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@keithstafford1331:  Keyboard cowards who would never say this stuff to your face. I appreciate your videos, sense of humor and content. Keep it up

@Station2066:  Well, I enjoy quality. This is why I watch your channel. I bet the people making vile comments wouldn’t say it to your face. Shame on them.

@marklloyd4153:  I have a goal to attain to now and won’t rest til I can ascend to this level . One day . One day . I hope you have kids LMFAO😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣❤

@ericbain507:  😂

@TrevorDodd-ev1sx:  I like your reasoned approach and in depth knowledge on all things audio.
I learn some thing new every day I watch one of your new and today I learned that we have some very disturbed people walking amongst.

@gwine9087:  Some people need to grow up.

@timh6510:  Those are some insightful people who are so insightful that they don't realize they have the option to not watch if they don't like a video or channel. But I guess they have a feeling of self importance, so they must comment (kind of like me I guess).

But I do enjoy your videos.

@georgeswanson9483:  The comments weren't really vile, they were just pointless. Hey ho.

@fins59:  I think those sus comments come from sad psycho's who cannot interact in normal society so they get their jollies from fishing for reactions to their drivel online.
Ps You do live in Oxfordshire so I do have some reservations about your integrity, if you had said Hertfordshire then I would know that you are truly one of the chosen few 🙂

@AudioMasterclass replies to @fins59: I"m close to the Bucks border. Will that help me?

@fins59 replies to @fins59: @@AudioMasterclass Sorry, that just make things worse, suggest you move to Harpenden asap.

@robertdowell9493:  I shouldn’t have to do this, but in a sea of uninformed commentary from what my former lecturer in professional broadcast audio, Ian Wemyss, called “the punters”, I will qualify my contribution by stating that I trained in sound engineering with the BBC in the mid-1980s. One of my colleagues at the time went on to become the Head of Technology for the BBC. We enjoyed many a long conversation in TV Centre, or Maida Vale chuckling about domestic audio snobs. I have been a practitioner in professional audio as a side business since then, although my main career has been in another field.

These are the things I find grossly offensive:

1. The egregious nonsense that pours forth in a tidal wave of pseudoscience and hucksterism from the “audiophile” community. The vicious invective and cries of “Heresy!”, from this direction if anyone dares to suggest that they’ve been made to look like fools/are making fools of other people are often outrageous.

2. The childish chauvinism and one-upmanship exhibited by this cohort towards people who can’t afford to spend £1,000 on a 1m phono cable. Quite pathetic.

3. The parties and social events down the years that have been ruined for me by “audiophiles” who, having discovered my own sound credentials, have gone on to bore me to death about the domestic garbage systems they’ve spent £150,000 on. I’m not interested. As one of your videos rightly said, most modern recordings are bad and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Keep up the good work. If you hadn’t created this series, I might well have! The democratisation of high quality audio and its removal from the preserve of middle-aged - and often eccentric - men with more money than sense is long overdue. Like you, I can see all sides of the argument, and my response when people ask me what system they should buy is always the same: buy the one you like the sound of best without spending more than you can afford - whatever that turns out to be. There’s no wrong answer.

I long for the day when “audiophiles” realise the gig is up, find something else to turn into a bore-fest and leave sound reproduction alone.

@PaulHaussler-bs1qi:  Ran into this video this morning... I had to wonder who is this guy? I sincerely appreciate the sense of humor. I also appreciate that you can have multiple perspectives. I do. It drives my wife and associates crazy sometimes. Let's look at it this way. On the other hand...

Excellent background! Please keep up the great work!

Paul H.
Huntington Beach, CA USA

@colindeer9657:  I would class myself as an intelligent person of scientific background and I deeply appreciate your knowledge in audio engineering and music.
I would also point out how truly refreshing it is when I find myself as if I were in conversation with you , ( watching one of your videos)
in a bright intelligent and witty manner.

I find this experience extremely satisfying and very joyful apart from it also being an ongoing educational experience for me . I’m sure you’ve found these people before where nothing will please them. They do not matter. I am very happy to have seen your channel to subscribe to. Cheers Colin.

@Book_Mark:  Away, you cut-purse rascal! you filthy bung, away! By this wine, you play the saucy cuttle with me. Away, you bottle-ale rascal! you basket-hilt stale juggler, you! Henry IV (2.4) So there... ;-)

@RUBBER_BULLET:  If those are the worst then you should probably count yourself lucky.

