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Comment of the Week: When should you get a producer credit?

Absolutely the best comment received this week by Record-Producer.com. Not that anyone here agrees with it...


Perhaps there will be a 'Comment of the Week' feature very week. Certainly there will if we receive more comments of a quality as good as this one.

Discussion and debate are very welcome on Audio Masterclass, but often posts are made along the lines of "This is ridiculous", "The test is invalid" and, "It's shite... you stick to writing wibble on your wibble walls and wibble stop saying wibble that wibble you're a lesbian wibble monkey". Yes really.

It is neither discussion nor debate to say, "This is ridiculous", without stating why. Or, "This test is invalid" without continuing "because...". And comments like the third copied above insult the writers of the articles (which include guest writers) and writers of serious comments who have also on occasion been the subject of abuse.

But there are also comments such as this one, on the recent article about producer credits. I disagree with just about every point the writer has made, for reasons that I will explain in the newsletter over the next couple of weeks. But the comment is the very model of what I would hope for in terms of discussion and debate.

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Equipping Your Home Recording Studio

Read on and enjoy...

New feature on Dave's site for those of us who he feels get a little emotional in our responses:

"We receive occasional comments that are simply abusive and contain no reasoned debate. In the interests of all of our readers, such comments are flagged as flames."

I submit that the presence of reasoned debate in our responses is as much a matter of individual interpretation as is the presence of credible content in the articles we readers comment on.

Dave, I don't believe that any of us that I have been reading have any real need to "flame" you. We are subscribers to your site because we desire to increase in our knowlege and improve in our trade and practice as producers.

Our frustration is borne from feelings that so many of your assertions are constructed simply to muddy the waters of discussion. We sense from time to time that you make completely unsubstantiated comments now and again knowing that when you make them we are going to rise up and oppose you.

We want to get better, but feel that we spend so much of our time refuting such ponderances as "can a $5 dollar preamp be better than a $2,000.00 preamp" or "was George Martin the REAL Beatle?"

These questions do not make us better producers!! They do however frustrate us because we have looked to you to help us learn.

Now, in this latest installment, there are a great number of us out here with our noses to the grind stone producing not only others works, but also pouring our talents into our own work...to which you suggest that if we are the only producers, then there should be no producer credit given at all.

Please, just slap us good and hard in the faces while we're at it, won't you? Further insult to injury is given when we reply with emotion, we are listed as being abusive and having no reasonable debate content. Now we are flaming YOU? It is we, sir, whom you have set ablaze.

Do you not see why we get so up at arms in these forums? Work WITH us!

Kerry Patton, Weatherford, USA

March 4, 2006

By David Mellor Monday March 6, 2006