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@kamudankemter:  I often forget to hit the like button when I like the content, but if the title or preview image has nothing to do with the content, I click dislike every time, even if I like the content.

@georgeswanson9483:  Recent subscriber here, I don't think that your videos are clickbait at all. Your channel name might be, as it should be called Audio Piss Take Masterclass, but that's no crime. Your videos are thoughtful and sometimes present subjects from a different view in a creative way that makes me think. That's good. Carry on.

@keithlevkoff8579:  I agree that this video was worthwhile...
Now, to be fair, I can't recall any of your videos that I would call clickbait (where the title didn't describe the contents).
I do agree that there seems to be a LOT of clickbait on Youtube...
Unfortunately a lot of it seems to be "more subtle" or "more surreptitious" than simply using misleading titles...
For example I see a LOT of links to videos about devices promising "free power" that are quite obviously simply phony...
Likewise, there are whole swaths of phony videos about "finding treasure" and "removing barnacles from turtles"...
(Don't ask me why but apparently clearly falsified videos of people pretending to remove barnacles from turtles are popular.)
But, sadly, from the comments, it's obvious that many or most watchers never catch on that they're being cheated.
Since most of them aren't selling a product it seems obvious that their "scam" is simply clicks and ad revenue.
(But obviously it is beyond the ability of the current algorithms to pick out these phony videos...)

I would say that Youtube does FAR better at limiting clickbait compared to various "browser default pages"...
(In some of those literally more than half of the "news items" are obvious and pointless clickbait... )

@jimhines5145:  Very thought out video. I enjoyed it. Do I consider it clickbait? Not at all. I try to catch all your videos, so the title has nothing to do with me watching it. I watch because I find you opinions and facts both very interesting. Thank you.

@MC-jv6fs:  I like your british humor and intelligence. But i would like to hear some of your music ( I mean this harp-chords e.g. , they are really fine ) ! Can i buy it , or download it ? If yes, where ??

@AudioMasterclass replies to @MC-jv6fs: I'm on all the usual streaming services. At your own risk.

@MC-jv6fs replies to @MC-jv6fs: Thanks for your answers. I dont use this technologies. Can you give me hint to find your music in the internet, eg YT ?@@AudioMasterclass

@AudioMasterclass replies to @MC-jv6fs: I'm on most of the streaming services. Search for 'David Mellor'. That's me.

@MC-jv6fs replies to @MC-jv6fs: Thx!@@AudioMasterclass

@colindeer9657:  No I wasn’t click baited here however, I do very much appreciate your detailed explanation and support for those of us who support your channel and have a genuine interest in watching you. I for one, find your content very interesting and entertaining. Entertaining ? Yes, bc you have a great sense of humour and I enjoy that.. I also have a deep love of everything audio and have done since childhood and at 67, I’m still going strong with it all but fed up with the quality of production nowadays like you. Thanks for all you do for us all. Cheers Colin 🇦🇺

@naibafabdulkobor4301:  Subscribed long time ago, liked this vid, job done. Now on to the criticism section. 😛 Guess you didn't even try to provide a definition of clickbaiting (fair enough) but that leaves some aspects uncovered, e.g.: 1. deliberate omission of context, 2. deliberate use of inappropriate sentence structure 😎. A hypothetical "free lunch" video about Swedish fermented herring still IS a clickbait if the creator is well aware that none of his audience is inclined with such kind of food. Funny, sure, but still clickbaity. Your Now and Then video falls into the 2nd category. The title should have been "'Now And Then' is the worst Beatles song ever!" (as it was a bold rant), but you would have lost any potential visitors expecting a discussion (which it wasn't). Clever, certainly, but still clickbaity. 😇

@taidee:  There are people never going to be happy no matter what you do especially on the internet, just keep doing what you do 🤣

@johnfisher3929:  Thank you. I’m pretty new with YouTube and your explanation was very helpful. Also, I like your opinions, even when I don’t. Keep up the good work.

@stevengagnon4777:  I remembered getting this notification earlier today ...didn't have time then ...13 hours later I've now watched this video twice and needed to edit an update to this comment...nice work!

@dangerzone007:  Larissa Liveir.... now that's clickbait

@AudioMasterclass replies to @dangerzone007: I've been studying internet lingo. Sometimes it's difficult to distinguish between clickbait and a thirst trap. But guitar-wise, she delivers.

