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The next (last?) Beatles release

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@thedubwhisperer2157:  "The last Beatles track..."?
I live in hope... 😉

@HieronymousCheese:  If only there was a 2 hour version of Revolution #9. 🤨
Number 9. Number 9. Number 9. Number 9. Number 9. Number 9. Number 9. Number 9. Number 9. Number 9. Number 9. Number 9. Number 9. Number 9. Number 9. Number 9. Number 9. Number 9. Number 9. Number 9. Number 9. Number 9. Number 9. Number 9. Number 9...... this is where I try to claw my own brain out through my bleeding ears.

@philiplane3533:  The White album is like a musical "bible" to me. It has been my absolute favourite release from anyone, ever since I first heard it on release at the tender age of six!. It is far more important as a whole, than just another album. The Beatles basically gave us a catalogue of what had and what was to come. It was a message to future generations to go and play with the genres they had created or began to develop. It was when I finally realised, as a child, how the music creation process worked. It also gave me the inspiration to go on to become an engineer, producer and artist. It was an album that had to be released in the format it was, so as to keep their "thesis" in tact. It may contain some lesser and even difficult tracks, but that was the point. It didn't pander to commercial success (although that would have been a given anyway). It was a brave and an unashamed attempt to show the world what could be done with modern pop and rock as well as countless other influences and styles. It is perfect in its imperfection and any attempt to mess with it (I'm thinking of the 2018 - brickwall slammed version) will only end in disappointment.

@xfoolsgoldx:  Now and then is very good in my opinion.

@MackDJ:  These demos should have been released (if at all) as JOHN LENNON, the only person recording them. Releasing them as "Beatles" is disrespectful on ALL fronts.

@user-st8bk4sk9i:  Much more than e.g. White Album variations could be released. Here on youtube there is a guy who has released two "Imagined Unreleased Album" 's by Genesis - variations of the released songs sourced from demos and radio broadcasts (the band playing live in a radio broadcast) etc. So clearly we have a lot more in store from The Beatles to come 🙂

@brucehazen8982:  You've lost it.

And, "Now And Then" is wonderful.

@johnmc3862:  This was never touted as the last Beatles release. Its the last new song/release worked on by all 4. There fixed it for you.

@wernerschroer6138:  On April 4, 1964 the Beatles had the top 5 songs in the UK Hitparade. They were „Please Please Me” at five, “I Want to Hold Your Hand” at four, “She Loves You” at three, “Twist and Shout” at 2 and “Can't Buy Me Love” at 1. These songs would be considered to be rubbish today but they created history and changed the (western) world.

@johnmc3862 replies to @wernerschroer6138: Saying they would be rubbish 2day is nonsense!

@wernerschroer6138 replies to @wernerschroer6138: @@johnmc3862 I personally don’t think they’re rubbish but you should play those songs to the younger generations and ask them what they think about the early Beatles whose songs they’ve never heard. No to worry, it will all come back one day.

@HieronymousCheese replies to @wernerschroer6138: That was in the US, not the UK.

@wernerschroer6138 replies to @wernerschroer6138: @@HieronymousCheese You‘re right.

@peters7949:  On the Red & Blue albums, while the Red is predominantly new mixes, apart from 6 tracks, the Blue album is comprised of mixes I already have from the previous re-mixed album releases.
Fortunately I listen to them via my streaming service, in glorious Atmos, so I did not have to shell out my hard earned British Pounds to discover this.
The PR & advertising implies all new mixes.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @peters7949: Yes I thought all new mixes too.

@neilafacci5833 replies to @peters7949: Yeh all new recent remixes except for the six songs and I am the walrus is flawed

@rabarebra:  And each version on 8 "limited" vinyl colours 🌈😂

@eliasmodernell3348:  How about learning to appreciate it and stop.this single.disc wa crap?

@markjackson2642:  But peter Jackson has confirmed there is more to come

@neilafacci5833:  For George I would include all his proposed songs in demo form or completed to fill out his version

@HieronymousCheese replies to @neilafacci5833: I'd put the acoustic/demo version of While My Guitar Gently Weeps on the album and throw Clapton's racket out.

