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Digidesign Introduces VENUE Live Sound System

Digidesign announce VENUE, a modular live sound reinforcement mixing and processing environment offering the functionality of high-end live sound mixing systems at a more affordable price point...



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eptember 12, 2004

Being unveiled at the Plasa show in London, Digidesign announced VENUE, a modular live sound reinforcement mixing and processing environment offering the functionality of high-end live sound mixing systems at a more affordable price point.

VENUE is made up of various building blocks that comprise an entire system, a host of expandable hardware subsystems and software components. The centerpiece of the VENUE system environment is D-Show, a mixing console with expandable digital mix engine and control software, mix position analog and digital I/O, remote-controlled mic/line preamps, a multi-channel digital snake, and the innovative Personal Q artist-controlled monitor mixing option. VENUE also supports DSP effects plug-in processing and features an integrated recording and playback option for industry-standard Digidesign Pro Tools systems.

VENUE's D-Show features a precise, and flexible digital live sound mixing engine. Internal 48-bit processing provides resolution for the onboard EQ and Dynamics sections, and offers uncompromised headroom on mix busses. Every channel of the D-Show console is equipped with delay, full 4-band parametric EQ (including additional 4th order HPF), and two dynamics processors. D-Show's EQ algorithms feature four fully overlapping 20 Hz -- 20 kHz bands with +/-18 dB of boost/cut, along with a unique, separate analog EQ emulation mode.

Each of the system's mic preamps is hand-calibrated during manufacturing to maximize Common Mode noise Rejection Ratio (CMRR). D-Show's remote-controlled mic/line preamps and high-quality converters use a digital snake system, perfectly preserving fidelity by capturing signals near the source while simultaneously eliminating potential grounding problems between the FOH mix position and stage.

VENUE was purpose-built from the ground up specifically to service the stringent requirements of live and concert sound reinforcement. Multiple redundant subsystems ensure that audio continues to pass through to the speakers, even in the unlikely event of a system restart. Moreover, operators retain complete control over channel mutes and faders in the unlikely event of a restart -- an industry first.

Optional dual-redundant power supplies for all critical components and dual-redundant snakes with auto-switchover ensure a fail-safe environment. VENUE has also been drop, G-force, and temperature-extreme tested, tirelessly quality-assured, functionally revisited, and thoroughly field-tested on the road and in various installations to ensure non-stop, solid performance. VENUE is backed by Digidesign with on-road replacement service and authorized repair centers located in major cities around the world.

VENUE's D-Show console supports a myriad of professional DSP effects processing plug-ins through its expandable DSP mix engine architecture, providing virtually unlimited possibilities for creative sound processing and original mixes. D-Show allows you to take advantage of the very same effects algorithms professional recording studios use with Pro Tools, including detailed emulations of high-end hardware processors. This minimizes reliance on outboard gear and introduces unique, D-Show-specific processing algorithms to the mixer's palette.

VENUE is also features an optional direct digital link to Digidesign Pro Tools systems -- without requiring separate converters or digital I/O peripherals. This enables operators to seamlessly integrate a separate Pro Tools workstation with the D-Show console to record a show or augment a live performance with Pro Tools playback. VENUE also supports off-line configuration, maximizing productivity by enabling operators to prep a system on a laptop prior to a show, and then simply upload the data to D-Show's embedded computer as needed.

For more information, visit their web site at www.digidesign.com

By our press release coordinator Thursday January 1, 2004