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Announcing the WINNER of the Second Record-Producer.com Creativity Competition!

The votes have been counted, and we have the winner of the Second Record-Producer.com Creativity Competition. Not only that, we have a selection of the top entries for you to hear, and learn more about some of their creators...


The Second Audio Masterclass Creativity Competition produced some great entries. Voting for the competition itself has closed, although if you haven't voted yet you can still tick your favorites and register your preferences.

And the winner is...

'Lies and Dreams' by Vyero

In honorable second place is ' Drudging in A' by Ginny Wiskowski, and in third comes 'Cry is All I Do' by Don Norman.

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Equipping Your Home Recording Studio

Here are the biographies of some of the leading entrants...

Ginny Wiskowski
Don Norman
Michael Fog

Of course, sometimes in competitions like this there are hidden gems that somehow missed getting the votes they deserved, so here is the complete list of entries again, in order of voting. Some great entries lie near the bottom of the table simply because they were submitted too late to gather significant votes.

We would love your comments. Listen to the tracks again - which is the hidden gem that, for you, didn't get the attention it deserved?

1   Lies and Dreams   Vyero  
2   Drudging in A   Ginny Wiskowski  
3   Cry Is All I Do   Don Norman  
4   20,000 Leaves   Suprfreak  
5   Lonely Man   Greg Milo  
6   Not With Me   Michael Fog  
7   I Fall Through Clouds   Sp3ccylad  
8   Mr. Baxter   Benjamin Law  
9   Meaningless Things   Al Coccaro and Greg Bark  
10   Walk Away   Tim Ratcliff and Ken Bailey   
11   Sea of Tranquillity   Slick McCormick and the Sheridan Boys 
12  LA Blues  Drew Burasco 
13  Every Night  Kevin Durr 
14  Day and Night  Mark Kent 
15  Peter Rabbit 3rd  Animal Heads 
16  Roll Down the Hill 3rd  Animal Heads 
17  03-Track-3  Sean Maschue 
18  The Lone Traveller  Craciun Relu 
19  Let Me Be The One  Byron Frayne 
20  Sleeping With My Regrets  Larry O'Malley 
21  Alright  Byron Fayne 
22  Newspaperman  Kenneth Bernstein 
23  Follow Dreams  Gary Hawtin 
24  Let's Make a Movie  Matt Avery 
25  Spirits in the Aspens  Kenneth Bernstein 
26  One Nervous Breakdown  Peter FitzGerald & Aaron Pocock 
27  Politicians Story  Kenneth Bernstein 
28  All American Woman  Kenneth Bernstein 
29  Max B, On a Tour  German Hernandez 
30  Dance With Me  Gary Hawtin 
31  RainMaker  Kenneth L. Bernstein 
32  Every Little Thing  Carl Glover 
33  Overnight Affair  Kenneth Bernstein 
34  Two Faces  Kenneth Bernstein 
35  Back On My Feet Again  Nicola Donchev 
36  Like U 2 No  Rick Finlan 
37  Ice Crystal Lady  Kenneth Bernstein 
38  First Time Forever  Carl Glover 

Note on voting...

Votes have been analyzed by four separate processes and duplicates have been removed. 'Family and friends' votes, as in all competitions of this nature, have been allowed.

By David Mellor Thursday November 30, 2006