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@jimawhitaker:  Jack directly into the brain's audio center ;-)

@tjblues01:  My 5 cents: As electronics goes I can agree, there is not much room for improvement. I mean, components let's say $2000+ will sound almost the same for an average Joe. And with use of different reconstruction filters DACs can sound like whatever you wish. But.... every loudspeaker sounds different, every mastering of the same content sounds different. Even worse; the speakers, the same source will sound different when played in different room. The problem with audio is that there is no reference point. For ex. in photography we can use the grey card and light temperature 5500K.

@ericnortan9012:  I would say most people in the audio hobby love music, but at some level you have to admit that it is all about the gear. Once you prefect the gear, than you can finally listen to the perfect reproduction. Until then it's about building a perfect system, which is impossible because the goalpost always moves.

@piotrbiedowicz1602:  I ❤ both

@intheknow3431:  Many decades ago I heard my first cd, for me that was the end of vinyl records and turntables, I got rid of them all! My cd experience has been a very good experience and I have no intentions of going back, as far as I'm concerned vinyl is still an inferior system the simply inserts distortion into the end result. We all have a choice mine is CD!

@cg5691:  I love music. Its not that I don't care about audio but more that I'm on a budget and can''t afford to constantly upgrade my gear.

@klaassiersma4892:  Just listened to Swing out Sister It's better to travel on vinyl, sounded just as great as it did in 1987.

@jeffkelly5972:  Most audiophiles I know are never content with their systems they always are looking for the best dac or cartridge or speakers. They are always looking to get better cables and even power cords for better audio through which they seem to hear things that were not there before. Get the equipment that you can afford sit back and enjoy your music. Life is to short not to enjoy your music.

@bobshifimods7302:  Live classical music as an experience depends on a number of variables - the piece, the performers, the auditorium, the weather outside etc . A lot of the main stream repertoire is pretty much pop.

@islandtime1402:  I have to disagree with you. While the source for the music/audio may be as good as it will ever need to be, the conversion from digital bits to an electronic waveform and finally to an acoustic wave leaves a lot of things to tinker with for audiophiles. If it comes down to it, we can argue over silly things like oxygen-free copper and whether the barometric pressure on a given day is more conducive to a specific form of music. Real or imagined, there are still plenty of things for audiophiles to stress over! 🤣

@AudioMasterclass replies to @islandtime1402: Humidity affects sound. Audiophiles chew on that. DM

@fclefjefff4041:  I love showing off how much money I've spent and yammering endlessly about shit no cares cares about

@AudioMasterclass replies to @fclefjefff4041: You need better friends who can appreciate your yammering. DM

@nsfeliz7825:  im both. a music lover and an electrical engineer(sorta) i can actually build and d3sign amplifiers. so i dont fall for audiophile bs. if you reaally want best quality. buy a house. away fr9m the road. or build a soundproof room. its reached the point where its not the electronics anymore that ruins the audio. its the house.😀 and the motor vehicles passing by. even a 20 dolar boombqox sounds beqtter in a soundproof recordinqg studio than a 1000 dollar nad in an averag1e house.

@nate_d376:  Guess the Wet Leg went over most

@AudioMasterclass replies to @nate_d376: Those who want to understand the lyrics need only to turn to the Urban Dictionary. At their own risk. DM

@MostlyBuicks:  Poor audio interferes with my love of music. Much like McDonald's interferes with my love of a good hamburger.

@duncan-rmi:  I've outlined my psychoacoustic "frozen peas" vs analogue flaws hypothesis elsewhere, I think.... those tiny nuances that audiophiles are so keen to get rid of*, & yet they hang on to their vinyl repro systems as if they were the holy grail of sound. the very things we regard as flaws, on paper, they excite the part of the brain that processes hearing, so that the listening experience is fresh every time, even if you don't consciously realise it.
(* perhaps "control & acknowledge" is fairer...)
so. nice leak stereo-30, I glimpsed. decent amp.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @duncan-rmi: Well spotted. Compared to today's technology it's nothing special. But lovers of audio technology - notice I didn't say 'audiophile' - still often have a soft spot for the Stereo 20 and it's matching preamp, and of course other Leak thermionic products. DM

@CoolJay77:  To me, music is more important than just sound, and for that matter, more important than audio. I enjoy live classical concerts, and I enjoy a great seat, however often music is more fulfilling when I listen to a performance that I enjoy more. It could be a 75 year old Furtwangler recording or 90 year old recording of Hofmann on piano. OTOH, I am an audiophile with a whole range of high end gear and speakers, I do enjoy listening to excellent sound recordings. In this day and age, it is difficult to bring the best of both worlds together. Though technology got better, when it comes to classical music, I much prefer performances from past eras.

