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Why do pirated movies have bad sound?

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@RickMyBalls:  just picking a random film from my pirate bay collection... 4777 kb/s 8 channel untouched dolby truehd audio track. Also it sounds amazing, what's the problem?

@jaaasgoed:  So it's just a case of getting a good pirated copy. Invest in a 10 gigabyte download and both video and audio will be almost as good as the original. It will never be the same of course, but in 99% of the systems you will not be able to see or hear the difference. If you're pirated copy has bad quality, it's your own fault for skimping on the file size.

@Alphadec:  this is BS. The sound is not worse if you have downloaded from somewhere. The codec is the same as on the disc or what the source is. And the sounds is just the same.

@Bob.martens:  They don't.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @Bob.martens: As I said in the video, of the examples played to me not all sounded bad. Some did, though the picture was good. DM

@pompeymonkey3271:  You do know that complete ISO blu-ray disc images of most major releases can be found online?
Or don't you? Good God. lol

@royfishall6482:  Many of them do not have 'bad sound', because when transcoding 'audio pass through' is set in the app, so it is the orignial audio track.
Depends on the ripper/capper.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @royfishall6482: This certainly is a possibility. I imagine that when audio is transcoded it is to ration out bit rate. Or whoever is doing it doesn’t know of a pass through option. I use pass through in my videos so that YouTube can receive WAV audio rather than an extra stage of encoding. DM

@andymouse:  If i was 30 year younger I would liked to be kidnapped by Bettie.....LOL! :)

@kabongpope:  Get in, loser, we're going bootlegging

@lenimbery7038:  Could you do a video comparing the audio quality of 4K discs vs. streaming audio in various formats and just how much audio quality is lost? Personally, I don't really hear that much degradation from streaming in Atmos or DTS-X compared to the disc....maybe a movie soundtrack is more forgiving compared to critical music listening?

@akyhne replies to @lenimbery7038: Depends on how you're listening to video streaming.

I've got a 7.3 setup, and when I listen to movies on streaming services, like Disney Plus, there's a lack of dynamic range.
In my case, I suspect, that it is because my TV has E-Arc, while my receiver only has Arc. This means, that the audio is compressed, as Arc only supports around 1mbit streaming, and therefore the audio will be compressed.

Now, I don't know if the audio stream from streaming services are as good as from Blu-rays. I don't think do, as it would mean the audio bitrate is as high as the video bitrate. But I'm pretty sure it isn't as low, as 1mbit. For a 7.1.4 Atmos sound track, that would leave only 83kb/s per channel, or equivalent to a 166kb/s stereo track.
Remember, that CD audio in itself, is around 1mbit/s.

True-HD with Atmos and DTS-HD-MA are both around 5-6mbit/s.

@1974UTuber:  What and where is Betty from?
Ive started seeing a few of these AI assistants on various YouTube videos recently. But never heard what program they are from

@j7ndominica051:  Usually pirates copy the audio track directly becasue further reduction isn't needed. And processing 6 channels is not possible in some software. Audio takes a fraction of HD video bandwidth. There were cases where they transcoded using an open-source AC-3 encoder, which is worse than the official encoder. But usually you see 1.5 Mbit DTS or E-AC-3 from WEB downloads.

I remember watching a cartoon where they put a mono 448 kbit/s to a SD video, and the video looked like crap as a result.

You might have downloaded some ultra-minified releases from Yiffy.

What do you use to make the picture of the girl?

@andysummersthxcinemaandmyc7748:  she says 0:18 lol back row where i can give you a b grade b job

@dancemusicorganisation:  It's not as simple as just compression of a high quality movies and re-encoding. Many are TS / CAM, they aren't encoded from a source file, they are recorded with a camera on a tripod and microphone in the cinema and the framerates are synchronised or just on their iPhone or using a camcorder. It's quite amazing the video quality that can be achieved nowadays using this method, it's just a shame the microphones and audio capture devices haven't improved the way visual has.

@dean6816 replies to @dancemusicorganisation: I remember when I used to go to that place with Betty and they sometimes had CAM recorded movies with line audio (I think they hooked their camera into an output for people with hearing difficulties or something....?).

@dancemusicorganisation replies to @dancemusicorganisation: @@dean6816 Yeah, there are varying qualities made and some you can hear people eating popcorn and talking or see the back of someone's head. Where others can be amazing, but I think they are obtained by someone who has a friend working at a cinema and they do a private screening for the pirates.

@dean6816 replies to @dancemusicorganisation: @@dancemusicorganisation yeah I used to wonder how they got away with setting up a tripod and camera in their local Odeon!?

@IvanITpro:  Wow, I'm so NOT on board with this dumb AI assistant! I will unsubscribe if I see it again.. :/ Also, it all depends on what copy you download, you can find the same very movies with higher audio bit rates and quality than you get off streaming services on the same torrent websites, including uncompressed BluRay rips, you just need to know what to look for. Nice try!

@AudioMasterclass replies to @IvanITpro: Please just unsubscribe now. I'll make my videos any way I like. DM

@IvanITpro replies to @IvanITpro: @@AudioMasterclass You do that! Thank you for taking your time to DM me about that, bye bye! Just make sure you fact check your source material next time. :/

@AudioMasterclass replies to @IvanITpro: @@IvanITpro Aha, a smartarse final comment with no reference to the video content. Something tells me you're a nasty person I'm better off without. DM

@danender5555 replies to @IvanITpro: The AI assistant with a female look is not dumb. It just speaks when it is asked to speak and what to say, plus it shuts up when it is told to be shut up. You do not have to feed that AI doll neither buy it expensive gifts neither ask it for permission to leave the house.
Give the old man some of that youthful distraction, please.

