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Acoustical Solutions Introduces Recording Studios in a Box

Acoustical Solutions has teamed up with RPG Diffusor Systems to offer a series of affordable recording studios in a box.


These acoustical packages scientifically and comprehensively address all of the potential problems in a project studio that can cause acoustic distortion. Each package includes image tools to control comb filtering arising from strong reflections, spatial tools to increase the diffusion in small rooms, and bass tools to minimize low frequency room modes and speaker boundary interference distortion.

The Recording Studio in a box foam packages offer many options including four different levels of performance (bronze, silver, gold and platinum) all designed to fit various budgets. Also each level is available in two grades of foam; polyurethane (charcoal foam – class B/C fire rated) for home recording use and melamine foam (light grey – class A fire rated) for commercial studio use.

The Recording Studio in a box fabric packages offer many design options including three different levels of performance to fit various budgets. These packages answer your acoustical and aesthetic needs with their strong acoustical performance, durability and elegant appearance.

These customized kits allow you to create an effective sound control treatment that is distinctly designed for your studio environment. The standard packages are designed for studios up to 14’ x 10’ x 8’ high in size, however there are additional add on products in case your studio is larger.

FREE EBOOK - Equipping Your Home Recording Studio

Equipping Your Home Recording Studio

Acoustical Solutions offers soundproofing and noise control products for every environment of your life. If you have questions on these recording studios in a box packages, please contact us at 1-800-782-5742.

For more information, go to www.acousticalsolutions.com/products/studio_ina_box/index.asp

By our press release coordinator Monday November 20, 2006

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