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Creativity Class 2 - Recursive Creativity

The Recursive Creativity technique allows a writer, artist or composer the ability to search for ideas and consolidate each time a good one is found, providing a 'stepping stone' to the next stage...


The number of truly creative souls that have walked this Earth doesn't number that much more than the astronauts who have walked on the Moon. People like that have an inner creativity. All that remains is to express that creativity in an almost mechanical process on paper, canvas, sound, or whatever their chosen medium.

The rest of us have to rely on creativity techniques. This doesn't mean we cannot be creative, and just as creative as a true genius, but we have to do it a different way.

Chance interactions are an important part of the technique of creativity. A chance thought, a chance meeting of minds, a chance combination of notes played at random on a keyboard. Mostly, chance will throw up nothing but snake eyes. But every so often it throws us a double six.

So the creative process starts from nothing. A creative genius would at this point know where he or she is headed. But we don't. We know that we want to achieve a creative and artistically valid piece of work, but as long as it fits within our own personal universe of expression, that will be good enough.

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Equipping Your Home Recording Studio

So roll the dice and find a starting point. Play some chords, hum a few notes. When you hear something good, keep it.

Now we need a next step. Since we don't know where we are going, then it's going to be a step into the dark. But take it anyway. Let chance be your guide.

OK, so your first step didn't work out. Go back to the beginning and try again. Still no luck? Try again. At some point, chance will throw that double six. You will recognize the advance you have made and that will be your new starting point.

Repeat the process until so much has gelled together that you can see the end point in view. Aim for that, finish and polish your work.

See also 'Linear Creativity' 'Exponential Creativity'.

By David Mellor Thursday November 30, 2006