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The Audio Masterclass Course in Compression (Assessed Course)

Learn professional compression techniques for individual instruments and voices, and for the mix and master.


This course covers all of the processes of compression, limiting and dynamic processing that are in regular use in recording studio operations. The twelve modules cover the basic controls and functions of the compressor, stereo linking, side chain operation including de-essing, transient shaping and control, operation in conjunction with noise gates and expanders. Applications of compression include dynamic range control, enhancement of individual instruments and voices, and compression and limiting of a completed mix.

The course is entirely practical and is assessed solely on the learner's practical assignment work. Text and graphic support materials are provided as appropriate, and the course includes audio example files demonstrating compression techniques.

The outcome of the course will be an enhanced level of knowledge, skills and experience in compression techniques.

Flexible Learning
You can study the Audio Masterclass Professional Course in Compression online or by downloading all of the course materials to your own computer. The course can be completed in 12 weeks, or you can spread it out over up to two years if you wish. You can work on the course at any time you choose, and take breaks whenever you like.

Each of the twelve modules of this course includes a practical assignment project that you can work on in your own home recording studio using digital audio workstation software. The assignments include tasks that are typical of a professional recording environment. The challenges are tough, but full instruction is given, often with audio examples and demonstrations.

Study Methods
This is the fully-assessed version of the Audio Masterclass Professional Course in Compression. Study centers around the practical assignment projects of the course and the assessments you will receive.

You can submit each of your twelve practical assignment projects to Audio Masterclass for our assessment, comments and advice. Our assessments are detailed, friendly and helpful. We will tell you exactly what you are doing right, what could be better, and how you can improve. Re-submissions are welcome.

You will receive the Audio Masterclass Professional Certificate in Compression on successful completion of the course.

What are the requirements for this course?

  • You must already have passed or be a student enrolled on the Audio Masterclass Music Production and Sound Engineering Course, or have an equivalent qualification or experience
  • Up-to-date computer with an Internet connection and digital audio workstation software
  • Audio interface
  • Loudspeaker or headphone monitoring
  • A huge drive to learn through a structured, challenging course of instruction

What will I get with this course?

  • Detailed course manual with text and images describing aspects of compression that are relevant in the professional recording process
  • Audio examples files with detailed explanations
  • Twelve practical projects covering a wide range of compression skills
  • Assessment, commentary and advice on your submissions
  • An Audio Masterclass certificate on successful completion of the course

Who should take this course?

  • Any home recording studio owner with a particular interest in compression who wants to achieve a professional standard in their work
  • Composers who wish to work with modern technology
  • Songwriters who want to record their own songs and backing tracks
  • Anyone with an ambition to enter the music industry as a producer or engineer
  • Anyone with an ambition to work in the live sound or broadcast industry
  • If you want to be able to record, mix and master to a standard equal to that of a commercial release
By David Mellor Saturday July 18, 2015


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