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Would you pay $1000 for a 1-metre cable?

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@Maltux1:  I am strangely attracted to Betty.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @Maltux1: You inspired me to make a poll

@martello44:  David, would you be interested in doing an episode on power conditioning? I’ve met people who seem to feel that changes in house current voltage can affect the sound quality of a stereo system.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @martello44: I might cover this topic but I doubt I'll come to any conclusions. Living in a village however I can definitely confirm that when the power goes out, as it does regularly, the sound quality of my stereo also drops significantly.

@bubbleone6526:  I like the cables OCD Mikey talked about. Good copper cable wrapped in your favorite cloth and the Teflon sheathing is filled with sand. Now that’s a cable. Don’t forget the human brain is capable of letting you hear or imagine you hear what they claim.

@wagner594:  It is of course a hoax

@casperghst42:  It is like the discussion about special USB cables to prices which us cry, as the advertisement say; it will make sure that the bits will arrive correctly - if that was a problem then we would have even bigger problems in the computer industry.

@marguskivilaan5369:  Well, sometimes a banana is just a banana🍌

@elitetrader5468:  That "AI woman" is beyond creepy.

@georgeswanson9483:  In the US, just this - Blue Jeans Cable. Professional quality cables of all sorts made to your specs for a great price that will last a lifetime. You're welcome. (No affiliation, by the way)

@ksnstechtopics8650:  The Aliexpress cable also has a pair of ferrite chokes at each end which is a good thing in an RF environment.

@a0r0a7:  No.

@sjors01:  what do you think of the jitterbug fmj from Audioquest?

@AudioMasterclass replies to @sjors01: I've looked quickly at and my first thought is that if there's an RF problem it should have been corrected or avoided at source if possible. Other than that audio equipment should be resistant to RF. But it isn't an expensive item and I suspect some purchasers find piece of mind to be good value for money.

@sjors01 replies to @sjors01: @@AudioMasterclass Thank you for your response, I have owned the jitterbug for 2 days. I live in a large flat with many types of WiFi and DECT phones and smartphone users etc... I bought it at a very competitive price € 39 at the audio show in Tilburg, the Netherlands, very good deal. got the tip from one of Primare dealers, just plug it into the USB port on the back. He suggested that this Jitterbox works as a stop against RF signals entering through this port, but thought it was a bit strange because the Prisma is also a WiFi module that also causes interference. I first listened to my music again and then inserted it with a USB jitterbox as described earlier. and it sounds more organic and more analogue with more peace. the difference is even more noticeable with bad files such as MP3. My conclusion for the time being is that it works. I also put it in a bluesound node. with a USB stick on it, unfortunately the Samsung T7 did not work. I never listen to USB sticks because of the high noise and vulnerability of electromagnetic charges... and RF signals. I'll just leave it in the USB port on the back for the time being. that's where all the signals come together, where he can do his work. Even with the Denon Ceol n11 class D amp I heard more peace in the music. However, I heard no difference with the Denon Dra800h. It is probably because the amplifier is not built properly, I really dislike this sound. is now for sale.

@sjors01 replies to @sjors01: @@AudioMasterclass Unfortunately you are one of the few real audio critics who dare to say that cables of € 1000 and more are idiotic, I would say a nice revenue model for the audio store. there is so much nonsense being sold that is simply not true. A power cable should simply provide power, nothing less. My preference is to use at least 4mm cables. On UTP cables I also experimented with a ferrite core on both sides, somehow the digital signal also sounds quieter. In the house I covered the ceiling with thicker aluminum foil to make a Faraday cage to keep out high frequency noise in the house, which works perfectly. without foil 10 -30 Watt high frequency to 0 Watt also on the ground, it is not yet necessary because the resident does not have strong WiFi or a smartphone or DECT telephone. measuring is knowing. the less radiation, the healthier living environment for people. Perhaps not all words are correct, I used the Google translation.🧐

@Sound-Traveller:  I've never believed in the big differences in sound between RCA cables, I used the cheapest OFC I could find. It has to be said that they looked simply good for their price +/- 3€/m. Then, I wanted something more solid and pretty in keeping with my more high-end system and I ended up using Chinese cables made from a low-capacitance microphone cable CANARE L-4E6S STAR QUAD that was well protected against electromagnetic pollution because it was made to run for dozens of metres on concert stages in the middle of lots of emitters and other cables. Believe it or not, the sound became better, it wasn't night and day but better, price +/- 20€/m. Since then, I've switched to active 4-way and entirely to XLR, so I needed a bunch of cables. Given that XLR is by definition technically less sensitive to electromagnetic pollution, I opted for the cheapest 1m OFC I could find, which cost me 35€ for 10 cables, and the sound is just perfect. I've had a lot of audiophiles in my home and I only let them in on my 'secret' when they leave, which is rarely before 2-3 hours of listening and then 'surprise, look at this cables'. My speaker cables are OFC, bought very cheaply, like 20€/10m, so...