@prutser67:  Interesting statement. I like both music and audio. On the other hand I can enjoy music, which I don't really like because of the music, but because the recording is nice

@ilirllukaci5345:  Not "do you love music?". Do you "need" music? I heard Seiji Ozawa say this 25 years ago.

@andrewfootman5123:  Great videos not get videos I meant!

@andrewfootman5123:  I started in the early 70s with a suitcase record player with garrets auto changer! Never ever stacked records on it only played one and placed it on plater!Loved it was a great thing to listen to Loved the glow of valves and years down the line I have valve amps driving Magnepan 3.7i speakers and two turntables one with the Shure V15 type three and a CD player and still love it at the age of 61! Kids never grow up and I love wet leg too ! Love your humour get videos!

@andywray3446:  My wife gave me a Denon DP-450 USB turntable as a birthday present a couple of years ago. It sounded OK, but I felt it could do better. I quickly added a Rega Fono MM Mk3 amp. Since then, I upgraded the cartridge to an Ortofon 2M Red, then the 2M Blue, but then realised that I preferred the sound of Audio-Technica. I'm now running an AT VM540ML. I got a custom-made Baerwald protractor for aligning it. I've added cartridge spacers to get the VTA right. I even bought new interconnects to lower the capacitance to match the cartridge :) This turntable sounds so much more musical than the one my wife gave me just two years ago. I love this hobby and learn a bit more every day. I also, spend a little more time every day just enjoying music.

@melaniezette886:  In headphone, loudspeaker domain there's a lot to be excited, love and hate. I stopped analog long time ago

@melaniezette886:  Ah the V15III FM👌

@mk1st:  Listening to vinyl on a hifi nowadays is akin to someone building a hot rod: something that brings back past days of glory and nostalgia on the weekend but not a daily driver.

@johnnyLeestarkey0369:  Technology smectology I'll use a 15 dollar microphone

@johnnyLeestarkey0369:  I like music my audio is not so great
I like old speakers
I hate new Bose style speakers or anything small that blares out mids and highs trying to pretend it's got base
I think it's made music less popular
People just don't realize what thay are missing there is a big difference in a old school speakers and the new one's
Most people probably don't know
Thay just don't think that like music that mutch or worse listen to a cell phone or headphones or the worst ear buds
Never listen to ear buds
It will make you have bad hearing
Speakers are important
The bigger the better the smaller your speakers the smaller your testicles will be
This is a proven fact that did a test back in the 90s

@rabit818:  I remembered listening to Bowie’s Low when I was in high school. The LPs pops and clicks and hiss from the cassette. Miss it.

@StylusDrop:  You will only hear your "perfect" 24 bit streaming at its best through decent amplification and speakers (or headphones) so equipment does matter. Also not all DACs sound the same.

@alandakerharley:  Being a muscian in london, mixing with top muscians, i was always surprised when visiting their houses how many listened on crappy equipment!. They were not listening to their equipment, they were listening to performance, arragement, interpretation etc. I have a good setup, but ,as long as it works ok, i dont listen out for flaws or small imperfections in reproduction, i now simply enjoy music (or the spoken word). Trying to achiebe perfect sound, to me, is simply a distraction.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @alandakerharley: This is why sound engineers don't have a hi-fi at home. DM

@gblargg:  Back in my teens when I enjoyed messing with sound system parameters, I always had the treble and bass turned up, because it "sounded better". That about says it all regarding my sense back then.

@kevincollins1060:  What a knob

@stighenningjohansen:  I love Music, and I love Hifi, and thats it. The rest is up to me, so, shut up.

@carlsitler9071:  That's crazy. 🤪 "Digital 24 bit lossless is as good as it gets, so listen to analog." Just so you can tinker with bits to alter the distortion? I disagree. I bet a digital source through a 1000 watt amp with great speakers sounds better than a 50 watt amp with average speakers. That is how I tinker with my audio. 🙄 What is a great speaker? Danish MTMs with dual 15" woofers. Yes, my little studio monitors sound good as well but they can't rattle the windows.

