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Get into TV and film music from the ground up

It's impossible to get into film and TV music? Think again - here's how to meet famous and powerful film and TV directors...


How do you get an entry into film and TV music? Well the film industry is like a fortress surrounded by lethal defensive forces. There's no chance of you getting in. High-end TV, such as quality drama and comedy is similarly impossible.

So that's it - you might as well give up. Here's a joke to make you feel better...

How does an elephant climb an oak tree?

It sits on an acorn and waits until it grows!

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Funny? OK, maybe it's not the funniest joke in the world, but it is relevant here. What if I told you that you could make contact with famous and powerful directors, producers and all kinds of people in the film and TV industry?

Let me say that again... You can make contact with famous and powerful people in the film and TV industry. In fact you can become friends, go out for a drink, share good times and experiences.

There is a trick to this of course. The trick is that you have to meet these people before they become famous and powerful. When they are on the same level as you, in other words. And where can you do this...

In school or college.

Film school is obviously ideal. This is where people go to learn how to become directors. They work on film and video projects, and they need music. If you are in the same school, studying a related subject - music would be good - then they will come to you for music for their projects.

You will of course be very choosy and only work with the most talented people. When you graduate, you may have to wait a few years while they become famous. But keep in touch. When the time comes and they are looking for someone to compose music for them, then they might just remember you.

Do you know something? I'm not making this up - it really does happen.

By David Mellor Thursday November 30, 2006