@frankgeeraerts6243:  The dealer said that the brand of cables he sells are build with highly polished wires and that's why they sound cleaner that true ?

@frankgeeraerts6243:  They say that a 73 cm IC sounds better ???

@frankgeeraerts6243:  Different cables, interconnects and connectors do sound different .......I build them myself.
I do not pay 1000 $ or more for commercial hyped wires and cables....

@kentbergstrom3020:  The cable manufacturers are laughing all the way to the bank, it's sad how gullible many audiophiles are.

@Synthematix:  I wouldnt pay $1000 for a new kidney

@intheknow3431:  Another good video that's right on. For decades I simply used. hardware store wire. Then I decided to upgrade my wiring. I had 2 friends that had upgraded their wiring at different price levels. I talked them into lending me their wiring and I did one day extensive testing. One had $300 wiring the other had $100. Mine wiring was many years old and about $15. Long story short, the $100 did make a difference the $300 did not, so I went out and found some oxygen free wiring and with decent connectors and it wasn't a massive difference but it actually was a decent upgrade for about $75, plus after decades with the same wiring it was about time to change. My system isn't a so called "audiophile system" but it I do have dual subs and Monitor Audio speakers and I really like the sound.

@CarstenSaager:  Before packing everything before our move, I connected my Adams with RCA instead of the cheap Snake XLRs. They sounded like shit. There is basically no Hifi gear out any more that is using balanced connections. So you hunt for hum or solve it with ferrite beads. Cheaper than a balanced design and a market opportunity for snake oil salesmen

@danaustin5869:  An often misunderstood fact is that high end audio cable designers, like politicians and many other disciplines, often believe their own nonsense. They even wax 'mystical' about some esoteric, fictional quality drastically improving their sound. That is one reason why so many audio designers/manufacturers each believe that their products are head and shoulders above all other manufacturer's products.
It's as if each and every audio cable is incredibly better than all the other audio cables. And each and every one of these designers/manufacturers believes their top, incredibly expensive cable is the absolute best in the entire universe.
Of course, none of them would ever lower themselves to the level of participating in a blindfolded AB test.

@mogbaba:  I am happy I am not rich. Otherwise, I am afraid the richness would bring a sort of stupidity telling me only a few people like me can afford this cable and enjoy the best quality of music.

@theclangers8567:  Your comments about not affecting audio frequencies is very relevant.
Most of these cables, when measured by current engineering standards, have poor responses in the audible range/band.

@howardskeivys4184:  If I could be convinced that an £1000 cable could out perform my £20 cable by a factor of 50 times, which I don’t think I could. I’d still choose to invest that £1000 in higher grade components.

@philipellis4530:  One day some HiFi enthusiasts might actually start to enjoy music, you know the stuff we all rave about. As we get older our ears won't pick up the high frequencies, I found a solution, turn up the treble a tad, much cheaper option. 
Back in the 90's I bought some gear from an independent HiFi emporium in Bredhurst Kent, I was offered to test 3 pairs of interconnects priced at £40, £80 and £200 I have to say I couldn't tell the difference from my £20 pair, maybe it was so marginal so I kept my ones and returned them, I'm not knocking the very expensive interconnects but what's the point of spending oodles of money on cables when I can spend more on LP's.
Btw I'm 75 and I have a Wavetec frequency oscillator and with a sine wave signal I can't hear much past 5Khz whereas my son can hear up to an impressive 12Khz, I have a reasonable sound system and enjoy my music from my ATC loudspeakers, my son also enjoys the same music but has to turn the treble down to suit, simple.

@Echo_III:  0:23 spot on hahaha ;D

@AudioMasterclass replies to @Echo_III: What's even funnier is that in the UK we measure volume in litres, weight in grams and kilograms, road distances in miles, car fuel consumption in miles per gallon (although we buy it in litres), and people of my age flip a mental coin whether to measure length in feet and inches or metres and centimetres. Beer in bottles comes in 500 millilitres but, thank goodness, in the pub it's still pints.

@tubefreeeasy:  No name pure silver for me, only. Simply affordable.

@stup1299:  Silver corrodes due to sulpher in the air !!!!!! Might need some oxygen as well. I bought some Shawline and found they were no better (in fact worse) than el-cheapo interconects.

@SimonLloydGuitar:  $1000 is a bargain if it gets rid of my 8k tinnitus hell.

@ericquasney8832:  Sorry folks money can not change physics. Belden 8412.

@dexydog:  I think I'm in love with Betty.

@guywilliamson4074:  You can only run the cables from North to South otherwise the earths magnetic field compromises the sound…

@user-pk4vj7cy4h:  Enjoyable video!

