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"Anyway" by Emiliano with No Trip For Cats

We are an Italian band acting in the Rome's area. We handle all the process from writing to publishing through our own lable (NTFC Records)....


We are an Italian band acting in the Rome's area. We handle all the process from writing to publishing through our own lable (NTFC Records). The proposed song (called Anyway) is part of an album (called Clouds) which will be available on iTunes by next jan 08.

We already have an album out on iTunes, search for "Vite parallele" should you want to check it out. This one has got Italian lyrics the next will be in English.

As of the recording process we use a lot of off line collaboration. What we mean is that every musician in the band has his own home studio so, starting from a draft track, every one adds his own contribution (eventually following writer/producer instructions). Tracks are collected (either via web download or via USB sticks sharing) and mixed in the NTFC Studio. The original tracks where recorded using Cubase SE3 with a Edirol UR-80 sound card/controller and dbx 286/386 preamps. Drum tracks came from a DW drum set with a bunch of microphones (Shure 57, AKG D112, C3000), sound card was a Motu 896HD on a Digital Performer equipped Mac G5.

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The original lyrics were in Italian recorded with an Audio Technica 4040 mic. Guitars where recorded with a Boss GT Pro. Keys with a Roland GR20 synth. When we decided to put Italian lyrics, we exported all the tracks from Cubase and loaded into Sonar Producer 6.2.1 (running on a HP laptop - dual core 2MB Ram, 320GB external HD). By that time the NTFC studio was upgraded so we recorded the vocal tracks with an AKG Solidtube mic through a Focusrite preamp (Voicemaster Pro). Keys where also reprogrammed and plaied using Roland Groove Synth for pads. Once the re-mix was completed we mastered the whole album (6 songs) with Sony Sounforge and Ozone 3 plugin.

As you migh have realized NTFC is a band, a studio and an indie lable. The band makes his own music, the studio is used by the band but is also available for other artists. In the studio we also make gear tests that we publish on web magazines. We also offer mixing and mastering services. NTFC Records works on both internal (NTFC music) and external projects (others) so are now working on the producion of two more Italian artists and to our next album. Check our web site for more information.

Emiliano with NTFC

Further information is available at www.ntfc.it

By Emiliano Thursday November 30, 2006

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