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"Always Thinking Of You" by Janine Maningo

Well, this is the remix of my previous produced rock track


Well, this is the remix of my previous produced rock track "Always Thinking Of You" published here at Audio Masterclass. I let anonymous music professionals from broadjam.com to do an honest song review of the original mix based on a sample of 10 persons. After that, it results to very important piece of information useful for a record producer:

Problem 1. The song does not have strong hook, something a listener will catch and remember.

Problem 2. The sound of the electric guitar sounds weak for a rock music.

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Problem 3. Needs to improve the sound of bass and kick drum.

As a record producer/mixer, I then consider this views and formulate the following plan:

Solution for Problem 1: I could promote the song hook "I always thinking..." in the song chorus as a solid backup vocals. Add backup vocals (panned -15%, reduced at 3000 Hz)in the chorus and bridge eventually leading to the last phrase which is the song hook "I always thinking.." for maximum impact.

Solution for Problem 2: Remove echo effects, decrease guitar reverb and adjust compression settings to add more punch to the distortion guitar while not dominating the mix.

Solution for Problem 3. In the original mix, the bass guitar occupies the lowest fundamental bass (50 Hz) then a boost at 200 Hz. The kick occupies 120Hz. Sounds not so great for professional listeners. I then change kick drum to occupy 50~80 Hz with much boost at 80 Hz, and bass guitar at 150 Hz, which sounds better for me now. In all of my remix, I incorporate the priciple of more cut, less boost and when I cut, I use narrow Q (like 1.4) and when I boost I use wide Q (like 1).

The mastering process is the same as the previous except I add more punch to the mixdown especially the low end to sound more heavy and commercial like.

The resulting song reviews of the remix are excellent, above my expectations (it averages around 4/5) considering all important song factors (marketability, hook , vocals, arrangement, instrumentation and of course recording quality.)

I am confident this is a breakthrough song for this artist considering it's previous 7.15 rating(potential hit song) in Hit Song Science. Positive user comments suggest the song is excellent for live rock venues,movie scores and commercial song release.

Further information is available at tweakznreverbz.blogs.friendster.com/my_blog/

By Emerson Maningo Thursday November 30, 2006

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