@pauldhoff:  HAHAHAHA, an AC signal moving in the right direction. I guess no one told them that the signal moves both ways.

@pauldhoff:  It is amazing that my 440 MHz Ham radio works according to Audiophiles understanding of physics.

@robertbox5399:  Open the back of the amp and there's a tin plated pin to a solder pad going to a PCB trace of course.

@robertbox5399:  We used PTFE for our radio circuits for 77GHz automotive RADAR. Hahahaha. Above my hearing.

@endrizo:  the best gear in history like for example yamaha mx 10000 or sansui 919 just had an ordinary cheap thin power cable. everything inside was the very best tech can offer for sound.. then they came with ordinary power cords.

@schemkesa:  can you believe people actually buy these cables with free burn in service

@ivansteiner5677:  Your videos are interesting and you know what you are talking about, thats for sure, but you are also an entrepreneur who is making money with what you do. Is a cable worth that money, maybe not, but in my experience speaker cables make a huge difference. RCA cables make a difference, but not as much. Therefore its called "tuning" and if you try with the right match, you can make your system shine. What you need is time, experience I mean your ears and money :-) I have tested many cables and yes they sound different. As a Swiss guy I find the cables of the company VOVOX worth the money, and the Equipment of Weiss Engineering very very good, although the EQP from Dani Weiss is very expensive. Is it worth it? Can people hear it? Well he won the technical grammy Award. As a Sound Engineer with an experience of almost 20 years, I understand the Hifi market and it is maybe 10x the price as in the pro audio field, but also much better. What I recommend to people who complain about cables, stop talking and try for yourself. Have you had a listen to different cables in the hifi field?

@will7its replies to @ivansteiner5677: Yes but the cable stops at the speaker box and runs thru crappy wire to the speaker.......

@ivansteiner5677 replies to @ivansteiner5677: Yes I know - and? Same is with powercords.
Most important - Have you tried it by yourself?
From my point of view - if it sounds better and it fits into my System - I’am happy.

@will7its replies to @ivansteiner5677: @@ivansteiner5677 Ignorance is bliss.....

@ivansteiner5677 replies to @ivansteiner5677: Thats so funny - Im now in the cable debate 😂
Why dont you try by yourself?
I do not measure sound.
I listen to music - very easy 🎉
Thats what is all about

You really miss something

@will7its replies to @ivansteiner5677: You could pray to a deity too maybe that will make it sound better......

@bruceboome:  As a guitarist, I've had experience with cheap cables that make it sound like you're playing underwater, so I always buy good-quality ones. Some players like the curly leads that were popular in the '80s, as they cut the highs. Eric Johnson the Texan guitarist apparently uses one-way cables. Once, his technical crew put one the wrong way around to see if he could hear the difference. He did, straight away. It's possible that the difference is more noticeable in high-impedance systems such as guitars and their amplifiers.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @bruceboome: Agreed. High-impedance definitely needs quality cables. Perhaps not as much as $1000 of quality though. DM

@user-zz9sv9fp3c:  Well, I have a meter long fiber optic cable. Just enough from the speaker to the sound card. Works exactly the same as the $1000 cable or even better and costs a penny :)

@gwine9087:  Short answer: No chance.

@amazoidal:  Is this ARAY/Chord cable OFC with no specs? Or is it OHNO? We need specs. Give it to Audio Science Review.

@BoomerUKEngland:  I have listened to an A/B test of the interconnect mentioned at the North West Audio show, compared to a cheaper cable also from Chord. Everyone did agree that the £1000 Chord cable sounded better then the cheaper Chord cable. Would I purchase the cable, well unless I was a multi-millionaire I expect no. I personally use Van Damme Lo-Cap 55 silver placed interconnects, cost around £35 for 1 meter and there very good also.

@guyboisvert66:  Never, complete snake oil... Sure it can change the sound, depend of RLC values and interaction with Input / Ouput circuit involved... It's simply adding its own transfer function...

@joeldoxtator9804:  Every audiophile would do well to learn the physics of electricity

@MaxQ10001:  It's a clean and pure scam. But I don't doubt for s second that the ones buying it are absolutely sure they can hear the difference. It will just be a bit hard to pass the ABX test...

@mat.b.:  I love my ali express knockoff cables. They're built well, and if I want to eliminate quality control worries (and it does happen), I can just buy in bulk and build my own - and I sometimes do. Good shielding, good materials, good's all that matters for short runs like this

@guyboisvert66 replies to @mat.b.: Bought Ghentaudio cables made with Canare cable and decent RCA plugs, really good and fairly cheap for the quality. Bought the Canare based speaker cables too from the same place, very satisfied.

@chuckmaddison2924:  Hifi is just like the auto industry.
A fool and their money are easily parted. With cars, just put lots of numbers and names on the back .
Example from Australia...... Ford Falcon XY GTHO V8 351 Phase 111.
See what I mean.