@richh650:  There is also DSD for the next future. Even with its modification limitations at the source, it can sound more lifelike than the PCM format.

@richh650:  You absolutely Nailed listening to Classical music live. There is no, just audio, when experiencing the nuance and power of a live classical performance.

@Ninjametal replies to @richh650: Or Slayer

@somedude8877:  What is your take on DACs? Are fancy DACs worth it and are the DACs found in most consumer devices a limiting factor on quality? This seems to be the first question that comes to mind after accepting the "digital files are good enough" proposition.

@davidhaslett9777 replies to @somedude8877: The best DAC I have heard is a DSD one, however, there is not ,much music in native DSD. Roon converts must to DSD on the fly, far better than PCM. 192/24 PCM is the way music is recorded in the studios, so we cant get anything better, apparently. Vinyl is no longer supreme, since all music since the mid 1990's is recorded digitally.

@fredygump5578:  Atmos may be a significant improvement. It can come closer to putting you in the room where the music was performed. So it is probably more accurate to say that "Stereo" has peaked. There are other interesting ideas about music reproduction too, but they lack a format. So watch this space. Just because it seems stagnant at the moment doesn't mean it will stay that way!

@chrlz904:  This is weird.. You are me. Except my best phono cart was a Shure M97, and yes, i wanted a v15 iii more than life itself.. then over the past decade it seemed like hifi was dying, and lost interest. But i kept buying the odd new record or cd. Recently i started experimenting with some of the tiny new 50/100w rms per channel amplifiers that cost a few tenners, and nearly fell out of my tree. I built my own sub, bought some very cheap bookshelf speakers, and have easily exceeded my desires while spending about a tenth of what it would have been in the 70's. Good imaging, good musicality, great freq range, just enough power to hurt my ears.. Thelma Houston has never sounded better.. she and I got the music in me. 🎉😊

@mariokrizan1400:  Greetings from Buenos Aires David🙋‍♂️ Excellent reflections and appreciations that show professional honesty👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Totally agree that nothing equals live classical music, inside a theater. How nice it would be to have audio equipment that brings us closer to that real experience, but we would need our own theater and it would be complicated 😂😂 Your Garrard 401 turntable and your Leak are very good. What needle cut do you prefer for MM? I worked in the Pro world and the Yamaha NS10s were used as a reference for how it would sound in reality since they weren't speakers with a sophisticated sound, but as you say they were enough. In short, the human being does not listen to frequencies that only whales listen to and marketing promotes so much. The human being is analog and reproduction will always be analog. Kind regards.

@kelvingreen3736:  It was once said to me that a Music lover uses hi-fi to listen to music whereas an audiophile uses music to listen to his Hifi 😜

@Crossfire2003:  Music itself is more important than sound!
Audio quality might be as good as it can get, but music tunes & part arrangements are endless!
We only have 12 notes (or 12 semi-tones), but melody options are endless!
The musical joy comes from hearing a certain song, and wanting to pump up the volume of our audio systems!

@roberthubbard5696:  Who is Malcom Walker (1940-2023) listed at the end of this video?

@AudioMasterclass replies to @roberthubbard5696:

@stevezeidman7224:  I’ve just discovered your channel so I’m late to this commenting party. It was suggested to me by YouTube and I’m glad the algorithm chose to do so. Very entertaining videos.

@msingh1932:  I like this gentleman's style, but his assistant is a tad better! I am really enjoying his videos...and the subtle humor...

@geraldmonger1921:  Hi, I enjoy your videos enormously, but I would love to know your opinion on so-called Hi Fi equipment. As an example, the speaker cables that cost more than the amplifier and gold plated connections. How much of a difference do these things make to the quality of the sound, if at all?

@AudioMasterclass replies to @geraldmonger1921: I'm not going to say my opinion is any better than anyone else's, but - in my opinion - speaker cables should be short and fat, and the same length. That's it. DM

@paulpavlou9294:  Your right on the money and I couldn’t agree more. Thanks for the video.

