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Audio engineering

Audio Masterclass offers online courses in Music Production and Sound Engineering, from $277.


At Audio Masterclass we offer courses in Audio Engineering, Sound Engineering and Music Production. Our main course, the Audio Masterclass Music Production and Sound Engineering Course combines all three. We recommend this course to anyone starting out in audio who wants to achieve a professional standard in their work.

'Audio Engineering' is often taken to mean exactly the same as 'Sound Engineering'. So if you are a Sound Engineer, you are an Audio Engineer and vice-versa. Audio Engineering should not be confused with Electronic Engineering or Acoustical Engineering. Both are important in audio, but require a degree-level qualification and are much more science-orientated, rather than hands-on.

An Audio Engineer might work in a recording studio, television or radio studio, post-production, live and theatre sound, or in Internet audio. An Audio Engineer understands sound equipment and knows how to operate it.

This is exactly what we will help you learn as an enrolled student of Audio Masterclass. We will help you with the technical side of recording. So if you have musical ability, we will help you translate your songs or compositions into great recordings. We can help you with...

Microphone selection and positioning

Preamplifier operation

Recording techniques



Reverb &effects



Marketing your music and recording services

We will also help you with the professionalism of your work. It is easy to record to a basic standard. It is much more difficult to record to a standard that would make it in the professional music and sound industry. We'll offer you 'tough love' so that any aspect of your work that is still amateurish is eliminated. And we'll give you all the advice you need on professional presentation.

So if you are interested in Audio Engineering, Sound Engineering or Music Production, we offer our Music Production and Sound Engineering Course, which covers all of the technical and professional skills you need for success.

Thank you for reading. I look forward to enrolling you with Audio Masterclass.

David Mellor
Course Director, Audio Masterclass

By David Mellor Sunday November 25, 2012
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