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Abbey Road "to close", "not to close" - why we are not covering the story

The world-famous Abbey Road studio complex has been in the news lately. But not here. We'd rather record there than spread more tittle-tattle.


Clearly as a website about recording, we ought to be interested in the recent press coverage of Abbey Road Studios and what has been reported as its possible sale or closure.

The reason we are not covering the story here is because we have recorded a lot of the material that we use in Audio Masterclass and Audio Masterclass at Abbey Road, therefore we couldn't possibly fulfill the role of neutral commentator.

We will say however that much of what you have read elsewhere is nothing more than rumor, speculation, supposition and tittle-tattle.

Abbey Road is a great place to work and we're going to put our money where our mouth is by making another booking.

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By the way, the photo is of RecordProducer.com's publisher, David Mellor, working on one of his hobby projects in Abbey Road Studio 2, where The Beatles made many of their famous recordings. The other eleven and a half hours of the studio day were spent more usefully!

By David Mellor Friday February 26, 2010

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