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The Audio Masterclass Music Production and Sound Engineering Course

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Your course fee payment will be processed by PayPal. You will be enrolled onto the course within 24 hours after payment is made and your login information will be sent to you by email. Once enrolled, you can start immediately. Online access is available for one full year from your date of payment. There is a 30-day full-refund guarantee period backed by our payment processor PayPal.

Audio Masterclass has thousands of students in more than 100 countries all around the world.

"Studying at Audio Masterclass has only pros and no cons to me, and no equally accessible alternatives of world-class standards. It is very comforting to have tons of audio examples at hand. Even after the course I use some of them as benchmarks of specific quality." - Egidijus Nemanius, Lithuania

I have to thank you and your team for helping me better understand the complex, and sometimes difficult to discover, secrets of audio engineering ! I'm very happy with my choice of enrolling in your captivating and well structured course. Thank you and best wishes, Tudor Rogoz, Romania
I've learned a lot, but most important to me is that by having many "aha" moments, I've developed completely different mindset when I start to think about recording, mixing and mastering - for me, it's the biggest achievement! ...and I want to learn more! Gatis Pastars, Slovakia
The most special experiences along the way of the course were moments of approaching the presumed limits of creative possibilities... stepping beyond... and finding that there is something more out there. Egidijus Nemanius, Lithuania
I can assure you that the teaching of Audio Masterclass on compressors, EQ's, preamps is very valuable to me. Now I know how to deal with possible issues and also why devices sometimes react in such and such other ways. Audio Masterclass has been a real game changer for me and if it was to redo, I would refer it without problem! Georges Niacadié, France
You did a great job! Excellent material, audio and videos are really good and clear. I appreciate the depth, very informative and useful. I increased my knowledge in the area I am so passionate about. I was able to implement a lot of new procedures in my own sound and musical projects. My gratitude and best regards. Anton Strecky, Slovakia
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