@johnholmes912:  I tell people this, and they still waste their money :(

@user-es3hq5zk4e:  MONSTER cables started this craze of the Emperors much snake oil....

@Mikaci_the_Grand_Duke:  A real audiophile can hear the loss of a single electron as a clear difference in audio quality! 😂

@AudioMasterclass replies to @Mikaci_the_Grand_Duke: Possibly even a single quark. DM

@spqr369:  I'm willing to bet the ARAY $1,000 meter cables are loaded with their secret proprietary ingredient called TIS (totally imagined sound). I have discovered quite a few audiophiles can relate to this auditory phenomenon.

@johnc3425:  I doubt if even very high-end equipment uses anything other than ordinary copper internal wiring between the sockets and the PCBs. The audio signal usually then has to travel along a copper track on a PCB and to an integrated circuit or a discrete transistor so I'm sceptical that any expensive interconnect will make any difference. If you were that concerned then you'd be better off missing the plug/socket interface completely and solder a cable directly from the PCB in your source to the PCB in your amp. Of course, this would make it very inconvenient to move your system or replace the different parts of it;-)

@logotrikes:  In the same league as silver power leads. That poor dirty electricity came all the way from a grubby power station, across country, through all weathers, and finally, almost out of puff, into your lounge room. But fear not, all could have been well, that poor dirty electricity would be cleaned, buffed up and polished to a mirror finish if only you'd had the foresight to part with a serious wodge of folding stuff on 6 feet length of silver power cable, only of course if you also purchase a gold plated audiophile fuse...

Don't make me laugh, your money would be far better spent on a beautifully crafted wooden box that you place on top of your amplifier, or CD player, I forget which, that guarantees a sound improvement. No bugger except the maker knows what's inside these beautiful looking boxes, and predictably, they're too expensive to take a hammer to, to find out...

My guess is it could be anything from a block of lead to, well anything that weighs as much as lead. They're pretty heavy...

It's all a farce folks, a fool and his money etc...

@nhennessy6434:  Only in a country backward enough to use the same metric system as Liberia and Myanmar, would you expect an "audiophile" to pay upwards of $1250 USD to buy 39 inches of LCR filter jacketed by PVC.

"That even the battiest of bats can't hear..." ROFL! Really also liked how you did that single chortle when taking about some people would pay $10,000 for a single meter of all silver cable. Hope everyone picked up on that one.

@Balikon:  Surely silver has a better conductivity, but does it really help, if your chinch plug is silver plated, while the sockets of you audio are not?

@YouHaventSeenMeRight:  There is so much nonsense being bandied around by so-called audiophile product companies that have no link to reality. They bamboozle you with all kinds of impressive sounding terminology which is meaninglessly complex to hide the truth: they are selling you a product that is wildly overpriced for what it actually cost to produce. Don't fall for their nonsense!

@TheJanakev:  2m for £1000. 2x 1m. Still very expensive tho

@matthiasmartin1975:  "... the battiest of bats..." - that was a good one.

@jeff666p:  Nope . I make my own mogami cables

@scottttd1510:  skipping through your channel I can't tell if you're serious or totally having a laugh? If you are serious though, you need a new hobby I think.

@scottttd1510:  yes, if it makes a difference then happily!

@spectrelayer:  No ... but I'd happily SELL a 1-metre cable for $1000 ;-)

@wildbill9919:  I wish I could inherit a $1000 I could sell it.

@dougg1075:  Has anybody tried asking chat GPT for instructions on how to build a perfect bookshelf, speaker

@usaturnuranus:  It's really important to include the fine-structure constant when calculating optimal speaker placement, room-treatment composition acoustic coupling coefficients, and ideal qubit density/sq. cm. for the quantum regenerative AI back propagation amplification modules. As the rest can get messy pretty quickly, a good slide rule is your friend.

@howardskeivys4184 replies to @usaturnuranus: A slide rule my friend is futile. A microscope, electron accelerator and quantum physicist is more useful. You will also need 3 cable ties, 2 non ferrous locking nuts and a dead parrot.

@arthurwatts1680:  Nordost rang - they want to meet you in a London warehouse at midnight next Friday ;)

@DomRivers67:  Silliness, just chuck away the bellwire ones that were included in the box and get something well screened and a bit sturdier...spend $15..

@adroit8755:  Real fun starts with digital interconnects :D

@AudioMasterclass replies to @adroit8755: I can feel a video coming on... DM

@joemarshall8328:  I just use basic QED speaker cable and interconnects and a tacima mains conditioner in my system of nad c316bee v2 amp, Cambridge audio topaz cd5 player, teac dab tuner, audio techna turntable and Monitor Audio monitor 100 speakers, I feel anything above QED or tacima basic range wouldn't benefit such a budget system

@pantegministries:  I used to use cooker wire.

