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Alan Parsons announces 2020 season of Recording Master Class with alt-rock favorites, Dishwalla

"A dream come true for all aspiring audio engineers. Magical" is how attendee Orlando M. described Parsons’ most recent class at ParSonics.


Alan Parsons and ASSR announce the initial line-up of their 2020 master classes with the band Dishwalla in the crosshairs for a Live Band Recording class on March 8th at ParSonics in Santa Barbara.

Alan’s Master Class Recording Sessions have routinely sold out since the very first held at The Village in Los Angeles in 2011. ““A dream come true for all aspiring audio engineers. Magical,” is how attendee Orlando M. described Parsons’ most recent class at ParSonics.

The season kicks off with a Mixing class on March 7th where Alan will construct both a stereo and a Surround mix—Alan Parsons won a Grammy for Best Immersive Album in 2019—in front of an audience of under twenty.

March 8th sees fellow Santa Barbarians Dishwalla enter the fray, submitting to what Alan describes as “every musician’s worst nightmare–20 producers in the room.”

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The day will begin by analyzing a new song Dishwalla has written especially for the session. To follow, Alan will reveal his drum miking techniques before the acoustic rigors of a full live tracking session begins where George Pendergast (drums), Scot Alexander (bass), Rodney Browning Cravens (guitar) and Jim Wood (keys) will be closeted up in the live room together to create the song’s initial backing track.

Dishwalla lead vocalist Justin Fox is looking forward to A/B-ing his Slate Virtual Mics with some of Alan Parsons’ actual classic mics in what promises to be a fascinating day of classic techniques with modern technologies.

Parsons’ ASSR team heads to Germany May 13th for a Mixing master class in Munich ahead of the city’s internationally renowned audio exhibition High End, at which Parsons will be 2020’s Brand Ambassador, before returning to Santa Barbara for a special Music Educators class on July 24th followed by another Mixing and Recording class on July 25th and 26th.

ASSR’s live master classes are the latest in a series of events and products Alan Parsons has created to ‘give back’ and ‘pass on’ many of the lessons he has learned in a recording career that spans more than fifty years, beginning in 1969 at Abbey Road, working with the Beatles.

\Since releasing the original Alan Parsons’ Art & Science Of Sound Recording video series in 2010, Alan’s ASSR—created with writing partner and musician Julian Colbeck—has gone on to establish itself as a leading provider of educational materials for Recording Arts programs, including a full Music Production Curriculum for schools, complete with a new Professional Certification program unveiled at the recent NAMM Show in Anaheim.

Full details and tickets at

Contact ASSR at or 1-800-752-2780

By Our Press Release Coordinator Thursday February 6, 2020