'll ever need...


GForce are well known for the sonic excellence of their plug-ins, and VSM is no different. The best string machines made have been extensively multi-sampled with the resulting 2.5GB of data available via an extremely clean interface for the ultimate synth string and pad experience.

VSM is a highly intuitive yet eminently powerful virtual string machine that captures many of the sounds from this genre of instruments. These range from the first commercial string ensembles (Eminent 310 & Freeman String Symphonizer) through to the highly lauded Solina, Elka Rhapsody, Logan String Melody, Korg PE2000 and many more.

With VSM you can recreate all of those golden string machine tones from yesteryear - and with the comprehensive feature set, plus a two-layer option, it's now possible to create your own hybrid instruments too.

And VSM is not just about recreating amazing authentic sounds. As usual GForce have gone one step further and added elements that enable VSM to create totally new string experiences from the original hardware units. With a new sample playback engine, G-Sampler, plus GForce's very own phaser and additional ensemble units all included, VSM takes the classic instruments on entirely new sonic journeys, and ones that were simply not possible with the original hardware units.

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That VSM Instrument list in full:
ARP Omni, ARP Quartet, Crumar Multiman, Elka Rhapsody, Eminent 310, Freeman String Symphonizer, Junost 21, Korg PE-2000, Logan String Melody, Oberheim OB-8, Oberheim Xpander, Moog Opus 3, Polymoog, Roland RS202, Solina, Yamaha SK-15, Yamaha SS-30

Virtual String Machine - the key features:

  • The sounds from 17 classic and rare string machines
  • Over 2.5GB of data
  • 66 individual sample sets
  • 49 notes, each individually sampled and looped
  • Dual Layer & Split Keyboard capability
  • Vintage style Ensemble & Phaser effects
  • Lowpass, Bandpass & Highpass Resonant Filter Section
  • Two Envelope Generators
  • Pitch LFO
  • Dynamic control including filter aftertouch
  • 700+ Patch library

Quotes from VSM users:

"If you want Funkadelic, Prince, Herbie Hancock, Roy Ayers and George Duke's sounds from their classic records you'll find them with VSM." - Xantoné Blacq (Artist, Producer, Amy Winehouse Keyboard Player / BV)

"Vintage funk sounds? Roy Ayers, Stevie, Zawinul? Nothing else comes close!" - Chris Bangs (Galliano, Boogie Tunes Records)

"These are the warmest pads I've heard on a virtual instrument!" - Chris Joss

"If you don't know what the magic of a proper analog string machine sound is all about, just try this: in GForce's new VSM plug-in, load the Freeman/Strings 2 sound in layer A, give it a bit of amplitude envelope attack and release, then set the Ensemble effect to 8 voices, mix to full and detune anywhere between 4 and 5pm. Turn your speakers all the way up. Play a couple of nice thick chords. If you didn't come in your pants yet you better go back to selling pancakes." - Naughty G

More information from www.maudio.co.uk

By our press release coordinator Thursday November 30, 2006