@benirw1n:  I just found a $6000, 1-meter RCA cable. The Chord Company's ChordMusic Analogue RCA Cable. They use their own Taylon® insulation. That alone apparently "reveal[s] a musical landscape so believable that you can step into it."

@HawkFest:  Thanks for your insights! I've recently learned to build my cables myself, using the best materials for a fraction of such pricing (which IMHO is similar to a scam). With a bonus: they look great (as I want them to for no additional cost), and fit well with my deco - even if they're mostly hidden lol.
I'm now trying a combination of one end from the amp having silver-plated copper connectors + silver braided shielding over Teflon (a Marantz, so that I lift high freq definition), and gold-plated copper connectors to the speakers (affordable ELAC's Uni-Fi 2.0, which already have a good definition in high frequencies, whereas the gold plating "could" lessen any harshness) ; the cores are pure Oxygen free copper (I could've gone with the Japanese pure copper which is about twice the price, but I don't think it would make a huge difference given the gear that I'm using)... Anyway, I'm just having fun experimenting with this, I'll see if it's relevant in the end.

@soundssimple1:  I remember back in the 80's a well known HIFi magazine in the UK ran a blind test with some very 'knowing' HIFi reviewers. The system was set up with high end components and the 'interconnects' were switched in and out across the period. The cables tested were the top end available, to basic commonly available. One cable that was slipped in to the test was electricians twin and earth mains cable which you could buy in drums at trade prices. Yes you guessed it, the twin and earth mains cable came out overall best by some of the reviewers. So ? its all down to the listener, some cables may affect the signal in different ways, but we all have different preferences in the final sound, and different ear/brain responses. How a cable/interconnector looks on a bench test electronically really means zilch, you don't listen with your eyes ! Don't look at the price, ignore the snake oil marketing just install them, shut your eyes and listen. that is the only measure. You choose what sounds best for YOU. Great video , thanks.

@DomRivers67 replies to @soundssimple1: It was speaker cable, and it was Hi Fi Choice magazine
They haven't run a blind test since lol

@banditman142536:  I make my own cables when I can. I fit all my cables with phoo phoo valves, scroin wrinklers and antistatic reverberation units. They are fantastic. I am not allowed to sell them on Earth. As the great one or as I know him. He who must be obeyed. Gave me the secrets for my cables. When I visited him on the planet Zorkon. No other chosen one (Audiophile) knows the secret. Bet you want one now.


@spacemissing:  Whatever its properties, whatever its effect(s) on the sound,
there is no way I will ever buy a one-meter cable that costs more than half an hour's wage.

@lohphat:  Um...which country ALSO still uses miles on their road signs? Starts with U and ends with K. 🤪

I use these cables on my SANS ICS HyperEncabulator, and they're the only solution to placate my confirmation bias.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @lohphat: We buy car juice in litres and measure economy in miles per gallon. DM

@Pootycat8359:  For a LOT less money, per meter, you can get 3 1/2" Andrews rigid co-ax. With a pump/dehydrator or cylinder of nitrogen (to pressurize it), total cost would still be less, at least, for say, a two meter run. This set-up worked very well for the 50KW AM broadcast transmitter I used to work on, to connect its output to the antenna tower. So it would PROBABLY suffice for connecting stereo components together.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @Pootycat8359: Newflash - Audiophiles rush to pressurise their cables. DM

@acronus:  I keep a small piece of rainbow peacock ore on top of my amplifier. It imbues the audio with essence of encapsulated sucrose that makes the audio "sweeter".
(Irl, I use $20 monoprice rca's)

@jackallen6261:  I know...there are those that say they can hear a difference>>>AWESOME! go buy them! for the rest o us that just listen and can not hear the difference...just buy the cheap cable...The phrase SNAKE OIL comes to mind! Just saying!!

@markphilpot8734:  Cable and other audio wire is hype by marketers who know no more about wire than they know about fornicating! There are names and acronyms for any degree of horseshit spec that has no intrinsic value or any other value for that matter. No, I am not picking on wire manufacturers for audio. If a fool will pay whatever the market will bare, that’s his misfortune. The key here is for those who need guidance on what to avoid, consider asking Amir at Audio Science Review or Gene at Audioholics on this format. This business is not without it’s share of snake oil peddlers. If it smells like bs and walks like bs, it likely is! Wake up and smell the coffee people! The check is in the mail, we gave at the office and this won’t hurt a bit! Yeah, right! That’ll be the day!

@ac81017:  I paid £3000 for a pair xlr interconnects and £15000 for my PAD Dominus 2x3m speaker cables. The last idiot is yet to be born.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @ac81017: If there were a prize for this, you’d be in the lead. So far. DM

@ac81017 replies to @ac81017: @@AudioMasterclassHave you listened to any interconnects above the £1000 mark on your 801's?? It's not all about bragging rights.

