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Mix 'All Or Nothing' by Fools Faith (Assessed Course)

A four-module course in which you will mix the full multitrack recording of this powerful rock song.


The Audio Masterclass course 'Mix All Or Nothing by Fools Faith' will show you in video and audio how to mix this powerful, driving rock song. The course consists of materials that include the full multitrack session files in WAV format (compatible with all digital audio workstations), 112 minutes of HD video instruction on mixing and mastering, stem mixes of all tracks, plug-in and send settings, and example mix and master files. The course has four practical modules for which you will submit work online for assessment, commentary and advice. A certificate will be awarded on successful completion of the course.

Flexible Learning
You can study the Audio Masterclass course 'Mix All Or Nothing by Fools Faith' online or by downloading all of the course materials to your own computer. The course can be completed in 4 weeks, or you can spread it out over up to two years if you wish. You can work on the course at any time you choose, and take breaks whenever you like.

The Multitrack Recording Session
Audio Masterclass Featured Artists Fools Faith have generously provided the full multitrack session in 45 separate WAV files. Files include acoustic and electronic drums, rhythm guitars, bass guitar, lead guitar and solo, lead vocal, harmony vocal, background vocals and more. All of the files cover the full duration of the song and can easily be loaded into any digital audio workstation. Here is a short example of the build-up of the mix...

Video Instruction on Mixing
A 72-minute HD video covers all aspects of mixing the song, using simple plug-ins and techniques that are easy to apply, yet are very effective in achieving a full-on, driving sound. EQ, compression and reverb techniques are demonstrated and explained in detail.

Video Instruction on Mastering
A bonus 40-minute video covers mastering techniques that can be applied to the finished mix to create a sound that would be suitable for commercial release.

Stem Mixes
Stem mixes are mixes of individual tracks or groups of tracks to which processing has been applied. Thus you can hear, for example, the lead vocal with all of the processing that it has been given in our example mix. There are 16 stem mixes in the course so that you can hear the processing in detail and compare it with your own work.

Plug-in and Send Settings
Image files are included that show the settings of all of the plug-ins and auxiliary sends used in our example mix.

Practical Assignment Work
Each of the four practical assignment modules has a task for you to undertake in your own home recording studio. When complete, you will submit your work to Audio Masterclass online for our assessment, commentary and advice.

  • Assignment 1: Make a strong, powerful driving mix of the drums only
  • Assignment 2: Make a richly-textured, exciting mix of the guitars and bass guitar and add this to your drums mix
  • Assignment 3: Add the vocal, harmony vocal, background vocals and other elements to complete your mix
  • Assignment 4: Make a finished mastering version of your mix.

This course is assessed by Audio Masterclass on your practical assignment work, submitted online. You will receive grading on your work and detailed advice on how to improve. Resubmissions are accepted.

While it is true that no certificate can guarantee a job or freelance success in audio, you'll want something that rewards your achievement when you complete the course successfully. When you have completed the course successfully we will send you your Audio Masterclass certificate anywhere in the world by regular mail.

What are the requirements for this course?

  • Up-to-date computer with a broadband Internet connection and digital audio workstation software
  • Audio interface
  • Loudspeaker or headphone monitoring
  • The existing ability to edit and mix, and to bounce to a stereo audio file
  • A determination to succeed on the course

What will I get with this course?

  • The complete multitrack session of All Or Nothing - 45 files in .wav format
  • 72-minute video with instruction on mixing
  • 40-minute video with instruction on mastering
  • 16 stem mixes of individual tracks with processing applied
  • Image files showing all of the plug-in and auxiliary send settings
  • Assessment of your work submitted online
  • An Audio Masterclass certificate on successful completion of your course

Who should take this course?

  • Any home recording studio owner who wants to improve the standard of their mixing
  • Songwriters who want to record their own songs and backing tracks
  • Anyone with an ambition to enter the music industry as a producer or engineer
  • Anyone with an ambition to work in the live sound or broadcast industry
  • If you want to be able to mix and master to a standard equal to that of a commercial release
By David Mellor Wednesday July 19, 2017


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