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Creativity Competition - The Winner!

Hear the winning entry in the RP Creativity Competition. Read how the track was made. Could YOU have done better...?


Yes, the votes are in, they have been counted, dangling chads have been removed, and multiple voting eliminated by deep forensic techniques. And we have a winner...

The winner of the Creativity Competition (or should that be the First Creativity Competition?) is Steve Gracy with his track 'Whitewash'. And here it is...

'Whitewash' by Steve Gracy

And here is how he made it...

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Equipping Your Home Recording Studio

Steve Gracy - "My piece, Whitewash, was created using two programs on my PC: Cool Edit and Fruity Loops. I started out with only the white noise and had the idea of cutting it up into different sounds and making a beat out of them. So, I took different approaches with each sample. Stretching, eq'ing and sweeping to get just the right sound. Then taking really small clips and pasting them together to get the machine gun effect. Then effecting those and stretching them and eq'ing them again until I got something totally different. After all my sampling and resampling of the white noise i had about 15 pieces to work with, most of them short, intended to make drum sounds with.

"Then I took the sine wave and did some of the same processing to lower the tones and beef them up. I used it mainly as my bass line but also cut up slices to make some soundscape pieces and drum sounds.

"I felt like I achieved what I wanted it to sound like. And I had a great time making this piece. It's an incredible feeling creating something out of almost nothing.

"Thanks for the opportunity, and I look forward to the next challenge."

Steve Gracy Composer - Gracy Studios

You can find out more about Steve Gracy at

By David Mellor Monday May 1, 2006