@HappyCodingZX:  How about this - John always said the White album was a mashup of solo albums, so how about unscramblng them - one by John including Child of Nature, one by Paul, including Junk, and one by George, including Sour Milk Sea, Not Guilty, Inner Light, Circles and the acoustic version of WMGGW. And then add a dpuble A single by Ringo :)

@mcrobielord1503:  If you go up there, if they're going to release the white album, they need to put free as a bird and real love and now and then

@CollaroRC54:  I think more AI work will follow from The Beatles catalogue. Possibly , new AI separation mixes on the Hamburg Star Club tapes? Plus there are still a few odds and ends lurking on the Get Back session Nagra reels that could be developed into finished product such as the track ‘Watching Rainbows’ .
An excellent reissue project would be a deluxe version of the Magical Mystery Tour album. It could include such things as the full ‘Dixieland’ version of Aerial Tour ( Flying) plus the legend that is Carnival of Light .

@colindeer9657:  You can make me laugh out loud
This has been a very funny presentation from you.
Very good indeed .

Funnier still… I think I prefer the Esher version of the songs 😁. Cheers
Colin 🌴🇦🇺

@edgarwalk5637:  Cry Baby Cry, and Dear Prudence are 2 of my favourite Beatles songs of all time, not to mention other great songs. I would buy all versions!

@johngranato2673:  You look a bit like Paul

@AudioMasterclass replies to @johngranato2673: I disagree

@wyldemusick:  Do it the way the Beastie Boys handled their Hits album. Let the buyer choose tracks and running order, and album title and ship it as a CDR.

@lerssilarsson6414:  Or the latest? Maybe more AI powered "The Beatles stuff" coming?

@android1617:  Are you Paul McCartney's brother?

@AudioMasterclass replies to @android1617: Not even his cousin

@rabit818:  We can have a vote on which songs are White Album worthy, as long as it is not rigged.

@jeffbranch8072:  With the passing of Andy Rourke there's no chance of there ever being a Smiths reunion, as if there ever was. What are the odds of there ever being a Marr-Moz collaboration, or ever appearing on stage together again? I mean, besides zip, zero, nil, of course. Maybe I should get around to finally buying a copy of 'Strangeways Here We Come'? Too soon? That's just how much interest I have left in the Beatles.

@HieronymousCheese replies to @jeffbranch8072: Oh God, Please NO!!!!!! I'd rather see the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse arriving than a Smiths reunion.

@jeffbranch8072 replies to @jeffbranch8072: @@HieronymousCheese , I'm not familiar with that band. Maybe they could have opened for The Smiths? I guess we'll never know.

@HieronymousCheese replies to @jeffbranch8072: @@jeffbranch8072 War, Famine, Pestilence and Death. And none of them are ever as miserable as Morrissey. If you like The Smiths, you will LOVE these guys......

@jeffbranch8072 replies to @jeffbranch8072: 😆

@jimhines5145:  They should most certainly include "Not Guilty" on any new White Album releases. The great lost George song.

@jimhines5145:  The Ultimate Beatles release would be to just give us ALL the raw track stems and let us "superfans" make our own mixes from them. Of course they would charge a premium for it. Just imagine what creativity would come from this. Of course in reality this will never happen, too much money to be potentially lost for Apple Records. But....OMGosh, what fun it would be! On the other hand, with AI tech advancing as quickly as it is, soon, we may be able to easily create our own stem files anyway and get the same from the products we already own.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @jimhines5145: You're reminding me of Everyday Chemistry It's worth at least one listen.

@wyldemusick replies to @jimhines5145: There are indeed people already doing this.

@jimhines5145 replies to @jimhines5145: @@AudioMasterclass Thanks for the tip. I will certainly give it a go.

@jimhines5145 replies to @jimhines5145: @@AudioMasterclass Everyday Chemistry was definitely worth the listen! Thank you for sharing this. Not really my cup of Earl Grey, but worthy nonetheless. It's very "Beatles Love" like in some aspects, just not as well thought out or produced, but an enjoyable experience.

@thexfile.:  The remixes sound like they were all recorded in the same week.

@CraigPMiller:  Madness! 🙃 The original is best!

@bacarandii:  For me, the White Album is all about the transitions between the tracks, like how "Back in the USSR" flies off into "Dear Prudence," or the way that "Cry Baby Cry" leads into "Revolution 9," which fades ("Block that kick!") into "Goodnight." How about an Extra Special Bonus EP composed of just the newly remastered bits where one song becomes the next (including the silences, when they exist)? Applying techniques similar to those on side two of "Abbey Road," they could remix all those interstitial parts into one long, glorious cross-fade -- not "Now and Then" but more like "Neither Here Nor There."