@ericmc6482:  Enough with the AI 'actor' please, too creepy lol

@Waldemar_la_Tendresse:  Seeing a video with such statements in a channel called "Audio Masterclass" is strange at best. Either it's a hidden parody or the channel has missed its self-imposed goals this time.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @Waldemar_la_Tendresse: I make videos about whatever interests me in the moment. That's my only guide. DM

@MichaelBeeny:  If you are looking for the really lowest bit rate copy, say a 500mbt file then the sound will be rubbish, but this is really intended for use on a telephone. However, a copy from a Blu-ray of about 2 gbt will normally include a Dolby digital 5.1 soundtrack, often the original. This will offer good picture and sound. Obviously not as good as the original but not far off. If you want better, buy the original disc. If you can find one! So, I've heard!!

@tinkerwithstuff:  My guess before listening to this... because those folks don't know much about those things and will just use presets that convert one lossy codec to another, both treating the spectrum with different strategies to leave stuff out for saving space, thus resulting in a garbled mess.
"... low bit rate" - ok, that, too.

@jelly8594:  What's the connection between the random thumbnail and the video title? Is the woman in the t-shirt with the silkscreen print supposed to be a pirate?.
"Why are YouTubers often bad at making thumbnails" could be the title of a video.

@jelly8594 replies to @jelly8594: @Douglas Blake indeed

@michaelturner4457:  Some pirated movies even have full DTS 5.1 audio.

@mariozenarju6461 replies to @michaelturner4457: A lot of them actually, if you're willing to chase for a direct copy of the source material

@fredygump5578:  So confusing...I thought that Pirates of the Carribean was really well done. It is strange that pirate movies as a genre are neglecting their audio fidelity, I thought to myself.

@SteveLEKORodrigue replies to @fredygump5578: Trollololo!

@rabarebra replies to @fredygump5578: Arr, Arr, Arr, dumb, just dumb

@editingsecrets:  Opening story reminded me of the film Sneakers, the scenes about which bridge and where the chip was located. "Remind me you're an honorary blind guy."
Perhaps the pirates monitored their transfer on NS-10s without the tweeters facing the wrong way. With speakers like that, how could they ever get it right?
I'm surprised Betty had the patience to let him explain codecs and bitrates, instead of presenting the h.265 documentation herself. I thought the relationship was all about her library of enormous... specification sheets to cover any subject at all, in microscopic detail.

@filmnarr163:  I think I would fall in love with Betty immediately, seeing only stars and hearing the angels sing...

@editingsecrets replies to @filmnarr163: And she can even tell you the exact frequency response of those angels, and their Atmos location keyframes in the heavens.

@filmnarr163 replies to @filmnarr163: @@editingsecrets 🥰

@birgerolovsson5203:  True that copied movies lose most in the audio-department.

@mariozenarju6461 replies to @birgerolovsson5203: If they're compressed. 1:1 copies that can go from 70 to almost 100 GB have absolutely no losses

@birgerolovsson5203 replies to @birgerolovsson5203: @@mariozenarju6461 Yes, of course. If you make 1:1 copies they are like the original.

@rabit818:  Audio Masterclass is an FBI trying to bust D/L’ers!

@dancemusicorganisation replies to @rabit818: It's not illegal to download movies, it's illegal to supply them, that's the difference between a leacher and a seeder. It is also part of the fair use allowances under copyright protection. It would be impossible for anyone who reported on, reviewed or discussed movies for a living (or even a hobby) to be expected to purchase every single one. Home private non-commercial use is also permitted, otherwise VHS / DVD recorders would never have been allowed to be sold to the masses or the ability to pause live TV. However inviting your friends & neighbours round to watch with you, is then considered broadcasting and becomes illegal.

@rabit818 replies to @rabit818: @@dancemusicorganisation Very good point

@ianhaylock7409 replies to @rabit818: @@dancemusicorganisation It's actually illegal to download movies you don't have permission for in the UK. Years ago it was only the supplier that was considered a criminal. Now the downloader is also breaking the law.

@dancemusicorganisation replies to @rabit818: @@ianhaylock7409 If you believe every journalist, critique, reviewer, analyst etc pays for everything they watch in order to teach, illustrate, review, criticism, report etc, fine, but fair use is quite clear about it, as well as personal / non-commercial use. According to the old VHS tapes, getting your mates round for pizza and a movie was illegal, never heard of the police busting the door down and nicking them though.

@EgoShredder:  Don't listen to the naysayers, younger women do actually prefer older, more distinguished and experienced men. Betty knows a good thing when she hears it, and that is on very Blu Rays.

@editingsecrets replies to @EgoShredder: He just found a balanced match at -20.

@teashea1:  well done

@chaoticsystem2211:  Aaaaaw. She's got a name now! How nice!

@coreyostman:  Maybe have Betty say "avast!" next time. 😆

@greyeagle4388:  I'm not to going lie, I'd go to a secret off the grid place with Betty as well, even if the audio is shitty

@editingsecrets replies to @greyeagle4388: Just make sure you have ample headroom. Wouldn't want to uncomfortably compress that pair of... stereo masters.

@jahn-pierrezietsman2293:  I had such a laugh! Love the video! Betty is hot for an A.I.

@editingsecrets replies to @jahn-pierrezietsman2293: She's naturally a +4 on most audiophiles' VU scales.

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Saturday May 13, 2023

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