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Get seen and heard on Record-Producer.com - promote your music to the world

Musicians and producers can now upload their tracks, photographs and biographies. The best will be selected for front page exposure to thousands of RP visitors.


If you want to be successful in music, then you have to get heard by as many people as possible.

Get seen and heard on Audio Masterclass - promote your music to the world


One way to do that is to get featured on a website that attracts thousands of visitors daily, all of whom are passionately interested in music and recording, and many who are established industry professionals. That would be Audio Masterclass of course.

Yes, if someone in the industry hears your work and likes it, the next thing that might happen is you get a phone call asking you to come along to their studio and try out a few ideas.

FREE EBOOK - Equipping Your Home Recording Studio

Equipping Your Home Recording Studio

Or you could keep your music to yourself and see how far that gets you.

So what I would like you to do is find your one very best track and write a little about how it was made - around 300 or so words will be enough. More than 700 words and people probably won't read to the end. You'll need a photograph too.

Also you'll need to write a 'teaser' - a short summary that will interest people and make them want to read more. This is very important, if you do this well you will get much more exposure.

Of course, you'll be able to cut and paste from your standard publicity material, won't you? Err.. you do have publicity material???

If you took part in the Creativity Competition, you are encouraged to submit your track. Unlike the voting, you can create as many pages featuring your work as you like ;-)

No really, you can do that, bearing in mind that there is a certain 'quality threshold' and if a page doesn't seem to offer much value to readers, it will be deleted. The pages that are there already will give you a guide. If you do submit more than one page, please upload a different photo for each one.

I'm hoping that this will become a popular and valuable feature on Audio Masterclass. My plan is to have a 'Producer of the Week' feature in the newsletter and on the website.

So get in there - you have nothing to lose but your anonymity!

Check out the Audio Masterclass Producer Page here...
Submit your own page here...

By the way - whose face is it in the photo above?

By David Mellor Monday April 10, 2006