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Drudging in A by Ginny Wiskowski

Drudging in A by Ginny Wiskowski - 2nd place entry in the Second Creativity Competition


Drudging in A

Artist's Information...

Biography of Ginny Wiskowski

Guitarist and Composer for Dropmore Scarlet

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Equipping Your Home Recording Studio

We are based out of Milwaukee and Chicago. I am a home-recording enthusiast, and have been ever since the old days of tape recorder to tape recorder at the family piano. Mom is a musician, and I tagged along to Mom’s gigs.

I studied classical double bass and bass guitar, and took up guitar as the natural evolution for song-writing. Favorite music is --of course-- the Beatles. I also enjoy rockabilly, country-fried, and an endless list of outsider music.

Hearing all of the great submissions from contest participants inspired me to shell out the extra cash for a quality home studio. I have a Roland VS-2400 CD on the way as we speak, via my pals at Musician’s Friend.

For this recording, which was recorded as a demo for the band to follow, I interfaced Mixcraft software with a Boss BR-864. Although my needs have caused me to outgrow it, the BR-864 was a great little piece for capturing songs in progress over the last two years. Since the recording, I have acquired a set of Yamaha DTXplorer digital drums, but the beats you hear on the recording for the contest were squeezed out of my Roland Juno-D. Additional percussive and keyboard sounds came out of this machine as well. My Strat, a Yamaha bass, and Ovation acoustic provide the stringed instruments on the recording. Effects-wise you’ll hear fast-panned stereo keys, an overdriven guitar riff, and lots of reverb.

This contest was great because I got a chance to correspond with other contestants about their craft. Vyero’s Beatles interpretation was spot-on, and I also enjoyed “Lonely Man” by Greg Milo, as well as “Rolling Down the Hill” by the Animalheads.

By David Mellor Thursday November 30, 2006