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ACID Pro 5 Unveiled

Sony announced that ACID Pro 5 software, the latest upgrade to its professional loop-based music creation tool, will be available for purchase on Nov. 8, 2004...



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ctober 30, 2004

Sony announced that ACID Pro 5 software, the latest upgrade to its professional loop-based music creation tool, will be available for purchase on Nov. 8. 2004.

Enhancements include two new patent-pending technologies: The Media Manager is a new technology for browsing and tagging media assets that greatly enhances the user's ability to track, label and store media files including loops, video and stills. Additionally, the unique Groove Mapping and Groove Cloning technologies provide enhanced ways for users to sonically interact with their loops and samples collection.

"Because ACID software is considered to be the top loop-based music creation application, we felt compelled to spend the past several years developing new technologies that once again provide users with innovative workflow enhancements and more important, new innovations for musical expression," said Dave Chaimson, vice president of marketing for Sony Media Software.

"In addition to our new media management system and powerful groove quantization tools, we've added new features that users have been requesting since version 4," Chaimson continued. "Whether it's VST plug-in hosting, ReWire device support, nestable folder tracks, or enhanced workflow and project management features, ACID software will continue to provide the most well-rounded solution for creative and musical exploration."

"Our dealers have been anticipating the launch of this new version of ACID with great enthusiasm, and it comes just in time for the holiday season," said Paul Foschino, senior manager for pro audio in Sony Electronics' Broadcast and Production Systems Division. "The combination of ACID 5's new features, our new 'Sony Sound Series: Loops & Samples collection and ACIDplanet.com make this much more than just an ACID software launch. It is now one of the most powerful music creation tools available and complemented by the best content and destination site for music creation. We will also be bundling it with SoundForge Audio Studio, a $69.95 value, in all boxes sold through our retail partners."

New features in ACID Pro 5 software include:

  • ACID Media Manager System - Patent-pending, new media management technology provides control over project and archived assets, including customizable searches and loop tagging.
  • Groove Quantization - Patent-pending technologies incorporate sophisticated Groove Mapping and Groove Cloning features for morphing existing loops and samples into new fresh, new sounds.
  • VST Plug-In Hosting - Expanded ability to apply VST plug-ins at the track or project level.
  • ReWire Device Support - ACID Pro 5 includes ReWire "synth" support so users can incorporate ACID Pro 5 software as a plug-in or instrument within other applications that support ReWire mixer technology.

Additional ACID Pro 5 software features include:

  • Folder tracks for enhanced project-wide production
  • Tempo-based DirectX effects
  • Disc-at-once CD burning
  • MIDI editing enhancements (snap-to-scale MIDI composition)
  • Real-time event reverse
  • Enhanced time stretching and transient detection
  • Metronome for providing a virtual "click-track"
  • Customizable keyboard mapping
  • Bus-to-bus routing
  • Multiple docking windows
  • Flash .swf format import
  • Enhanced media previewing
  • Customizable UI and XP theme support
  • Includes more than 1,000 new loops and samples
  • Free bonus software: Includes the XPRESS KEYBOARDS VSTi bundle (B4 Xpress, Pro-54 Xpress, FM7 Xpress plug-ins) from Native Instruments software; a $119.00 value.

ACID Pro 5 software will be available in November with a suggested retail price of $499.95. Users of previous versions of ACID Pro software can purchase an upgrade to version 5 for $149.95. ACID Music Studio users may upgrade to ACID Pro 5 software for $299.95.

For more information, visit their web site at www.sony.com/mediasoftware

By our press release coordinator Thursday January 1, 2004