@chriswood4333:  Well I agree that 24-bit lossless digital audio is as good as it's going to get... for the source material. But the source material has to be reproduced as analog sound waves so we can hear it. And this means that the amplifier and speakers are a critical part of the reproduction chain. This is where Hi-Fi enthusiasts can have their fun... you can spend a few hundred dollars for a Bluetooth speaker or $200k+ for esoteric amps and speakers if you are so inclined and have the means. But will you enjoy the music any more?

@artysanmobile:  I mix music. Audio is for television sports. If I’m credited as audio mix or something stupid like that for a music show, I am pissed. I always politely inquire, and make it clear as a bell. Music mixer.

@IMelkor42:  The wife refers to all audio as 'noise', which grates at the electronic engineer in me...

@soothsayer2406:  Audio Equality for the masses...why is that a bad more hifi elitism.....the death of the HIFI autocracy!! Rise up all in the Digital Audioscape, Rise up against your snobbish opressors,///take back your freedom from the privileged few...From the youngest to the oldest, from the poorest to the richest...all will be made whole.....Can you Dig it!!!!!,,,please save us all, FREE 24 bit lossless streaming!

@rwsmith7638:  Quad Schmod.

@theswime945:  Interesting stuff. Keep it coming. I might even enroll... Cheers.

@fredericktennant9151:  You make a valid point about the state of modern audio being just too good it makes the reviewers job difficult as we are expecting a few lemons and they are just not turning up like in the old days

@noself1028:  Your remarks concerning the appeal of vinyl to audiophiles are interesting and no doubt true. Another productive and fun (to some) avenue for upgrading one’s audio system is to improve the acoustics of the listening environment. Although frustrating at times, this process can be highly educational and rewarding in the long run. A combination of “room correction” software, acoustic room treatments, and “positional EQ” almost always yields substantial and satisfying sonic benefits. I recall the great audio journalist Julian Hirsch writing that the three most important determinants of sound quality are the speakers, the recording itself, and the acoustic properties of the listening room.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @noself1028: The listening room is a huge factor. One point that is often missed is that you can never get rid of the acoustics of the room and hear, for example, the concert hall environment of the recording by itself. Unless you can afford a huge anechoic chamber that is, and your spouse will agree to it. So the listening experience is always going to be a compromise. I would suggest that an audiophile might be looking not just for the best compromise, but an experience that combines the acoustics of the recording with the acoustics of the room to make something even better. Just a thought. DM

@SergioGermanStinco:  Hello!!!. I am from the 40´s and 50´s and you are right, any equipment I have bought was really better than the one I had, before; better valves, then transistors, then magnetic cartridges, better speakres and everything. Now that passion is lost. I miss those 40´s and 50´s...Cheers from Patagonia, Argentina.

@hatankimeju5931 replies to @SergioGermanStinco: Not exactly when germinium power transiter amplifiers were marketing against tube amplifiers, cd players with cut cost DACs, MDs with compressed files.

@Leif..:  Some people are in thrall to the marketing departments of, and the sparkly knobs made by, boutique audio companies. It’s male jewellery, like mechanical watches. It is astonishing how good even modest priced gear can be.

@hwccheng:  It’s both for me

@laika25:  Off to see your video on turntables... tata

@laika25:  My problem with vinyl is that unless you do some serious (costly) upgrades (cartridge mainly), it's rubbish. Imagine buying a nice CD player (i own several, including the Marantz CD6007), an then having to swap/upgrade the laser???

@laika25:  Have you seen the new Leak amps (integrated)? Sleek!

@AudioMasterclass replies to @laika25: While the original Leak valve amps were fabulous in their day, their transistor amps were OK but nothing special (I've owned both). Leak now is just a brand name, but the look is good and if the insides are improved then there's nothing not to like. DM

@laika25:  I'll listen (to your music)... and give you an answer.

@kadaad:  Слушать класическую музыку нужно только на концерте, всю остальную, только студийную запись и только в цифровом формате. You need to listen to classical music only at a concert, everything else, only studio recording and only in digital format.

@marcbegine:  DSD...