@wojciechczupta9185:  buy active speakers and use only signal cables of pro grade, which are 2-3 USD/m (plus termination). it's a pity people put attention to wrong items: spent fortune on cables including digital signal cables, while not even measuring the room, not treating the room properly, not handling low frequency modes. You can gain 100x more in terms of sound quality by simply adding EQ targeted on your lowest room mode (you can do it precisely in digital domain) than upgrading 100 USD cable to 1000 usd one. People just don't know it, and they are even disgusted about the very idea of EQ. This is called ignorance. (I don't deny different cables, especially speaker cables, can sound different, not necessarily better.

@paulhammond2245:  I use $20 cables 😊

@edwardbit8225:  Monster cables were the ones to start off this voodoo,sadly its carried on ever since...

@craigpaske9351:  No.

@BryieURuncal2023:  Back to the future Marty, gas lighting and only the best snake oil. Standing wave grease smooths the move. How will anyone live without such advanced thinking. I have all that at much better prices for only 100 times price you will get what you want overnight, trust me.

@mattwright6249:  Cables matter. You can get 99 percent of the audio quality for about 20 percent of the cost of the "best" available if you know what you are looking for. If you know what good cable qualities are you can make an informed decision when shopping. Videos like this are a good way to find out what matters and what does not. Keep up the good content, and as always each video is incredibly informative.

@duartefaria7134:  Your system only sounds good if the place where it is let it shine. Is the most important thing imo.

@niclaslindman:  Known a man old Speaker builder to Cinemas and Rich people afford He had a Way save money For If know what pneumatic are airpreszurre tubes and He took cables and put in those pipes show to be a Really good issolator when helped him a weekend put in cables in walls on a smaller Cinema in today was Older one and Are A lot of cable he cold bot do with a Hounesty in mind Takes audiophile cables for So much tickets not sold in a year so he used 40 bar pressure air tubes and see also a great Way Safty from hurt cables than use Copper Cables and he said I can take any audiophile here an say what put in and they Should Hear the perfect sound for sit in Brain not eats if use good cables and put in separate in those pipes that just little bigger than cable and see thick are so not 9nly save us a lot of work are not let anything out or in when are Very Long cables to wall Back Front Centre in to Central have all in and are use Electric Plastik pipes put in and that sound just Great So are how I do still today I Was a Audiophile to Start stop enjoy music Only enjoy maximum a week than start listen in all wrong so Stop and was sold it all and bought a Technics Amp to my Technical CD that sold 5 years ago For ridiculous Much money Big like a Cinema Reciver Was bought a Sony X700 UHD Blieray and saw had CD DVD setting and hdmi Audio out in It so have in my Reciver that reason bought new Amp breake Channel On and That not pay for a Repair when Crazy expensive Was so he Bought it from me for he wanted to Fix that Amp and Really nice Highend Technics was Happy in it End up with a Sony 1080 Cinema Reciver and a Ria stage to my turntable cheap one but sound great But CD player I listen to Sony Blieray and CD player and how I Got Supriced say Blueray beat CD player in every CD tried was Logical are digital hdmi Are Good Cable and are Say 219$ for a Blieray that Also Reciver must say are why still have it are Really Like bought New speakers Abd Love ny speakers and Brand never liked ever in my life exept for those floor standing JAMO E680 floor standing speakers 3 way with 2 8" bass element lower are slave so are in my living room To me sound Fantastic and 1490 for 5.0 so was Floor Speakers SUPRICE me in store Sold out for got bought by Klipsch so got them and are Go to buy Atmos upfiring speaker Try if kibe it first so see 6 Ohm love in apartment so Make a system After That So can listen without Angry neighbours And Can say Sony 1080 7.2 Reciver and Blueray player Technics CD player paid for got money over Today Are People pay anything for What call "Retro" I call it idiotic CD is a digital media so buy a Old CD for Crazy Money and sold it cheap 1700$ and Say I cold bot hear a better sound from that really big CD and take care of my Tech and are from 1989 was Really expensive when bought Technics Reciver was same serie bought for money for for my Hifi Speakers and Snap and so 9n kept turntable CD cassette player and bought Technics and a Big Sub With Satellites was B&O was thought buy but Nakamishi and was 3 bass angle to side and 1 forward and a down firing so 4 staelitea so Was Crazy good sound and TV sound like Wow so was something Expensive got anyway but was not 73 kilo Per Speaker lift when move to other city and Was Something not really saw look like furniture thing and Still use Air pipes put cable in so not spend a lot on cables are USB C and HDMI so get From Digital box and Streaming but Prefere Fysical Bliueray Stream has not get same debth Dune or GOT are Way better picture get from Blueray player sound also better But not differ that much but Dark scenes can get lot better picture in Blueray disc than go get from Streaming have Prime and HBO Max so Viaplay and some more GD channels and To many get hook up in this build come as and Pay 8nsane money On Credits for it also so Say I had a occupation earn a lot from so Hard money just could spend it more smart today music are YouTube Premium Have library all other not have together and Have Sony Xperia phone headphone contact DAC and actually have decent sound from are Only 9hone actually Have LDAC build in and People not seem to understand that Chromecast support LDAC so not need lot of Tech between Just put in Music list DSEE Ultimate and Dourrond Dolby Abd Send great sound out from phone same to headphones Wire as wireless get good sound are streaming champ use in bedroom all channels in digital box have in phone so Can get Stream to Google Cast are Get LDAC are Way better stream from than other Ways so Are Nish phones say for Camera Sony Alpha tech inside but are Music Player and also for music makers do a lot External screen to system camera can Live stream to Youtube and Otver media from system camera or directly from phone are multi machine do everything even if not use it all have Camera with Sony Alpha Auto mode in camera settings ser Uses latest setting and When press camera button open That Auto mode so give great photos go from Off to take photo in 2 sec and rather nice have Eye focus and 4K in 120 Herz same time also Recording in 120 frame sec 4KHDR and do slow mo 8n also 120 frame 30 min get 2 hour in 4KHDR and seemless optical zoom from 16 mm to 125 mm are Nice tech inside this Cine Alta Venice node recording are lot of Sony technology they do them self inside new phone done and not expensive need see everything not need to buy for use it are actually cheap if see it in that way .
But cable go Do things in Ways Without breake bank of long cable and lot of electric around so Are in a living room today wifi and cables and Lot of stuff everywhere are a bit Occupation Damaged be that when work in System Tech are just Takes vunus in tech and so on So Bot today old got but Have so Enjoy Music love Conserts and if Love Music YouTube are right place be .
Search for 4D sound and will find nice Music and Awsome sound Pink Floyd like Queen and others done music in 3-5 D and Headphones on are Get Spoild One of Best Live Ours Kind of Thunder zpink Floyd in 4K is in YouTube so that it Elf are just Must Love hear it and will understand For Saxophone on that consert are another World Off Greatness feel almost Religiuss when Us and Then song and Money follow hear that are Chills Feel Just Ear Candy and add free YouTube 👌 and YouTube Music so if kids YouTube kids in 12$ a month are cheap 👌 Use say I am Wrong in speakers but Answer you not sit in my Living room for have friend paid way more than ne and they yet Say I have better sound so some of them learn about buy Speaker after Room have not After Biggest best are why sound better in my living room for have Build after Show off not after Make Sence in room have 🤔

