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Do people wait to download your MP3's, or can they stream them?

If you have MP3 tracks on your website, your users should be streaming them, not downloading...


If you make music, you need a website - there's no question about that. Music is something that needs to be heard, even if you don't make any money out of it initially. Someone in the industry might chance by and take a liking to what they hear. After that, who knows...?

Many musicians who have websites include links to their MP3 files. But for many users (not all, but many), to get to listen to an MP3, they have to download it completely, then they can find out whether they like it, which they should have been able to do in the first ten seconds.

The results is that maybe one or two files get heard, then the rest get ignored because it's just too much trouble.

But it is easily possible to make your MP3 files streamable. That means that a web user simply has to click on the link and the file starts to play almost immediately. Here's how you do it...

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Supposing that the MP3 files are already uploaded, all you need do for each one is to make a text file with the complete link to the MP3, including the 'https://' stuff. Save that to your site with the file extension .m3u, not .txt

On your web page, make the links point to your .m3u files for each of your MP3's.

That's it! And if you want to create an Internet radio station for your tracks, just make a .m3u file with links to any number of MP3 files, putting each link on a new line.

Here's an example of a .m3u file pointing to a streaming MP3 file... (short but good)

By David Mellor Tuesday February 15, 2005