@SubTroppo:  This video is clickbait "up to a point" as Waugh's editor of "The Daily Beast" said. If Artificial Intelligence cannot or (in the near-future) will not detect and correctly arbitrate subjective opinions, and the corporate power-lite is allowed to adopt it totally with obvious intrinsic glaring faults, I fear that we are all going to be in deep doo-doo.

@tr5848:  Funny guy! I'm getting addicted.

@straymusictracksfromdavoro6510:  A very intelligent video with some very clever and subtle references answering some of the criticism leveled at you in your (very) brave "Now and Then" video. Great stuff.

@shipsahoy1793:  I would’ve clicked on this video regardless of the title Dave. The YouTube concept is downright “stupid,” or at least “greedy,”
as it almost exclusively serves Google!😉 Bugger everyone else!

@billmilosz:  HAHAHA

@dangerzone007:  Abby Martin and Rodger Waters talking about the Gaza genocide. Now that's what I call clickbait. Whatever this old codger is talking about will be nowhere near as interesting.

@dangerzone007 replies to @dangerzone007: And then there's Crinacle talking about the IE 200. Clickbait is everywhere man.

@EgoShredder:  When the Alphabet people took over YouTube some years ago, not long after it became a place for the business minded to conduct business. The days when YouTube was like the early days of the internet in the 1990s, with a homebrew DIY approach to sharing content are long gone. I'm not against that but it is a shame that we have to put up with those endless videos, from channels (present one excluded from this of course) scamming people with promises of making hundreds of thousands of dollars / pounds per year etc.

@richardgrumbine4867:  BTW… there is another Youtuber… whose titles often sounded clickbaity to me.. .and I avoided clicking on them because I figured he was a right wing nut job just looking for clicks… but curiosity got the better of me eventually and I like to see what the other side is saying form time to time… so I clicked… and it turns out his titles are designed to attract right wingers… but his information is very objective/science rooted… and often contradict what was perhaps inferred by many who read them… was that clickbait? I am not sure… but I have now watched many of his videos… and of course many of yours…

@EgoShredder replies to @richardgrumbine4867: Nearly all of those right wing YT channels are run by fake FBI/MI6 agents/operatives, working for people of a certain notorious international group, which I can not mention here due to who owns YouTube and most media organisations. There is a danger of falling into traps laid by those who profit from your participation. Calling people "right wing nut jobs" is one such trap, and there are other weaponised slogans ready made to throw around, to further misrepresent those with a different voice and opinion to our own. Personally I am a free speech advocate and the reason is that open discussion leads to more honest and truthful outcomes. Silencing people because you do not agree with them, is just censorship to shut down discussion and the free flow of ideas. There are moves being made to make it illegal to have opinions, that are incompatible with or reveal whom the establishment are to average joe public. Once everything goes fully digital its game over for freedom of any kind. We've had pseudo freedom up until this point, but even that was better than no freedom at all, just a debt slave usury existence.

@richardgrumbine4867:  Thank you for your always entertaining videos… now about that free lunch…

@ACAustralia50:  I am hooked 🤪

@user-ux5go7gv6d:  Public Service is what you get from this video! Your wit and humour should be rewarded by the algorithm, even if you used clickbaiting techniques (that you do not use, at all). And with all that said "Now & Then" continues to be a crappy song not worthy of being claimed has a proper Beatles song and probably the worst "The Beatles song" ever!!!

@fisherman9435:  I clicked because I wanted to see the Koi attack your head. 🐠

@AudioMasterclass replies to @fisherman9435: Perhaps it will when my animation skills improve.

@fisherman9435 replies to @fisherman9435: @@AudioMasterclass Do that and YT will make sure no one sees it. Keep doing what you're doing. 👍

@NeuroPete:  This video was worth the watch. Not clickbait, despite the title. I agree with your characterization that clickbait involves an element of deception, but I would add that it involves a failure to provide value. I started watching your videos a few weeks ago. Some of the titles are misleading and sensationalistic, obviously intended to evoke controversy and provoke clicks, but I did not feel that you were being dishonest. Your opinions are well-considered and logically presented. Your knowledge about audio technology is highly valuable. Thanks. Keep it up.