@anglosaxon361 replies to @marcbegine: I have Roon with a DSD DAC, it is almost as good as my Pink Triangle turntable, some tracks are better, sadly some are not

@ThinkingBetter:  We are already at a point where you can't really ask for more. Up to 192kHz 24 bits lossless streaming from Amazon Music HD with 100 million music tracks available in seconds. Will we get 384kHz at some point? Possibly. Will we be able to hear the improvement? No, I don't think so. What can improve further is about how many of those 100 million music tracks are actually of master or audiophile quality.

@jazzkatt7083:  I like music but the HiFi shows keep pushing "audio". 😅

@nexus-sk9dr:  thanks beatle man

@erwinvb70:  Digital is just the music, not the audio. You can still improve on your HiFi setup to get the most of it. I have a great Philips set with Philips MFB 567 speakers so I can enjoy everything as if it’s being played live in my living room. With digital you still need a very good DAC to get to the level of most vinyl records.

@Kwippy:  A vinyl-based system can bring great listening pleasure, at a cost. And the cost is not just the turntable, the amp, etc, what you need is a room with a floor that does not wobble even slightly, a room where you children or pets won't come running around in, and in a hot country, a room with silent air-conditioning. Without such a room, a DAC based system if a far better proposition.

@paulstubbs7678:  I disagree about "the possibilities are exhausted", Yes we have darn near perfection in delivery (ignoring the loudness wars engineers for now), the challenge is getting those digital bits, distortion and colouration free, into sound waves our ears can enjoy. So we've now gotten past poor delivery media, now we need to fix the rest.

@paulstubbs7678:  Often I find myself in the 'audio' category, as in I drive the sound system at my church, I spend much of that time trying to get the audio as good as I can, as there is always someone who has trouble understanding what was said - my church is VERY lively acoustically speaking, and our priests come from overseas, plus we have several visiting musicians with totally different audio issues, so audio issues are many, However at the end of the day, if someone asks, I often have no idea what was actually said.
That part comes much later when sitting at home watching that mass on YouTube (I can now concentrate on the word, and not the sound/audio)

@Threemicsrecords:  Although digital format is basically perfect copy of the master, there is still room to improve frequency response in a listener space. And that technology will involve greatly in time. One example would be a subwoofer with DSP that controls unwanted distortion in low end.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @Threemicsrecords: You're right. There is still a lot of work to be done with loudspeakers. DM

@adammachin:  Nice to see Quad getting a mention. I have a pair of 77 11Ls.

@pianolover5417:  Good subject!

@C90C60C30:  A pleasure to listen to you. As usual.

@trottophone:  Back in the 1970s, one of the Hi-Fi mags ran a series of interviews, called something like 'My Hi-Fi System'.
One interviewee was a well-known conductor.
As Shostakovich's fifth symphony was playing on a Garrard SP25,
the interviewer asked why the conductor didn't have a much better Hi-Fi system.
The reply was something like, "I don't really need a Hi-Fi system at all. I can be moved by the music, just by thinking about it."

@AudioMasterclass replies to @trottophone: Some people only need the source audio as a trigger to hear a whole symphony orchestra in their head. In fact they only need the score, or they don't even need that when they know a piece well. For the rest of us it's digital, vinyl, cassette etc. and we take our best pick. DM

@har234908234 replies to @trottophone: @@AudioMasterclass I'm not sure that's always a positive.I had a bit of a learning experience when I was mixing one of the first bands I recorded. A new acquaintance waved politely through the window and I invited him in to listen with some fresh ears. I thought it was going well until he asked how it sounds with the kick drum in. Later I came to the conclusion that while I was transfixed on other elements, the kick in the spill was enough because I was so familiar with the program. My brain knew where every kick belonged and didn't need to hear it.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @trottophone: @@har234908234 You'll be far from the only person ever to have experienced this. DM

@CoolJay77 replies to @trottophone: Quite a while back I had heard Itzhak Perlman over radio make a similar comment, that he can fully enjoy a classical performance over a tiny vintage transistor radio. There is far more to musical expression than just sound. Sound is just one component of the total experience.

@bobshifimods7302 replies to @trottophone: Yeah the SP25 was the budget recommended turntable, I guess occupying the spot the Rega holds now.

@EgoShredder:  I do know someone that buys for the audio only with some audiophile grade LP releases, and plays them on a suitably audiophile setup. Sure he loves good music too, but he also loves to sit back and take in the finer points of the production and engineering quality of those type of LPs. His son recently introduced him to SACD but I have not heard what he thinks of that yet, although he has no interest in standard CDs. He is in his late 70s by the way.

