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Do you curse at your computer?

Computer rage is a well-known phenomenon of the times. But apparently 61% of people don't suffer from it at all.


Have you ever shouted at your computer? Which part did you shout at - the system unit? The screen? The keyboard? The mouse? Or maybe it was at the software, although it's difficult to know which way to direct your venom.

Computers are a common cause of frustrations. My own personal bête noire is printing. At home I have four computers connected through the network to one printer. Some days it will print, some days it won't. Just the other day it decided not to print and showed an error message I had never seen before... "Can't print". Yes really.

But according to a recent survey, 61% of computer users have never cursed their computer, nor merely shouted at it. I'm not the only one to find this hard to believe.

Where this links to audio is that the people who never have cause to complain at their computer, and there are some, are the people who only use it very lightly, and for the common tasks that everyone else does. If all you do is browse the Internet, send e-mail, word process and play with the occasional spreadsheet, then there's nothing to go wrong. As long as you don't want to print of course ;-)

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Equipping Your Home Recording Studio

But audio stresses the computer much more than that, and in relation to all the other activities that people use computers for, audio is very much in the minority. So you can expect problems, and we hear a lot about people's many and varied problems here at

So if you are not having problems with your computer, congratulations to you.


If you're not having problems with your computer, that means you're not stressing it, and that means you're probably not being sufficiently creative.

Yes, being caused to shout and curse at your computer is a GOOD THING! It shows you're doing good original work.

Just remember that next time it happens.

By David Mellor Wednesday February 9, 2011