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Amphion announces FlexBase25 - a bass extension and management system

Finnish manufacturerAmphion Loudspeakers announces its long-awaited subwoofer - FlexBase25.


Finnish manufacturerAmphion Loudspeakers announces its long-awaited subwoofer - FlexBase25. The new system is promoted for the first time by Ansata - Amphion’s distributor in India - during the PALM Expo in Mumbai, May 31 - June 2, 2018.

Amphion remains faithful to its concept of designing innovative and unconventional products for the studio monitoring realm. After introducing its line of nearfield passive studio monitors four years ago, and launching the low-frequency BaseOne25 and BaseTwo25 extension systems, Amphion now reveals FlexBase25. The new product is not a typical subwoofer, but a highly flexible stereo bass extension and management system with a separate LFE-channel input, which is equally suited for stereo and multichannel applications.

The nature of sound-making has changed and the days of specialization are over for most. The demands for monitoring can strongly vary depending on the personal preferences. While wet, fun and vibey can be a great plus during songwriting or early stages of mixing, neutrality, close to surgical precision and honesty are crucial to achieving the translation needed.

The wide adjustment possibilities of FlexBase25 allow the user to change the flavor based on the task at hand. FlexBase25’s crossover frequency can be adjusted within a wide range of 35-260 Hz. The ability to control the mono/stereo spread ensures that the sub integrates with the monitors even when a higher crossover point is used. Unlike conventional subwoofers, the system is designed to be easy to set-up and intuitive to use. The LFE input has +10dB sensitivity compared to the main channels, but no built-in lowpass filtering. The LFE channel can be linked between several units which then allows building 7.1 and upward systems.

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“A single mono subwoofer is part of a movie format, but we do not believe that it is good enough to be used in music production. In order to create correct imaging the stereo information needs to be maintained throughout the whole frequency band,” says Anssi Hyvönen, founder and Managing Director of Amphion Loudspeakers. “Our FlexBase25 is a new take on the subwoofer design that should fit especially well with the rapidly changing landscape of modern music-making”.FlexBase25 is a complete system consisting of the subwoofer with two back to back 10” woofers and required cabling and electronics. The subwoofer is powered by Amphion FlexAmp500, which also houses the company's proprietary filter module in its 2U rack enclosure. The system will start shipping during the 3rd quarter of 2018. Price still to be announced.

The BaseTwo25 low-frequency extension system, announced during Winter NAMM 2018, is already shipping and available for order across Amphion’s sales network.

Amphion Loudspeakers Ltd. has been designing and building loudspeakers in Finland since 1998. Our studio monitors and home loudspeakers are characterised by highly resolving and natural reproduction. Precise driver integration ensures world-class imaging and phase coherence. Controlled dispersion helps to achieve more stable results in a variety of room acoustics. All products are handmade in Finland to ensure enduring listening quality.

To learn more about our philosophy in loudspeakers design watch our "Meet Amphion' video.

By our press release coordinator Thursday May 31, 2018