@marian-gabriel9518:  Allow me to leave this here: A <---> B | T

@jangrewe:  I'll happily pay >$1000 for a TOSLINK cable, but only if the connectors are gold plated - that will really reduce the EMF interference along the cable!

@FrankHeuvelman:  I've always had the idea to let 'audiophiles' listen to three different 'interconnections' from different brands and let them put these three into the right order with 'the best' on top and 'the worst' below.
I think that will turn out to be quite hilarious.
(and pretty painful for those who fail this easy task,,,)

@YouHaventSeenMeRight replies to @FrankHeuvelman: I once did a test with an ex-audiophile colleague of mine, on one of the audiophile forums that he frequented. We used some reference audio tracks that he provided, compressed them with a whole range of MP3 compressors (from terrible ones to the best you could get at that time). We then converted those MP3's back to WAV files and created a set of A/B tests that the forum users then had to judge on quality to see which was the original recording and which was the one pulled through the MP3 compression/decompression cycle. All but one of the forum users miserably failed to identify the original tracks. When informed of their results they of course came up with all kinds of reasons why they failed, the most hilarious one was the guy who always boasted about the fact that he could hear the difference between good and bad power leads, who claimed that he had used the wrong power lead.

@FrankHeuvelman replies to @FrankHeuvelman: @@YouHaventSeenMeRight
I'm afraid that only one of your candidates knows how mp3 compression works and therefore was able to choose right. (Or he neither understands mp3 compression but simply got a lucky shot, of course.)
I also think that most audiophiles suffer from a nasty 'keeping up with the Joneses' virus infection for which no vaccine has been developed. I mean, buying a Tesla doesn't automatically turn you into an EV technology expert.

@chrisose:  As attributed to P.T. Barnum "There's a sucker born every minute."
My own feeling is that someone who admits to spending 1000 GBP on a phono cable by leaving a review is not likely to say they wasted their money.

@andreemilsen9705:  What do I think? 🤔
I think you forgot to feed Betty, she sounds angry🙊
About the cable, I am pretty sure there are better ways to spend that amount of money, to get significant improvent, that is in fact audible🤪

@andymouse:  I agree but what really gets my goat is that you explain Science to these people and they do that smile thing as if they feel sorry for you ! I would love to see some numbers, basically the measurements you suggested...cheers.

