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ACID Pro Next – MAGIX releases the world's first DAW with source separation technology for remixing

MAGIX Software announces ACID Pro Next featuring revolutionary zynaptiq® STEM MAKER source separation technology to split audio into vocals, drums and music tracks – and updates ACID Pro to version 9 with multiple new features.


MAGIX Software announces ACID Pro Next, a next-generation series of DAWs that redefines music production. A world-first for any DAW is the integration of audio source separation directly into the creative process – zynaptiq® STEM MAKER technology splits songs neatly into different tracks for the ultimate sampling, remixing, mash-up and beat-making workflow. Together with the new MIDI Playable Chopper, ACID Pro Next turns into a powerful MPC-style performance sampler that delivers unprecedented creative possibilities to beat producers.

ACID Pro Next: The future of production, remixing and performance

At its core, ACID Pro Next utilizes ACID's world-famous and innovative audio loop production. With the addition of other advanced features such as Melodyne Essential, exclusive instruments, and gigabytes of ACIDized loops for composition across many genres, ACID Pro Next takes its place as the premiere DAW in the ACID range, delivering next-level music production technology for everyone.

Torsten Heise, ACID Pro's Product Owner says: “We are excited to announce ACID Pro Next. Being able to isolate your favorite audio vocals and beats in industry-leading quality with the groundbreaking technology of our partner zynaptiq®, and mix them into your favorite tunes is next-step thinking. With all of its extra MPC-style features, ACID Pro Next is not only the ultimate production and remixing tool, but becomes a piece of performance software in its own right!”

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Denis Gökdag, zynaptiq® CEO adds: “We are thrilled to license STEM MAKER to MAGIX Software's ACID Pro Next. We see ACID as a perfect match for our mission of pushing the boundaries – ACID has a long history of innovating how music is made. In that regard, the direct integration of our STEM MAKER into the creative workflow represents a quantum leap – and opens up the benefits of state of the art artificial intelligence signal processing technology to a huge creative audience.”

MAGIX is also offering flexible subscription options to their new DAW. ACID Pro Next 365comprises all features of the perpetual license with the added advantage of instant updates, new features and patches, plus exclusive bonus content in the form of extra plug-in instruments and effects. Subscriptions to ACID Pro Next 365 start at $19.99 per month. With the ACID Pro Next Suite MAGIX adds a wide array of extra content to the software such as the Independence Pro Plus Suite with 12 GB of sounds and 500 presets, ten exclusive Vita instruments, nine exclusive effects and two extra packs of loops.


ACID Pro 9: New performance features, same great ACID workflow

ACID Pro 9 is the latest incarnation of the legendary DAW renowned the world over for its innovative audio looping technology, powerful multitrack recording and high-end audio and MIDI features – all set within an easy-to-use interface. The new version 9 includes the new MIDI Playable Chopper plus all the performance enhancements and most of the additions in the all-new Next version except for the source separation. ACID Pro is also available on subscription starting at $7.99 per month.


Main features of ACID Pro Next and ACID Pro 9 at a glance:


Exclusive in ACID Pro Next: zynaptiq® source separation technology

ACID Pro Next includes zynaptiq® STEM MAKER source separation technology. Split full mixes into vocals, drums, and music – then use the results in your own music and remixes!

MIDI Playable Chopper

The all-new MIDI Playable Chopper allows splitting a file into beats and samples and then playing them, just like a classic MPC-style sampler. Performing with audio, playing a complete tune in real time, and recording everything as new events for instant remixing has never been easier.

Exclusive in ACID Pro Next: Celemony Melodyne Essential

Melodyne Essential offers a very fast and natural way of correcting pitch and tone errors in audio recordings, working especially well on vocals – for precise edits and incredibly authentic results.

Exclusive in ACID Pro Next: All-new mastering tools

Both versions comprise advanced features for professional mastering – including new loudness metering tools – allowing audio to be monitored with ultimate precision.

All-new ACIDized loops

ACID Pro Next and ACID Pro 9 come with a huge range of fresh loops, covering an array of music genres including Hip Hop, House, Grime and Trap. Load them in, mix them with ease by key and tempo, add effects and your music is made.

Dozens of instruments and effects

ACID Pro Next features 22 incredible instruments, 19 plug-in effects and tons of ACIDized loops worth over $1,500 when sold separately. ACID Pro 9 comes with instruments, effects and ACIDized loops worth over $1,000.

32-bit VST Bridge

The new 32-bit VST bridge allows to load in older plug-ins and run them in the new, sleek 64-bit ACID environment.

ACID Pro Next and ACID Pro 9 are now available online and in stores worldwide.

Prices and availability:

ACID Pro Next – $399.99
ACID Pro Next 365 – from $19.99 per month
ACID Pro Next Suite – $599.99
ACID Pro 9 – $149.99
ACID Pro 365 – from $7.99 per month

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About ACID

For 20 years, ACID has stood for inspiring loop-based music production. ACID Pro Next and ACID Pro continue that tradition as powerful, fully-featured digital audio workstations with professional recording, editing, mixing and mastering tools for artists and producers.
In 2016, MAGIX acquired the ACID product line along with other audio and video products. MAGIX was founded in 1993 and is one of the leading manufactures for user-friendly, creative software. The company with headquarters in Berlin (Germany) employs more than 350 people worldwide.

By our press release coordinator Monday May 6, 2019