@media1fire185:  Its the audiophiles that spent £1k on cable and hate it when you say a £20 cable is just as good, same with dacs its all snake oil, i bought the shanling m7 and thought it sounded garbage, it cost over £1k and the ancient fiio A3 amp produced better sound quality 😂

@Level42Man:  Keep on doing what you're doing buddy, I'm sure you have many more lovers than haters....You're intelligence will always win over....Greetings from Bermondsey 👍🏻

@ronb3914:  Hey, if these are the vilest comments you've had, you're doing pretty well. Compares to some of the hatred I've read out there... :)

@deepredson:  Yeah, so you're a chap! A jolly good fellow, so take that!
AND.. love your brilliant diatribes too. So there!

@marcusorme261:  Awesome channel, keep up the good work!

@guitarszen:  You must be a noob or something to not know that you never make these kinds of videos. Go check all the very successful channels. They never do this because they know it can be channel suicide. seems you want to learn the hard way when you can easily find this out with a little research. Never critique the audience, no matter what.

@guitarszen:  Silly person, the one thing you never do if you want to make your channel grow is critique commenters, take it personally, make a video about it. no big successful channel ever does that because they know it can backfire and it can cause the streisand effect. The smartest thing you should do is remove this video and never mention the comments again.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @guitarszen: Haha you're funny, and on my list for my next comments video.

@VladimirCheTV:  Don't answer them, haters gonna hate :)

@markphilpot8734:  Just because I may not agree with your analogy, there’s no need to attack you verbally or elsewise. Opinions vary. We can all agree to disagree without the fanfare or the drama. This is for entertainment purposes anyhow. It isn’t the end of the world or even close. Too many get offended over too little. They need to get over themselves. Keep making videos. If they want attention, they can just leave and make their own. How sad.

@scottlowell493:  There is a commonality. The hateful comments are from individuals that have created zero content, and are of no value to anyone. Proud members of the INCEL community to be sure. The irrational anger is proof that they are not sexually active.

@aleisterejazi5386:  Sorry to hear all you have to put up with. Your videos are all very interesting. I just wish I could understand them more.

@EricB256:  Ah, why don't these people just shove off and mutter their meaningless expletive there?

@1sostatic:  When their comment becomes personal - especially against someone they do not personally know - they have run out of reasoning and ideas....or perhaps didnt have any in the first place.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @1sostatic: True.

@chrissimmonds4383:  Your channel is unique, factual info delivered in your whimsical manner and highly informative. I enjoy your videos very much, carry on regardless of the few insults from the ignorant.

@tree-of-lies537:  Im sorry that trolls even exist. Im not sure whats the reason for them. Watching your computer music whats the point video. Are you saying that music obtained from a computer is not worthwhile? Say using a Mac for Spotify playback or is it just for recording you are intending? Ps with 49000 subs you really dont need to worry hahahaha

@roccobruno8027:  With anonymity comes viciousness.

@molecularaudiocanada:  Audio Masterclass is top notch logic. Thank you

@ronboff3461:  i just discovered you! thank you for existing! 70 and have been a professional photographer my whole life and agree with you about everything that you have touched far!👌

@SergioGermanStinco:  Your channel is superbe. I am an engineer from the 50's and repaired and saw many audio equipments. I love to learn even now. Cheers from Patagonia Argentina

@timf-tinkering:  Something that genuinely puzzles me is why people watch a video, and then click the “Dislike” button. Why are they watching content that they don’t like? I would say probably more than 99% of the content on YouTube I don’t like, but I just… don’t watch that content.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @timf-tinkering: I can attempt to answer that question but no-one outside of Google really knows how the YouTube algorithm works. My thought is though that the dislike button isn't there to upset the YouTuber, it's there so that if you click it you don't receive so many suggestions for that channel, or similar channels. So like and dislike are not there for complimenting or disapproving, they are there to improve the recommendations YouTube sends you. That's what I think anyway.

@peraspera999:  i am not anymore a fan of the "Vinyl Hype" but i do not agree with the vid. that all CDs are bad mastered, after 1995 ....

@Douglas_Blake_579 replies to @peraspera999: Do a search for the "Dynamic Range Database" ... yeah a huge number of songs and albums were badly mastered and remastered starting about 1995.

@MikeK6046:  these days almost everyone hates something and love to express it (happiness could fall and wiggle on them, but they'd complain that the wiggle was either too fast or too slow)

@matthewtrow5698:  🤔You made a video about the comments you've received. I'll leave it there ...

@adotopp1865:  I think you're lovely and I enjoy your videos. You are not an angry old bastard or any of those vile things. Love Mandy

@AudioMasterclass replies to @adotopp1865: I am old though.

