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Music Production and Sound Engineering Course [Course code: 1000]

The Audio Masterclass Music Production Course is a rich and detailed course covering the processes of music production from sound insulation and acoustic treatment, through microphones, preamplifiers, equalization, compression, reverb & effects, all the way through to mixing, mastering, and marketing your music and recording services. Includes assessments leading to your Audio Masterclass Certificate of Achievement.


Enrollment includes your Audio Masterclass Certificate of Achievement on successful completion of your course. Your enrollment will be valid until December 31, 2024.

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What our students say...

Martin Tóth

This is my first ever online course so I didn’t really know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and the quantity of the material. The topics and examples are up to date. I feel like the academy helped me tremendously in growing as an audio engineer. It gave me the practice I needed and ideas to use and try. I gained tons of experience and objectively got better at everything I was learning about. The team is super quick to respond and exceptionally nice and helpful. Any questions or problems I had, they were happy to help. I can only recommend this school for anyone interested in audio engineering. Martin Tóth, Hungary

Dan Spînu PhD

As an educator who teaches Music Technology, I was curious to find out what other courses have to offer for the beginner level. I started the Professional course in MIDI, Synthesis & Sampling and followed it like a regular student. The course is well done, the information is focused and precise, covering with concision all important things about the MIDI production, Synthesis and Sampling. I deliberately used some old software to figure out if the course focuses on the technology you use but it proved that all it counts is the quality of your work, the way it should be. The evaluation is very flexible, there are no penalties if your software/gear doesn't have certain features, all that counts is to reach the goals of the given tasks. I recommend this course to anyone who wishes to make a start in this field. Dan Spînu PhD, Romania

Egidijus Nemanius

The most special experiences along the way of the course were moments of approaching the presumed limits of creative possibilities… stepping beyond… and finding that there is something more out there. And this kind of training may have implications that are not immediately obvious, but may prove to be of great importance in any intellectually demanding/competitive situation of life. All in all, I consider that to be my greatest gain achieved at Audio Masterclass. Egidijus Nemanius, Lithuania

Gatis Pastars

The structure of the course is very similar to many other courses but the difference in content is huge! And by this I also mean the language - how you explain things and details. This is very important to me as I'm not coming from English speaking country, but here it's easy to perceive the information. There are many great recording engineers out there, but not everyone has capability to teach others - but you can teach! (and I mean it, especially if I compare with my previous courses on America Audio Institute Detroit Recording institute). Gatis Pastars, Latvia

Georges Niacadié

Audio Masterclass won my membership because it seemed to me to be the most consistent. From the first lesson, I knew that I was not mistaken! Yes, there is a theoretical teaching but it’s really practical and very effective. The lessons are precise and free from the superfluous, what is taught is what is needed to be immediately effective. You know what? Audio Masterclass has been a real game changer for me and if it was to redo, I would refer it without problem! Georges Niacadié, France