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"Ambers Song" by Lintz Studio

Protools m-audio 8 channel interface. Yamaha monitors. An inexpensive yamaha key board PSR-540....


Protools m-audio 8 channel interface. Yamaha monitors. An inexpensive yamaha key board PSR-540. My computer is a macbook pro. I purchased just before the changeover to the new operating system. I was worried that protools might not run as smooth on the new system. It seems that most software companies need a year or more to work out the bugs on a new system.

All voices and drums came from the yamaha keyboard and plugins(midi).

Guitar is a 68 sg gibson thru line 6 amp modeling via my computer.

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Equipping Your Home Recording Studio

This is a song I originally wrote and recorded in 1992 on analogue reel to reel. I used this song to learn protools. School of hard knocks.

What did I learn?? I've got a lot more to learn!! I did apply your info on EQ. I created a frequency range for each instrument and, compared to my other mixes, it really brought out the clarity of all the parts.

Also in the final mix I used waves multi-maximizer. I experimented with waves compressors, noise gates, and side chaining mostly on the bass, guitar, and piano parts.

The only automation I used was volume and panning.

My past experience with analogue recording has helped me catch on to the digital domain. Many things are the same. Mic placement, compressors, limiters, and effects are the same as they have always been.

The biggest difference is the shear numbers. In the analogue I was limited to how many things I could fit in a rack on a budget. Now digitally, I have on my computer a complete engineers toy store! I find myself over working a song, just because I can.

Once the new wears off I will have to focus on getting songs done. I plan to open my doors to customers soon, so getting songs done well is important to me.

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By Lintz Studio Thursday November 30, 2006