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Announcing the Record-Producer.com Second Creativity Competition!

Yes, it's time for the second annual RP Creativity Competition. Submit your track and win fame and fortune. Well, maybe fame...


The entries for last year's Creativity Competition were astounding. Using nothing but a sine wave and white noise for their sound sources, Audio Masterclass visitors produced tracks like 'Whitewash' by Steve Gracy, Untitled by Blair Joscelyne and Traillium Khoxs by Ben Law.

Here is the original brief for the competition. You can read how the winning tracks were made here, here and here. You can hear all of the entries here. (Voting is still enabled, but the first, second and third places were decided at the close of the competition).

This year's project will be announced on Monday April 2, which is next week. I can promise you it's going to be very different, and it will get your creative juices flowing to the max!

But firstly, some important stuff you'll need to know...

FREE EBOOK - Equipping Your Home Recording Studio

Equipping Your Home Recording Studio

The prize... er... there is no actual prize. But the winner and other front-runners will receive substantial promotion in Audio Masterclass. Literally thousands of people will hear your work, industry professionals among them.

First, second and third place winners will also receive a certificate from Audio Masterclass, which you can hang on your studio wall to impress your clients (can we have a photo please?).

There is also the possibility that we might be able to publish your work for money. Real money. We're not going to make any promises at this stage, but the possibility definitely does exist.

So what should you do now to prepare? Well, getting your studio in order wouldn't be a bad idea. Most people's studios seem to be in a constant state of upgrading. But now is the time to make sure everything works ready for Monday next week when your creative urges will be unleashed.

Until next week...

New... the Creativity Competition is now open at www.audiomasterclass.com/learn.cfm?a=3985

By David Mellor Thursday November 30, 2006

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