@fernandofonseca3354:  Hi David. Never mind the... bollards?... ballots?... billiards?... Anyway, I would love to hear your comments on SACDs. Any chance of an SACD revival wrong on so many levels sometime soon? Cheers!

@AudioMasterclass replies to @fernandofonseca3354: Sadly I've never owned an SACD player but I might at some point in the future collect opinions and comment on them.

@ronfrancois:  It's just not worth it for less than 6k views. Polarising titles and opinions will get this response. Suck it up.

@gerardbooth40:  I love your balanced, reasoned and entertaining insights into the world of audio. The deeply damaged individuals that require some kind of affirmation by taking a pop at you, as you say, only clearly succeed in exposing their own failings. Keep doing what you're doing and thanks for the content.

@johnthornton3863:  You are the first expert who has discussed the implications of recording volume levels. If I understand you correctly tracking limitations of records requiring moderated volume may be an explanation for those who favor vinyl sound.

@jakobole:  Bucker off! :)

@tezzo55:  "Comments - some of the most vicious, nasty, ugly vile comments I've ever received!" Hmm! Well, aren't you glad that someone cares? I certainly don't.

@hifipigTv:  Like you say, they mean nothing! Great vids and you're one of the only ones on audio I have bothered watching.

@chriskemp466:  stopped watching as second lot of ads came, there is literally no content worth our time in this video. Well done for monetising nothing

@mk1st:  If anything is “dry” it’s your sense of humor. Keep it up👍

@ChadwickJames:  Why the fuck did YouTube put this whining ass in my recommended section?

@fredericktennant9151:  Half the problem is that people do not or choose not to use their real name on line as it gives them some armour. I am old enough to remember the days of pub fights that started when one person said something to offend another but face to face thus yet another pub fight. Today you can type whatever you like safe in the knowledge that their broken nose will not get broken again lol the other half is some people are just twats!, sorry not very nice lol

@paulfriedman4767:  I appreciate your humour and find you informative and entertaining. Sadly the internet is full of sad angry people. What to do?

@danielstartek9729:  You need a haircut not a comment you old fart!

@dimitrioskalfakis:  needless to say but you should only care about comments related either to the content or the manner of your presentation in the interest of constructive criticism or arguments against to ponder upon. personal unjustified attacks are irrelevant and should be left either unspoken or forgotten. keep up the good work.

@maneamarius8389:  A rare specialist in audio domain.Congratulation for your diplomacy.

@ianmelven7365:  Looks like some people drank a grip of Haterade. Respect to you for keeping on keeping on, have learned a lot from you and appreciate your style, delivery, skills, knowledge, experience. Shake them haters off, they hate us cuz they ain't us.

@avasolaris1:  Some people have just too much time on their hands. Meanwhile, Africa, Gaza, Ukraine, Yemen, ......

@taylorsimonr:  "I make too much money from this" 😂. I love it. Superb quip in response to, shall we loosely call it, critical comment!

@glennlove461:  Don't we all risk trolling when we comment
Oh, A dry ass is actually a good ass - just say'n

@rotaks1:  Don’t waste time and neural energy on negative commentary. You and your channel are spectacular!❤

@robtremble2277:  modern music is so bad because of class d amplifiers for anything above 80hz

@themaccasboy:  Keep up the good work

@JKadison:  Love "rants" like this that show the intelligence or lack there of regarding public opinion. As they say, you can't fix stupid! I'll keep watching your insightful videos and keep learning.

@lenimbery7038:  At least you only debunk bad audiophile concepts on your channel. You should see some of the comments Scimandan gets on his flat earth debunking channel!

@iainbowman8979:  I enjoyed the video but you will be encouraging more trolls to comment hoping they are called out, which makes me think you like trolling your trolls.
Is that green screen hiding a bridge?

@R0yB477y:  Dude, don't let the Gen Z trolls get under your skin. They have two modes: fake complements OR troll. There's no in between. With this understanding, you'll go far.

@jonthurston8275:  If you're watching this (whilst drinking vintage wine) you must be an oenophile!

@IAdryan:  hehehe, you're funny 😄

@AudioMasterclass replies to @IAdryan: I try.

@robertsills2506:  If you don’t like it don’t watch

@robertsills2506:  We have the right to give opinions but respectfully without reducing to unnecessary expletives thus opening a constructive 2 way argument where perhaps both can learn from each others point of view

@Joss0051:  I have always been impressed by how polite and friendly you are... thanks for all the insightful videos, most people really enjoy them. All the Best, Joseph

@moogoomoogoo5990:  I like the glasses

@dillweed8591:  I'd say that you do troll sometimes. I remember you saying in one of your videos how audiophilia differs from pro audio because "in pro audio, a defect is something you can hear." Gave me a good laugh, and is one of the reasons I subscribed.

