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Cor blimey! George Martin is a Cockney! Would you Adam and Eve it?

George Martin, producer of The Beatles, is posher than the Queen of England. So who would have thought he was once a Cockney?


This one definitely comes under the category of 'Who'd a-tho't it?'

George Martin, I mean, he's posher than posh, isn't he? Posher than the Queen in fact. I should know - I once interviewed him for Studio Sound magazine around 1990 or so. He asked me how I thought the new-fangled technology of hard disk recording would influence the development of music. George Martin asking me!

So there I was, sipping my iced tea watching 'Produced by George Martin' on BBC4 (A BBC Arena production, co-produced with Grounded Productions) and, well, would you Adam and Eve it?

George Martin is a Cockney!

Here's the proof. Have a butcher's hook...

Cor blimey! No wonder that no matter how hot a session was, he would never be seen without his Peckham Rye!

By A Pint of Stella Thursday April 28, 2011

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