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David Mellor in Sound on Sound Live

Audio Masterclass's Course Director David Mellor is featured in the latest issue of Sound on Sound live. He explains the difference between Class D amplification and all the other classes, and why you should want Class D amplification if you work in live sound.


Power amplifiers come in several classes identified by letters. In audio we use Class A, Class AB, Class D, Class G and Class H.

So what do all these classes mean? And how do you know which is most suitable for a particular application.

And what happened to Classes C, E and F?

In this article in the June 2006 issue of Sound on Sound Live, Audio Masterclass's publisher David Mellor explains all of these classes in simple-to-understand language.

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Equipping Your Home Recording Studio

Electronics is often a difficult and abstract subject, but here the explanations are very easy to grasp. And what's more, they are not over-simplified - you really do get to know how these amplifiers work.

Class D amplification is commonly used in live sound. This article explains exactly why this is so. Class D has certain features that make it exactly appropriate.

However, Class D isn't so suitable for home hi-fi, or studio monitoring. And you need to understand exactly why.

By the way, the 'D' in Class D doesn't stand for digital. That's a common misunderstanding that this article dispels.


By David Mellor Saturday July 1, 2006

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