@taidee:  I don't know why a guy who thinks you're a troll would also hope you have kids.

@robh9079:  👍Though couldn't quite catch some of those words - perhaps I'm not an audiophile!

@straymusictracksfromdavoro6510:  I hope this reply doesn’t itself get swamped by negative comments but here goes. Dear, oh dear, what to say? Except that these comments from these people are an example of the malaise that is running rampant in the world in which we now live – far too many people are taking far too many things far too seriously and want to make sure everybody else knows about it. If they don’t agree so what? No need for them to make their frustrations known as deep down you probably shouldn't care and I hope you don't, but given the ease of the crazy social media environment we live in, some people have just got to have a go, because it’s very important to them that they express their disagreement and maybe even anger, and as well, let’s be honest, sadly, their dislike of you and the way you present the channel. The “dry ass/arse mouth” comment probably refers to your somewhat droll, almost self-depreciating and “let’s not get too self-obsessed about some of these things” delivery style, which I find very entertaining, but that’s just me, each to their own. Some people, like the person who made that comment might think you’re being a bit of a smart ass/arse, but hey, if they don’t like it, they probably don't get it and shouldn't tune in. Lastly, let’s relax, put some music on our mediocre, good or maybe even extraordinary audio systems and enjoy the flow and let’s not forget that, while the audio should present the music as beautifully as possible, it can never be more important than the music itself because without the music the gear doesn’t matter.

@poofygoof:  I wonder if the "dry a** mouth" comment was referring to what is referred to in the states as a "deadpan" or "dry" delivery. You have the ability to present arguments in a completely serious way and it's difficult to tell for some viewers if you are taking the piss or actually being serious. It apparently breaks some people's minds that both possibilities can exist simultaneously.

@sosimplyinhere replies to @poofygoof: “...-@ss” is a modifier, typically used to intensify an adjective. Might be copy-edited with a deletion, then pre-pending “quite,’ or “very.”

“Mouth” in this context might be copy-edited to “sensibility,” “position,” “perspective,’ or “sense of humor.”

I bet the admirer wanted to share appreciation for very understated delight, which shines through these things.

For a good time, watch the performance video of “Whole Lotta Love” with the subtitles on screen.

Context, indeed.

The best way to be deaf is to opportunistically hear other things.

Love these incredibly watchable videos!

@antonio.x22:  "CDs under rate"
really I don't believe that. Compare the popularity, sales and still today availables, and MiniDisc or 8 Track... even Vinyl Disc, CDs are in the top (by now), while other media is arriving very fast!

@roygardnerra450:  I really enjoy your delivery style and common sense approach to discussing audio topics that is always entertaining and educational. You totally nailed this off-topic comments video. I am always amazed at the time and effort some keyboard warriers seem to put into making vacuous comments. I guess it is a case of different strokes for different folks, but I tend to lean towards one of mums old sayings..... If you cant say anyhting nice about someone, then dont say anaythign at all!

@antonio.x22 replies to @roygardnerra450: that's a problem now.
you can say something with respect and direct in the topic: being against the opinion of someone, it isn't right, it isn't nice
and other interesting fenómeno: you can give to someone with respect and bases an opinion against, and saying how wrong is the topic: and you will be the evil,
if the youtuber or David M. says the same comment against to yours, then the comment or opinion is well received and thankful ! internet is a bad toxic veberage for some people

@CaptainJack2048:  Adding some visibility into the odd, atrocious, and downright strange weirdness that we in America have inflicted on the English language, there are one or more regional vernaculars where the extension -ass is added to a word to add emphasis or in place of using "very" as a modifier, with a pejorative connotation. I'm not clear on the etymology, but I expect that the addition of a mild oath is intended to draw the listener's attention to the prominence of the term in the sentence and to indicate that there is present an unhealthy amount of whatever is being so described. The modifier has no specific meaning or context in the sentence otherwise, being a kind of interjection, and could either derive from its use to describe an unpleasant person (a person who has the social grace of a donkey) or as a reference to the hind part of the body (where it has the same meaning as arse). Please disregard this as overly pedantic if you already knew that, of course. 🙂 I enjoyed this and would like to hear more from these folks from the other side of the intellectual divide if you feel like sharing again in the future.

