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"Always Thinking of You" by Jeanine Maningo

I used Adobe Audition 1.5 DAW and a PC to record each tracks using a Soundmax onboard soundcard in P4P800–X motherboard....


I used Adobe Audition 1.5 DAW and a PC to record each tracks using a Soundmax onboard soundcard in P4P800-X motherboard.

I then clean each tracks using Audition noise reduction function. After the cleaning I normalize the tracks.

Finally,I panned guitar tracks left and right.With drums I use sampled sounds from Tama drums and using hotstepper drum sequencer to create the drum.

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I panned the drums like a real drum.

The bass recording is even harder, the soundcard cannot amplify the low amplitude bass signal and it is drown with noise. What I did is to maximize the passive bass guitar volume and maximize the recording volume. Then I clean and amplify the bass tracks after.

With vocals, I record it in an outside professional studio and I pay the recording time because I do not have the microphone and my recording system is not capable with it. I invest in great vocals because the artist voice is great!I then mixed the whole tracks to sound like a professional rock recording. With mixing, I do not even use reverb because I want the song to be loud and in your face as possible.

In the mastering process,I first EQ the mixdown to add "presence", low end and high end.I then perform a low pass filter to pass everything below 16.5Khz.Finally I compress using Waves L2 plug-in to maximize volume in Adobe Audition.

It is a difficult and long process, I do not have a good acoustic environment and I am using a Altec Lansing ATP speaker. But I do believe the results are fantastic.The song "Always thinking of you" scores 7.15 in Hit Song Science song evaluation and a potential hit. As a producer,mixer,songwriter and engineer I am very happy with it. By the way, the artist is my beloved wife.

Further information is available at tweakznreverbz.blogs.friendster.com/my_blog/

By Emerson Maningo Thursday November 30, 2006