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@idtubenod:  Sound very much from the land of the giant panda.

@thomasalexand:  I recognise the song in your test. This 'birdie' themed song was early Pink Floyd. I loved it. They didn't. They decided to go off in a completey different direction. I often wonder what happened to them.

@attilio7:  Very annoying unboxing music(noise)

@artysanmobile:  The unbox soundtrack was a real test, one I nearly failed.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @artysanmobile: The next one will probably have a greater degree of difficulty.

@artysanmobile replies to @artysanmobile: @@AudioMasterclass Thanks for the heads up.

@1974UTuber:  What was with that God awful unboxing music?
I would rather hear you talk about the amp as you unbox it. That music was unlistenable

@thomasalexand replies to @1974UTuber: John Darko, the audiophile reviewer, will be upset. That music (electronic) is his bag.

@wmrg1057:  What was with the blinking indicator light?

@weltregierung2486:  Me too

@word2RG:  👍 for being a lefty, 👎for musical itinerary

@pablohrrg8677:  May be not suited for audiophiles, but it's a good option for enthusiasts on a budget

@Simplyveej:  Horrendous background music during the unboxing. Silence would have been infinitely better.

@mypetdrgn:  Is that the new “saw” movie theme song “ I SAW the bird and the bird SAW me!”

@ac81017:  Merry Christmas David.

@tc-vo5ux:  The unit I received did not function properly. I have contacted the company twice, with no positive outcome. Now they want me to send them a video of the unit in use. I just considered this a bad experience and pushed the unit to side.

@pablohrrg8677 replies to @tc-vo5ux: Just send them a video of the unit not working!

@bossunimportantstuff:  The standout feature of this amp is the programmable DSP. You can adjust the EQ, harmonic excitation and sound stage etc. with the ACP workbench tool. When configured correctly the amp can sound amazing. My Android TV connects to the USB C DAC input via the USB A port on the TV. This offers the best sound output from the MV silicon DAC chip in the B50 SE as the sample rate is 48 KHz on both ends. There ACP tool can be used to adjust the gain for the various inputs. In my experience, the order of sound quality from the B50 SE is DAC, followed by Bluetooth, Optical and then Analog. Analog input quality takes a hit as there is A to D followed by D to A. Separate DSP settings can be assigned to the 6 x IR remote buttons. You can learn loads by experimenting with the DSP in this AMP.

@RoccoXYZ1:  The intro music or better, noise is intolerable. Ty pical of so called audiophiles who really never listen to music.?

@timh6510:  You have good vocals.

@rotaks1:  Entertaining and educative! Loved the episode. Would love an episode on subs! Thanks for the episode. ❤

@dougg1075:  I don’t think I’ve ever had a “ house guest” even notice my system, and I have a tube amp that is pretty noticeable. Goes for my wife also:)

@timh6510 replies to @dougg1075: And I don't know any other audiophiles. It's a lonely hobby. Ha ha.

@casperghst42:  Powerbricks are evil, I'd rather have a box (amp) which slightly larger which then have a build in powersupply. The lack of s/pdif is just silly.

@DWHarper62:  David, get a junkmail address to set up the crap... I've got an old AOL email that has 193,000 unread messages dating back to 2006. The companies can pass that baby around all they want... Also, you do realize that you are being tracked every second of your life by location and sound already, so giving out an email address is the least of your worries...

@AudioMasterclass replies to @DWHarper62: Look. I'm extremely old. How am I supposed to know how to set up an email address?

@DWHarper62:  It's good to know that the reviewer got the same shoddy packaging that everyone else will get... Show's their honest...

@AudioMasterclass replies to @DWHarper62: Tricky to know. Sometimes I get what looks like either a pre-production sample, or something that some other reviewer has messed with. Call me weird but it's removing shrink wrap that bothers me most in the unboxing. Can only do it once so got to get it right.

@rogerturner5504 replies to @DWHarper62: Shows they're honest.

@DWHarper62:  Does your TV not have an optical output? Every one in the states does...

@AudioMasterclass replies to @DWHarper62: So I crept round the back with my torch and extra-strong reading glasses and, glory be, it does! I shall use it for my review of audiophile-grade optical cables.

@willvalintine4995 replies to @DWHarper62: ​@@AudioMasterclassmake sure they have gold plated terminators 🤪

@DWHarper62:  Is the "beauty shot" ironic?...

@IAdryan:  If you want to demonstrate some speakers/amplifier, i think a good way to do so is to speak near speaker position and record how you sound. We know human voice and we get a feel of surroundings then when we hear the speakers in the same position we can deduce how they actually sound.

@garycrant4511:  I like the foam packaging in these Chinese boxes. That's another incentive for buying these Amps. Foam always comes in handy for bodging solutions to niggling little problems on my guitar pedal board.