@TheSpoonwood:  Dig those glass frames...

@Seiskid:  You totally are a troll somedays and that's what we love🙂 Light hearted, fun, and some brilliant factual insights along the way. I've learnt solid technical things from this channel and I really appreciate it.

@gregorydillon9167:  I have learned quite a bit from you, that's the highest compliment i think a person can give.
Shoot, I forgot to leave a mean comment I can try harder next time.

@mikecampbell5856:  In our hobby there is something for everybody. Audio tastes are so subjective. How can somebody be so angry? As an American from the midwest I always enjoy the way you folks talk. LOL I'm a 66 year old that doesn't like vinyl, sue me!

@SPINNINGMYWHEELS777:  SO funny !!!! you MUST be so offended!!!! HOW ARE YOU GOING TO SLEEP AT NIGHT???? 😅

@albiepalbie5040:  Thankyou for your charm and wit taking your time dealing with the other side of the channel

@rabit818:  Someone commented on my grammar? Funny thing his “correction” is wrong.
Bottom line, we appreciate the topics and production of your videos.

@Pootycat8359:  It's not just modern music. I have many CDs, of both modern & older music, which I never listen to, because their distortion grates in my ears. It's almost ALWAYS the vocals, and is probably due to over-driving the mike amps. A voice should sound natural, as if the singer were standing before you, singing in a normal voice.

@Pootycat8359:  In the 1970s, I saw a "made for TV movie" rendition of Tolkien's "The Hobbit." Three trolls had captured the hobbit, and one was dangling it by its leg, asking, "What is it?" A second troll says, "Let's cook it, and find out!" Then the third troll says, "I likes mine RAW!"

@Pootycat8359:  1:10 Hah! That brings to mind a HUMOROUS comment I've made, at times!
A "necrophile" is someone sexually attracted to the dead.
A "pedophile" is someone sexually attracted to children.
A "coprophile" is someone sexually attracted to excrement.
An "audiophile" is someone.... :)

@eaches:  Counterpoint : You seem like a genuinely pleasant and knowledgeable gentleman and I enjoy your content.

@geoff37s38:  The best way to deal with insulting people is to completely ignore them. There is nothing more irritating than being totally ignored.

@marklydon435 replies to @geoff37s38: Blocked.

@tan143danh:  i think these comments that you mentioned lack intellectual intelligence , the insults have no depth and are childish and can be easily contradicted , if you want to properly insulted please reply to the comment

@enriquekahn9405:  The "masculinist" guy had me laughing.

@andrewbolam4346:  A long time ago I purchased one of your early courses as there was little out there for the 'bedroom' studio which is where I was at, trying to figure out things like eq and compression on my own... I have to say the course trained me to have discipline in terms of trying to get the best recording as possible in the environment that I had available. Yes it was a little bit stiff in terms of delivery but I genuinely thought it was the only thing that was helping me improve, most other courses at the time were very much dance music focused and weren't paying attention to undertstanding audio and acoustics - you my friend were one of the first people to actually address the need to do work to the best standard possible. Not sure what provokes people to troll so badly, something so well intended. Everyone has different taste in music so insulting someone for liking a certain song or being critical about production methods etc is always going to divide opinion. I dunno, if I don't like a channel I just don't watch it, and that's that. For gods sake why people can't accept other people's views and yeah disagree with them but at least provide a good reason why and strike up a thoughtful debate without resorting to insults.

@davebops2478:  I like your channel, and I presume so do 49K others. Please keep up the good work.

@j.t.cooper2963:  Some of these audiophile types cant stand it when they hear the truth and cant deal with it. I say to hell with them and let wallow in their miserable existence they call a life.

@joelcarson4602:  Uooh! Uooh! I got nasty comment! What if Austria was chocolate and melted on the Rhineland. That'd be pretty nasty I bet!

@writenamehere0000:  Hahahahah

@polarbear3427:  those kitty comments kiss me off.

@verdedoodleduck:  If given the opportunity I would buy you a beverage any day you had time to chat - you pick the subjects. Your videos always have insightful and humorous takes - invariably something to smile about. Of course the comment about women is stupid but I'm sure that was the intent. Thank you!

@rogerking7258:  I am so disappointed not to have made it onto this list. So here's my attempt to get a mention next time - "You're a f*cki*g w*nker and a miserable t*sser of an old git" (a bit like me really) even if you do produce some thought provoking and interesting vids. Will that do? On a positive note, I have finally found out what a moke is (presumably as in Mini Moke) which has made my day.

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Thursday January 4, 2024

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