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Do you really PERFORM for your audience? Or just stand there like dumb clucks?

Is your band so cool you can just stand there and twang your g-strings? Or do you really go out to ENTERTAIN your audience?


So there I was at the Ideal Home Show in London's Earls Court Exhibition centre, studying the latest trends in beige paint and imitation wood floor coverings. I had just experienced B&Q's remodeling of Ken Barlow's house in Coronation Street, when a band struck up and started to play.

And what a sound - jive music from the 1950s! Just the thing to get the crowds excited, I thought. It certainly got my feet tapping as I queued for the Scandinavian log house, made from genuine Norwegian Wood no doubt.

But the crowd of literally thousands hadn't come to listen to music. They had come to pick up ideas for home decoration, spend time in the food theater and maybe pack in a Vedic head message later on.

Yes, despite the excellence of the music, they were walking straight by.

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But the band played on. And not only was the music first class, they really performed.

It is one thing to play to a captive audience of music lovers, in a known music venue where alcohol is served. It is quite another simply to be there to enhance the mood; where no-one has come to hear you play.

But these guys really gave it out to the passers by. They performed for every single one of them. And gradually, as one song flowed artfully into another, people stopped. They listened, they watched, they appreciated. And the guys still gave it out to each and every person passing by from one stand to another.

After a while the thoroughfare was getting pretty much blocked up, so the band took a break. I suspect that was the pattern of performance throughout the day.

Well done The Jive Aces and thank you for the show!

So do you have a band? Do you really entertain your audience? Something to think about perhaps...

P.S. One of my hobby activities is whenever I see a live band, I like to try and figure out whose band it is. Often a band will be 'owned' by one of the members, or two in partnership. Here I reckon it was the keyboard player because out of six enthusiastic performers, he was the one trying to make eye contact with individual passers by. Just a guess!

P.P.S. Apologies for any offense caused to clucks.

By David Mellor Thursday March 31, 2011