@brikaf6001:  WOW, nothing but quality there

@donclingan3925:  I have had an ear worm all eve "I saw the bird and the bird saw me" lol can't get rid

@donclingan3925:  Who writes your unboxing music?

@AudioMasterclass replies to @donclingan3925: I do. It's all my fault.

@donclingan3925 replies to @donclingan3925: @@AudioMasterclass Well i misjudged you. You obviously are like me genre blind i try not to listen with preconeptions and if its good its good. You are very self critical mind u in always putting my stuff down lol

@robertwestinghouse4098:  Alway enjoy your sense of humour.

@curtiscroulet8715:  Spotted Towhee is a bird native to western North America. They are common in my area of California.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @curtiscroulet8715: Did I pronounce it right?

@curtiscroulet8715 replies to @curtiscroulet8715: Yes! Excellent!@@AudioMasterclass

@techcafe0:  it's got a rotary encoder volume control, blech

@crazyprayingmantis5596:  That sound demo music was next level

@SubTroppo:  Audio demonstrations are as useful as a chocolate teapot. (...and your song gets the bird).

@AudioMasterclass replies to @SubTroppo: The song is about mutual admiration. Or otherwise.

@reptilespantoso:  SD cards are prone to failure plugging them in and out a lot. So, (because I also produce video professionally) I use them to record, then transfer to a computer, then wipe completely.
If you don't, you'll get misreads eventually. And your hard work will be gone. The reader also needs to be treated with care. Any gunk, dirt and it falters.
Third problem is: The SD cards, depending on how fast these are, are very expensive. While you can plug ANY drive into an USB slot. A gen 4 SSD with a thunderbolt 4/USB C on the business end? No problem.
The USB port is much more suited for regular plugging it in. It's designed for that. On a job, the main thing is that it works, and keeps working. SD cards are fine for cameras, because of space requirements. But some pro cameras (Panasonic) are offering USB ports as well. So much for the fashion statement in the video. ;-)

@johnbravo7542:  All I can say is thank goodness my interest in HiFi 10 years ago,and not finding a decent tech near by me, lead me down the path of learning to build my own amplifiers,pre-amps and speakers and cables.😊

@Tonehenge:  The B&W DM100.... One of the most underrated budget bookshelves in British manufacturing history....

@maidsandmuses:  The generic power brick is a turn-off for me. So is the presence of a reset button, which (rightly or wrongly) indicates software bugs/issues to me.

@stemroach139:  I fired the review off due to fekking annoying racket

@DPSingh-px4xu:  Why I would watch you "unbox" is a curious pursuit I can't control...or maybe its your wonderful soothing can't be humans watching another open a box....something is going on here I can't see......haa

@Douglas_Blake_579 replies to @DPSingh-px4xu: David is having a bit of a poke at the idiots doing "unboxing" videos.

@aldskanser7880:  I simply love your style, keep doing this!👍🏻

@fernandofonseca3354:  Is that some skiffle version of "I fought the law and the law won"? 😁 Always a pleasure David, and never a chore! 😊

@fernandofonseca3354:  I'm left wondering about the quality of the connectors... Something tells me not to (ab)use them too much...

@charlespablo1414 replies to @fernandofonseca3354: The speaker connectors might be magnetic. Most of these cheap Chinese amplifiers have this problem.

@Douglas_Blake_579 replies to @fernandofonseca3354: @@charlespablo1414
Why is that a problem?

@Douglas_Blake_579 replies to @fernandofonseca3354: @@charlespablo1414
Hate to burst yer bubble there but any conductive material can act as an inductor if you make a coil from it Binding posts are not coils

The actual inductance of a barrel connector or binding post is so totally trivial (in picohenries) as to be considered zero.

@charlespablo1414 replies to @fernandofonseca3354: @@Douglas_Blake_579 Its ok if you prefer that kind of connector in the signal path and you can't hear the difference. They are not that bad compared to the iron connectors.

@Douglas_Blake_579 replies to @fernandofonseca3354: @@charlespablo1414
There's no difference to hear.

@Synthematix:  I dont know why manufacturers dont start making amplifiers with 3 outputs for 3 way speakers, makes sense to me, as a properly designed 3way speaker will totally destroy 2 way for sound quality.

@rabit818:  Thought Auralic does small budget amp/dac.

@Douglas_Blake_579 replies to @rabit818: They do.

@Yiannis2112 replies to @rabit818: @rabit818 Arylic does. Auralic makes streamers and they're anything but budget.

@Douglas_Blake_579 replies to @rabit818: @@Yiannis2112
My mistake ... Thanks for the clarification.

@Yiannis2112 replies to @rabit818: @@Douglas_Blake_579 No worries, mate! I know its confusing. Very similar names.