@bojangprodoktschns5428:  It's important to note that for the true connoisseur (definitely male) it's not only about the hifi gear (that is only the part that sometimes explodes), but about the perfect listening environment.
When acoustics enters the chat the possibilities are multiplied with impaling diffusor spikes, foam that sounds the better the worse it looks (and smells), or resonating chambers doubling the size of concert halls.
So sir, how dare you take the cork sniffing out of live classical music by generally declaring it the absolute best! You will be punished in my cubic dungeon of standing bass waves fed by a single gigantic cell phone speaker playing white noise only.

@TheGreatTomDix:  You're being too nice!

The people who don't like digital are mad that they can't gatekeeper their special little hobby from people and hold a mystical power over them acting like the autistic kid who already beat the Elite Four in Pokemon and talking to other kids about how his Special Edition Charizard is better because it's an official one and that someone who has a perfect copy is a little retard who don't understand the sophistication of playing an official licensed pieces of cardboard!

Watch them talk, they talk in magic numbers like some kid who thinks he knows about physics because he understands that fire beats water in his video game!!!

They just like holding some special little thing above you and acting like you need to get on their level and they found a little support group that helps them do such a thing in their!

Mad respect to the engineers and HiFi people of the past, but give up on vinyl it's not about enjoying music!!!!!!!!!

@6643bear:  Hi , another interesting and informative video on decks, I used to have dual 505mk2 with a sure 75ED was at the time pretty decent cartridge. Regards mark

@AudioMasterclass replies to @6643bear: You've said a couple of magic words there for people of a certain generation. May I add Pioneer PL-12D and, as another commenter noted, Garrard SP25. DM

@6643bear replies to @6643bear: @@AudioMasterclass hi , absolutely thanks fir your reply . Regards mark

@MarkW_CSI replies to @6643bear: @@AudioMasterclass Also Sansui SR222 Mk2 😀

@kevinriley4213 replies to @6643bear: ​@@AudioMasterclass hi David! I remember your cartridge was a Shure M95! Not a bad setup for a 17 year-old I thought

@daa2622:  Wierdly, yes. i only like audio. i used to like music but not as much anymore. nowadays i just use my music playlists to test my equipment. occasionally yes i do like a good song or album, but ive lost touch. i enjoy the technical things about audio more than the music now

@Celatra replies to @daa2622: @@Douglas_Blake try death metal some time

@Celatra replies to @daa2622: @Douglas Blake lol

@MichaelBeeny:  I understand and agree with your thoughts on digital audio being as good as it can get but an area that has light years to get better is loudspeakers. None sound like the real thing, some are fair, but most are dreadful.

@TheGreatTomDix replies to @MichaelBeeny: This is the next step.

Honestly the tech is easy to make good speakers, they just won't look like anything marketed to people for years!

@jeffkoontz2186:  Just found your channel - very well presented. While source material at a hi-res lossless level leaves no room for improvement over what the engineer produced, I think there's plenty of room left for the 'hi-fi lover' to find arcane and costly ways to convert that data into sound waves coming at our ears.

@djmarybaloo:  👏

@johnhawkinshawkins1284:  I used to be a great photographer with above average equipment, My studio partner had incredible equipment but wasn't a great photographer. I look at photographs, and don't care what they were taken on.....

@cliffh2103:  I rather like your sense of humor, but I attribute that to my English ancestry.
You must do a video on ‘live’ music sometime, my experience is almost all shows involve microphones, and those Mike signals are then amplified (or over amplified) through- wait for it - audio! Now which is it?

@AudioMasterclass replies to @cliffh2103: I can do that. I have a cunning plan. DM

@worthingtonmodelrailway8628:  I enjoy your videos even though sometimes the tongue-in-cheek is not always obvious. Found this one interesting enough to comment on. I can relate in "so many ways" having started in this audio journey in mid 70's and coveted friends Dad's Quad and other systems....I have a friend with a massive record collection, he plays it on the worst equipment and loves listening, I can't stand it.... the sound is atrocious. I have what I consider a reasonable audio system about $20k invested and love analog (records) I just find it easier to listen to. However when I really want to show off the system SACD is where I gravitate as the higher res audio detail shows off the system capabilities. As I have recently moved into Lossless streaming I seem to be getting pulled into the separate DAC discussions, trying to take Digital and make it less digital and more analog in sound; depth, soundstage instrument separation etc. I see the DAC world as being the next Audio area where folks will be looking for constant improvement.