@AudioMasterclass replies to @bacarandii: Good point.

@gilassp:  The whAIte album

@AudioMasterclass replies to @gilassp: Comment readers may see what you did there.

@randytate:  hope that find a treasure trove on unreleased recordings in pristine condition. That would be ideal.

@Anybloke:  You know that effort of an "Abba" show in London ? You know what's coming next don't you ? I put it to you that in our lifetime, one will be able to see "The Beatles" performing songs that The Beatles never performed.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @Anybloke: I suspect you are far from wrong.

@CaptainJack2048:  I think "Now and Then" is an okay song on its own merit; not great, just okay. However, it doesn't really feel like a Beatles song to me at all, really. I thought the music video could have been a lot better, as well. When the Beatles were in their heyday avant-garde filmmaking was a bit frenetic, and I think the music video could be improved by trying to capture the flavor of that. A little more "Hard Day's Night" (film) and less "Let It Be" (also film). Apropos the central question of this video, I think the last Beatles product will come out the day after the last Elvis product. I suspect that not even my grandchildren will still be around to see that, though.

@imqqmi:  I'm not a fan of insects. Sorry couldn't resist ;)

@SPINNINGMYWHEELS777:  I take the high road and not even think about the 'white album' .. not important to me. 😅 this marketing makes me ill. I used to like Rubber Soul quite a bit.

@agerray:  "4 versions", 1 for each Beatle, could indeed open the floodgates for different mixes that highlight each Beatle - so the "Ringo mix" would highlight the drums, "Paul mix", the bass, etc.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @agerray: You could be onto something there. Quick - call Giles!

@agerray replies to @agerray: I'm on 10% commission - I wish!!!

@mariokrizan1400:  Greetings Dave 🙋‍♂️ The 2009 edition is the most suspicious in details and some sounds that were not heard so clearly before, but it is also sharper in the high frequencies and does not have the body and depth of the old vinyls. What do you think?

@AudioMasterclass replies to @mariokrizan1400: Each to their own but I won’t be going back to the vinyl. The 2009 set fulfils my needs.

@mariokrizan1400 replies to @mariokrizan1400: @@AudioMasterclass 👍👍👍 Thank you. I have the old collections and also the one from 2009, which is very revealing. It's hard to get rid of your first music purchases when you're halfway through the century and you're back. The important thing is to enjoy the music.

@marxman00:  How about whom evers bit in a piece of music that makes it "a thing" gets all the money , this could be achieved by muting individual parts and finding out when it stops sounding good! Its whole new "genre"of listening, It could even make the dumbest music format (Atmos) actually usefull!

@jeffchristian6798:  Can't wait for the inevitable AI versions. 👎

@englishdeltajazz replies to @jeffchristian6798: Yep, humans are all washed up. AI will create Beatles albums that are better than Beatles albums.

@winterbird2122 replies to @jeffchristian6798: AI is doing miracles and wonders for the music industry. Humans are all washed up.

@DisjointedConversations:  The sign of a great actor is when you can’t tell if he is being serious or sarcastic. You, sir, are a great actor. Thanks for the laughs. I can’t wait to see the comments from the “oh my God are you kidding” - trying to keep it clean - crowd.

@ac81017:  The white album is my least favourite, it's not bad, I just prefer all the others.

@shipsahoy1793:  I am with you, Dave.. I liked the video, but the tune is kind of rubbish..

@shipsahoy1793:  Dave, why “buy” them, when I could make my own track orders with the existing tracks ?!

@AudioMasterclass replies to @shipsahoy1793: Because I know from many, many comments that a lot of people like physical product.

@shipsahoy1793 replies to @shipsahoy1793: @@AudioMasterclass yeah Yes, well I can change the order and burn new CD’s. I also already have physical product. 😉

@AudioMasterclass replies to @shipsahoy1793: I think that lovers of physical product might dispute your home burns as being a substitute for the real thing.

@shipsahoy1793 replies to @shipsahoy1793: @@AudioMasterclass Bugger them. I doubt transferring a file from one CD disc to another matters. I’ve done it to many times. If it was a problem, I would’ve noticed. Sure, it won’t be gift wrapped with eye candy, but who cares! Certainly not I ..😉

You can comment on this video at YouTube

Thursday January 4, 2024

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