@Douglas_Blake_579 replies to @rabit818: @@Yiannis2112
Very kind of you .... best wishes for your year end celebrations!

@Mark-ro5zg:  That music, if you call that music, is very annoying!! I had to skip over the unboxing part.

@IncognitoChild:  And just when I thought you'd hit the sweet spot of annoying jingles you found a new one🤣😂

@richh650:  I do like your sound example as it shows how the bass changes was a bit higher in frequency than I would prefer. Excellent review!

@Jonnravn:  I am using this exact Amp with a pair of DALI OBERON 1 for my PC/Office setup and it is doing an absolutely fine job for this.

@chrismaki8396:  I love the review, the added graphics, the dulcet tones, the humour, etc. I just don’t know what I am supposed to do with something like this. I have a small integrated amp (NAD c328), new Apple TV 4K, TT, CD Carousel, and a smart 4K TV. Most of my tv and music listening is through 2 HomePods via either ATV4K and my amp is currently used just for my TT. Would this device give me something extra? I have watched NODEs, Wiims, reviews and I just don’t know if these devices would give me something that I haven’t got or experienced. Any advice appreciated.

@darkpatches:  It's like having Paul McCartney and Eric Idle's test tube baby explain music to me with humor. The perfect love child.

@rhwinner replies to @darkpatches: 😂

@onepieceatatime:  For some reason I like the unboxing music. To each his own I guess...

@maciekzmijewski1281:  I think comparison to fosi audio V3 would give a better hint of what we can expect in sound quality department then audio recorded on camera.

@iikatinggangsengii2471 replies to @maciekzmijewski1281: itll get there eventually, prob sound hasnt ready since its a really dam powerful cans

but yeah after listening to those level smth like phonix sounds lacking lul

@maciekzmijewski1281:  I tested this amp and the most unique feature in this price bracket was omitted in this amp review. It has a highpass filter and allows a very simple 2.1 setup, where speakers are only responsible for mid and high tones, while the heavy lifting is done by an active sub (using app you can select crossover at 50, 100,150, 200, 250 ad 300 Hz), hence 30W at 8Ohm is not that bad at all, especially in case of near field or desktop setting or if you an hook up the sub.

@crazyprayingmantis5596 replies to @maciekzmijewski1281: 5:58

@allanmoorhead9492 replies to @maciekzmijewski1281: Is there an option which allows use of the subwoofer output without any high-pass filter? My main speakers and subwoofer amp work best with the main speakers naturally rolling off and meeting the subwoofer's roll-off in the middle. They don't need high-pass filtering. The video says the amp uses a low-pass filter for the sub output - he doesn't mention a high-pass filter for the main speaker outputs in conjunction with this. Hence I'm still wondering, is there a high-pass filter for the main speakers, or a low-pass filter for the subwoofer output, or does it use both of these?

@frogandspanner:  I still call my electromagnetic receiver and decoder unit a wireless. It has nice glowing valves in it, and transformer hum that brings back memories of happy childhood. The wartime civilian wireless is a grand piece of kit.

@schoebelski6602:  Ouch!!!! That unboxing cheapomusic👎 ...otherwise, nice review as always, thank you.

@michaeldeloatch7461:  Me at 0:00: keeps open mind. Me a moment later, seeing the power brick emerge from packaging: Nope.

@user-je8zy6yq7f:  I do not like music clips. Just tell me what you hear and how well it works (tone controls and settings). Just my opinion.

@msingh1932:  So...should we buy it? I know I can decide for myself, but the esteemed comments of the Master or one his knowledgeable assistants would be welcome.

@ac81017:  It's basically cheap shite that sounds crap, stick to your Sony ta-f300. Sorry if sound like an Audiophile, because i am an Audiophile.

@Douglas_Blake_579 replies to @ac81017: pssst .... (Wispering) I wouldn't be bragging about that if I were you.

@s_r_v:  the market is seemingly saturated with classd amps these days but I enjoyed the review, and even though the video of your desktop doesn't really illustrate any sound quality per say it was useful to see an example use for this type of amp :-) I see you have to pay more for an aptx bluetooth driver... an audiophile must ;-)

@iikatinggangsengii2471 replies to @s_r_v: true its like free cayin c9 bundle

@3dhYT:  I hate this unboxing music 😏

@namegoeshere2903 replies to @3dhYT: It's just noise...not really music.

@Hipyon replies to @3dhYT: Totally with you

@ac81017 replies to @3dhYT: ​@namegoeshere2903 Agreed, speaking as an Audiophile.

@Douglas_Blake_579 replies to @3dhYT: Hint: You're supposed to.

@denis4072 replies to @3dhYT: Its an audio master class. That mean sound or tones use in this video is for measrement purpose only. 🤣

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Thursday January 4, 2024

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