@salmorreale7900:  Paul McCartney! Thank you for posting.

@moogoomoogoo5990 replies to @salmorreale7900: That’s funny. Definitely could pass as a brother.

@jayem1826 replies to @salmorreale7900: That's exactly what I thought too

@stevezeidman7224 replies to @salmorreale7900: Definitely in the cheeks, mouth, and chin.

@bennyelsensohn9299 replies to @salmorreale7900: And his voice and accent :)

@ilirllukaci5345 replies to @salmorreale7900: Coinkidink?

@kenhurstmedia:  You pretty much had me hooked as a subscriber when you mentioned that you liked classical music in particular. And had a photo with Royal Albert Hall in the background! Although I listen to a variety of genre I derive the most enjoyment listening to classical music. I have also cared about audio through the years but I have hesitated from spending more than what my budget allows, although to some people that may be what they would consider excessive and to others a paltry sum. I still have my Dual 506-1 turntable that I bought in the mid 70s (or was it early 80s?) and a Pickering XSV3000 cartridge which was highly regarded in its day - and apparently still is by many people. I like it but I’m sure I would be equally happy with some more modern cartridges.

These days it almost seems like hardly anyone who is writing about audio has any interest in classical music. Audio products are demonstrated and talked about in the context of just about every other genre of music other than classical. It definitely hasn’t always been that way. Audio products were regularly discussed in relation to their ability to recreate or reproduce classical music performances. Additionally, there is no other type of music that places the kinds of demands on an audio system that classical music does - especially symphonic/orchestral music. Although many orchestral recording utilize a variety of multi-miking techniques, recording engineers taking liberties with balance, etc. and the occasional minimalist approach to recording, all of them are attempting to recreate an actual acoustic event and to bring the listener into the acoustic space. With that in mind, the demands on the audio process are enormous compared to just about anything else. Over 100 individual musicians each playing instruments with their own unique and subtle tonal characteristics simultaneously creates a complexity unmatched by anything else that I can imagine. So, when I hear audio reviewers and critics expound on the qualities or lack of qualities of some particular audio equipment but never subject it to the demands of a full orchestra recording (although it’s likely most reviewers today rarely hear a live orchestra concert so they wouldn’t have a point of comparison anyway) I have to question their opinion.

@EgoShredder replies to @kenhurstmedia: Most modern forms of music released in the past 70 years or so, is not worthy of being released on audiophile formats, because they lack enough dynamic range or quality and depth of orchestration. Most music is cyclic, repetitive and quite frankly designed for people who have no interest in music, they just like loud sounds they can dance or shout to. Releasing that kind of music on a high quality format, is akin to eating a turd with sterling silver knives and forks made in Sheffield.

@kenhurstmedia replies to @kenhurstmedia: @@EgoShredder I’m not sure I’d agree with the part about the last 70 years - definitely the last 20 years, perhaps more. But otherwise I totally agree and think you’re spot on with that assessment. I’m getting really weary of hearing people on YouTube go on and on about the qualities or lack of qualities of a particular audio system or piece of audio equipment, and then find out that their opinion is based on playing some music by a so-called artist, that is highly processed and engineered. There’s very little actually real about it. The only people who actually hear the music being performed in real life in an actual acoustic space are sometimes only the musicians themselves. And sometimes I’m not even sure about them! Granted, there are still all acoustic recordings of smaller groups or smaller ensembles, but those recordings do not place as high a burden on the audio system as much as symphonic orchestral recordings.

@EgoShredder replies to @kenhurstmedia: @@kenhurstmedia Yes I was perhaps being a bit too harsh and over extending at 70 years. The era of extreme compression and reduced dynamic range, is maybe between the mid-1980s to the present day, and each genre differs in this regard. I suppose in many ways recording like this, is to compensate for poor consumer playback equipment, which is understandable.

@teashea1:  An excellent title. Personally I like music, audio, equipment .................There are a lot of people who do not care one whit about audio.

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Thursday April 20, 2023

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