@cjbartoz:  It can be solid, stranded, copper, oxygen free copper, silver, etc.--or even "magic" wire--as long as the resistance is kept to be less than 5% of the speaker impedance. There is no listening difference as long as the wire is of adequate size. Remember that a nominal impedance value is not always accurate because most systems vary with frequency. A speaker that is rated by the manufacturer as 4 ohms may not be 4 ohms at all frequencies. It can wander above or below this value and is unique for different systems. If you have doubts about your system impedance, it's best to contact the manufacturer concerning the lowest impedance of the system that you plan to use and select a connecting wire based on the lowest impedance value.

It's not easy to set up a similar wire listening test. Very few people are able to make speaker impedance measurements or wire resistance measurements down to 0.1 ohms. Also knowledge of the speaker impedance over the entire frequency range is a very important factor in an A-B listening test. In some listening tests, this can cause a difference in sound that could result in false conclusions because the wire is not heavy enough. Suppose a speaker is used that has an advertised impedance of 8-ohms but the impedance actually drops to 4 or 5 ohms at one or several frequencies. Suppose further that wire A used in the test is heavy enough for an 8-ohm speaker but not for a 4-ohm speaker. When making a comparison test with a heavier wire B, differences can then be heard. Although the resistance of wire A may be correct for the advertised impedance, it may be too high if the speaker impedance goes lower than that. It has nothing to do with the kind of wire, only that the resistance of one wire may be too high for that particular speaker used for the listening test.
This lack of understanding for the impedance behavior of a speaker used for a listening test may explain listening differences that people can truly hear. One wire can truly appear to sound different than the other but for the wrong reasons. A speaker that has a constant impedance at all frequencies (most speakers do not) will only show a difference in listening level and not alter the response when the wire size is too small for A or B. Of course, the listening levels will be different unless they are compensated for in advance. Otherwise, the louder sounding one will likely be chosen. To avoid these difficulties, whether the speaker has constant impedance or varies, the two wires to be compared should have the same total resistance and that could mean different lengths would be needed to make the resistances equal.
Otherwise, under these adverse conditions of different resistance, a person can select one wire consistently. It may be easy to hear differences in the frequency range or ranges where the speaker being used has impedance dips that are below the rated value of the speaker. In some marginal cases it may even be possible, depending on the bandwidth of the speaker impedance dips, to hear differences that go near but not below the rated impedance. However it is a false conclusion that the wire selected is because of a unique wire construction or other advertised features. Only the difference in wire resistance is being heard due to the speaker being used in the listening test.
Of course, a different speaker will most likely have a different impedance curve depending on the crossover design and whether it is a single wide-range driver, two-way, three-way, etc. system. In that case an impedance dip or dips can be in a different frequency range and have a different bandwidth. A listening test will then reveal yet a new set of sonic differences. Again, resistance is the key.
Bear in mind that if both wires in the test are much heavier than needed for the particular speaker that is used and the speaker impedance is fairly constant, small wire resistance differences may have little influence in the test.

Several speaker wire manufacturers make wire that has high capacitance yet almost none of them publish exactly what the capacitance actually is. Capacitance is of concern not so much that it could cause a possible high frequency rolloff but that it can affect the amplifier feedback and cause the leading edge of transients to overshoot. This in turn can make an audible difference in the system sound. It can make the sound brighter, which some audiophiles mistake as greater detail.

The degree of influence when using high capacitance wire depends on three factors.
1.    The total capacitance of the wire used (capacitance per foot times the number of feet).
2.    The complex impedance of the speaker being used.
3.    The stability of the amplifier being used to drive the speaker.
When there is an audible difference in speaker wire due to wire capacitance, it can be interpreted as an improvement when one wire appears to have more clarity but is actually altering the sound and departing from accuracy. Perhaps this change in sound then paves the way to sell more wire. Further, perhaps the wire companies already know this and what will sell. If the speaker wire companies had not introduced wire having high capacitance, either out of ignorance or by intention, then there would have been no controversy like this and ordinary low resistance wire, which incidentally has very low capacitance, would have remained king from the beginning.

Although some expensive wires can have low resistance, several have a high capacitance of 100 to 300 picofarads (pf) per foot. These can introduce a significant amount of capacitive load, particularly for longer lengths. For a 50 foot length, this adds up to 5000 to 15,000 pf, which is the same as .005 to .015 microfarads (mfd).
Unfortunately, in addition to sounding different with a small amount of overshoot, a few unstable or borderline amplifiers can even go into oscillation. Low power oscillation, even if ultrasonic, will further affect the listening performance of a system and could lead to an apparent mysterious burnout of a tweeter. Oscillation at full power could cause an amplifier and/or speaker system to burn out.

@alanharknett:  but did you hear them ?

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