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BookerLAB’s new products and website bolster the vintage musical equipment market

BookerLAB® is expanding its footprint in the vintage musical equipment market with a new web presence and the release of four products.


First and foremost, BookerLAB is dedicated to furthering the appreciation and usefulness of the vintage Leslie® speaker and music associated with this wonderful invention. A secondary goal is to provide a portal of relevant and somewhat entertaining information relative to these topics. BookerLAB intends to be a technical resource for interesting news, tips, app notes, restoration and DIY projects and parts. BookerLAB’s new website is intended to do just that with a growing library of videos, diagrams and blogs – self-described as the “musings of musicians and thoughts of thinkers.”

Following their introduction to the market at the 2017 NAMM show, BookerLAB began developing a series of products that embody their commitment to preserve the music legacies by providing upgrades that maintain the quality and nostalgia of vintage gear.

Featured Products

  • VMC Vintage Motor Controller
    Provides complete motor control for vintage Leslie dual stack motors along with the ability to add Stop Mode and Memphis Mode, available in three configurations including a MIDI interface
  • LBB Breakout Box
    Versatile interface tool for the control and/or connection of multiple Leslie speakers, available in four configurations
  • LV26-1 Low Voltage Connect Kit
    Drop-in replacement for the Hammond® 26-1, allows users to connect various Hammond organ models to a Leslie 147
  • AE Amp Eliminator
    Enables the use of an external amplifier power amp to be substituted for an existing Leslie amp

VMC Vintage Motor Controller

All BookerLAB products are proudly made – and designed – in the USA in partnership with Sealevel Systems, Inc. BookerLAB products feature a five-year warranty and a 30-day return policy. Products are available for shipment worldwide in stock configurations; BookerLAB can also modify existing products to meet specific needs.


BookerLAB, founded in 2017, marries a deep love and appreciation for vintage music equipment with cutting-edge, precision engineering upgrades. Current products include upgrades for Leslie® Rotating Speaker Cabinets while future projects are focused on increasing the reliability and versatility of vintage gear, without diminishing the nostalgic charm. For more information, visit bookerlab.com or call +1 864.843.4459.

By our press release coordinator Thursday April 25, 2019

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