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Cusack Music introduces the Resound Reverb

DSP Reverb pedal with 8 programs and 8 presets


Cusack Music has unveiled their newest original design, the Resound Reverb pedal.  The Resound has eight reverb programs, and eight user programmable presets arranged in four banks of two.

See a Resound demo video here:


Resound features include:

  • Eight reverb programs and eight user programmable presets
  • Large 10mm four color center LED to indicate bank, and Left and Right footswitch LEDs to indicate the preset selected within the bank
  • Dual presets allow for no loss transitions between two variants of the same program
  • Live mode for quick programming , controls can also be adjusted in the Preset mode
  • Two Parameter plus Decay controls specific for each program
  • Controls for Program, Mix, Level , Cascade, and Trails
  • “Extend” footswitch to instantly maximize Decay knob setting  during use
  • Stereo outputs , with Wet/Dry choice for second output
  • User can select Expression Pedal function as an option for the second output
  • All controls (including chosen EP function)  can save for each preset
  • 9V power supply only - no internal battery connection
  • Made in USA,  lifetime warranty

$279 MAP/street price. Go to cusackmusic.com for more info

Since 2002, Cusack Music has been a US manufacturer of high quality musical electronics.  From design and engineering to finish coat , printing, and final assembly, Cusack Music prides itself on having a "hands-on" approach to every aspect of our manufacturing process.

By our press release coordinator Friday July 27, 2018

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