@user-zx8nj8co7u:  The content rather than the bait has landed a new subscriber . . . 👍

@andymouse:  All praise be the Algorithm.

@mobilgin:  😂😂You just have to love intro....😅 the video..

@huubvandoremalen:  About a good titel for a YouTube video. I also have a youtube channel (under a different name) but not as populair as yours and I am not making any money with it. It is just for fun. I have thought about what you say about a titel. I guess it should really have to do everything with the content, but not give away the whole thing, so people like to hear something new interesting by watching the video.

@CaptainJack2048:  Aw, and here I was really hoping for a pointless video containing senseless self promotion and pitches for dubious products disguised as a review. You have lured me into learning something once again, despite my best efforts at defense. Well played, sir. 😀

@huubvandoremalen:  If I do understand what you are saying, this video should be click bait if it did not deliver what I would expect. I wanted to hear your opinion about click bait. You gave it. And therefor, as you say, this video is not click bait , but it is called click bait anyway ...... pffff it drives me crazy (no, just kidding) but as some allready sad, it is a paradox.

@Amplified208:  Lol, I agree on click bait videos. I have watched many videos in the past that absolutely had nothing to do with even the title. Well said, keep up the rants 😆

@PapaNicksMusic:  I noticed the click bait accusations in your Now and Then review comments and thought that, for those few commenters, “click bait” seemed to mean “video that didn’t tell me right up front that it was going to say something I vehemently disagree with,” as if that were a legitimate possibility. That you are able to explain why those few people were wrong without actually calling anyone a goofball shows a deft hand. Nicely done!

@dwsel:  You can get free lunch if you agree for it if someone invites you for one. During studies we were often having lunch with a group of friends. One of them was legit broke student so we would gather some money to buy another meal for him or if he hesitated to accept it we bought a double or triple size dinner and we shared a plate. That guy had a big brain energy and was helping whole our team by explaining difficult subjects and assignments. Good old times 😄

@dwsel:  I enjoyed this one. It was curious for me what orange fish has to do with audio techniques 🤔🔉🐠

@richyfoster7694 replies to @dwsel: A singing Bass.

@jondu-sud274 replies to @dwsel: You put the fish in your ear and it will translate all earthbound and alien language into English.....thankyou Douglas Adams......however this fish looks far too big, must be an early prototype

@christopherkent6512:  Curiosity satisfied 🤔😊

@eDrumsInANutshell:  Yeah. This guy is awesome. And I learned: Do not try swedish fermented herring!
No, you will have bad comments from swedish guys. 😂😂😂

@johnfisher3929 replies to @eDrumsInANutshell: I am more Swedish than anything else (1/4) and I still remember Grandpa John trying to get me to eat pickled herring. Ugh!!!! And stay away from lutefisk, too. Double Ugh.

@eDrumsInANutshell replies to @eDrumsInANutshell: @@johnfisher3929 Oh, pickled herring is nice, in a small bread with onions, you know with vinegar and some spices. I am from the northern part of Germany and you know, when we are visiting the North Sea we are eating "Fischbrötchen".
But fermented... For me that means the same like ... rotten.

@johnfisher3929 replies to @eDrumsInANutshell: @@eDrumsInANutshell Oops. I didn’t realize “pickled” and “fermented” were different. I can’t imagine how bad “fermented” must be.

@natnanatna100:  HA HA HA... You got me... De-subscribing... 😉

@s_r_v:  Trouble is your subscribers may get ticked off with click bait antics...

I've found that new channels are good for a while, but content creation is hard and and the harder it gets for creator the more tempted they are to 'click bait'.

What's worse is the creators start getting upset about negative comments and start saying I'm trying to make a living out of this, then it's time for me to unsubscribe...

Scotty Kilmer though click baits all the time but that's his style and it's sort of entertaining and all the car info is very consistent.

Conversely cheapaudioman was really good at first and the content sometimes is still good but making extreme claims about Chinese class D amps feels a bit like click baiting

I have enjoyed your audiophile stuff, most entertaining, keep it up 😄

£1000 a month for just a few videos sounds amazing 😉

@maidsandmuses:  This video is a paradox...

@ac81017:  Thanks for wasting my time. I always find your videos educational and entertaining . Keep up the good work.

@jeffchristian6798:  Very cool title. You got me but I still learned something new.

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Thursday January 4, 2024

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