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@ssgeek4515:  This word means nothing.its just a status that someone uses to make people think there better than others.ive he'
heard the crappyist high street brand speakers that sound astonishing. That person did not like 'audiophile'

@zackreuter6344:  Hey, where's them creepy AI babes? Seems like they are missing a great opportunity here. I would not expect Audio Phil to lower himself to participating in a discussion of an ordinary consumer grade brand, though it would be interesting if he did.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @zackreuter6344: Phil spent a day recently listening to music on his Christmas gifted Crosley. He may comment on his experience when he has recovered.

@zackreuter6344 replies to @zackreuter6344: @@AudioMasterclass Oh dear! I hope there is no permanent damage.

@oscartango2348:  I exclusively use a "Technics, Minifon P55 Plexi". For a true audiophile such as myself, wire recording is the only way to truly experience music in the way the artist intended.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @oscartango2348: A link for comment readers -

@gerhardkappelt7219:  Different approach: Who invented the combination of 'audio' and 'phil(e)'? Since this is definitely not an 'ancient' word, someone had to 'invent' it...
...and if this was some marketing and advertising guy at Onkyo back in these days, the word can be a trademark, because it only became descriptive afterwards....

@arielcandoleta5347:  I never considered myself an audiophile and I never will.

@RoyFJ65:  Only one company makes musical instruments as well as equipment to recreate them.

@AnthorOne:  Suggestion, turn your light setup around for this background, it will better fit to the content of the image. Or mirror the graphic.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @AnthorOne: No thank you.

@Bassotronics:  I have an audio file.

@ianjohnhorwood2605:  onkyo is what i would call today more on the expensive budget quality side 🤣 , so no , not one would call anyway highest end quality in any particular way , in what you would think the highest quality would be . By the way , you are extremely really funny , if someone wants a real laugh , yep , they should come and have a listen to you , rather than listen to the audiophile idiots from absolute sound , and other idiots like them etc 🤣 🤣 🤣 .

@ShirleyMarquezDulcey:  There are certainly things that aren't stylus brushes that qualify as audiophile and can be bought for 300 quid. Most notably, many excellent headphones can be had for that price, and they offer a taste of the high end listening experience for fairly small amounts of money. Yes, you could also spend 3,000 or 30,000, and hopefully that would give you something that is even better, but it's not necessary.

@jeffbranch8072:  If I have audiophile quality recordings saved in a file, is that an audiofile? 🤔

@bengeorgeschannel6568:  A while back, the newly relaunched Dual made a fairly cheap turntable which had the logo "Audiophile Concept" tacked onto the front. I'm not sure if this was a trademark of any kind - but it certainly would have passed the descriptiveness test explained in this video!

@PeacefulIceCave-rp2vp replies to @bengeorgeschannel6568: I love there car audio amplifiers .

@abominabelle:  Onkyo shouldn't got that patent for that word in any category in a first place.

@williamcampbell3868:  To Audio Mastclass and @Flarptube : After watching this episode I came to the conclusion to no longer describe myself as an audiophile. I will now say I'm a music hi-fi enthusiast or music hobbyist. The audiophile term requires more explanation and confuses some people. However, as in @Flarptube's described scenario, if someone overheard me discussing my enthusiasm for music and high end equipment that's my business. If they have a problem with it and say anything to me they will get told off and or cursed out!!

@williamcampbell3868 replies to @williamcampbell3868: I'm a 64 year old Black man and music collector and hi-fi hobbyist and crawling to retirement!🤣

@deejayiwan7:  Didnt Onkyo went bankrupt? 🤔🤔🤔🤔".... the Onkyo brand now does business under joint ownership by Sharp Corporation and Voxx International."

@Amplified208:  If you love audio equipment. and are smart enough to not spend ridiculously amount of money well unless you can, but. But it is not necessary. Just love the hobby and know matter what you have for equipment.

@Smog104:  It makes me laugh when so called “audiophiles “ condemn Bang and Olufsen as show no go or Phillips in a designer suit . Most of these dings have never heard it . Well I have and own quite a bit of it , beautiful design and build quality with scanspeak drivers . What is audiophile ??? It’s an annoying term .
I’m a music lover and I love my two systems that sound great .

@Arfonfree:  I think Onkyo has a legitimate trademark. The term "audiophile" seems to be meaningless in itself.apparantly it means whatever the person using it wants it to mean. Therefore it can hardly be called descriptive.

@IndigoDavei:  Bit pedantic, but I would suggest that the word 'audiophile' describes a person, not a thing. I really don't think that audio kit, however good it might be, does a lot of 'philing'! Having said that, maybe the devolpment of AI will eventually lead to machine sentience; then a hi-fi system may become a genuine audiophile, able to do all the 'philing' it desires, and we won't be needed at all. (Maybe Onkyo will even earn that trademark???) Anyway, once future generations can afford their preferred kit, maybe they won't have to worry about no longer being able to hear much above 12 KHz - the machine will do it itself.

@seedney:  Now I know. If I’m lacking bass I need a fridge, not new subwoofer 😂

@laustinspeiss:  What about the Neve-AMS ‘Audiofile’

@Douglas_Blake_579:  So, the old joke revised ...

Most people use Onkyo to listen to music.
Audiophiles use music to listen to Onkyo


@DAVID-io9nj:  You worry about "Audiophile". I refer you to "Aspirin".

@endrizo:  in the description of the video... can you link to your toilet paper please ? hahahaha. most audiphiles are so idiot haaa

@Mark-tp2mz:  A new dictionary meaning, Audiophile (proper noun) - a person who seeks to impress others, or compensate for personal unseen deficiencies, to elevate themselves, by spending stupendous amounts of money or claim scientifically unverifiable sound quality increases, to impress others by deception. Comp. A person who would have vigorously claimed that Emperor was indeed wearing clothes, it's just that your eyes are not resolving correctly

@Dave_Outside:  Of course, this is primarily about trademark. However, there are a lot of self proclaimed audiophiles on YouTube. I really only like to listen people that have actual training and music. Maybe they have been a musician maybe they have been a sound engineer. Maybe they have worked for an equipment company as an engineer. And I typically don’t listen to older people when they try to make assessments of sound quality because their hearing has degraded. Whether they like it or not. Just like mine has. One reason that Tyll stopped doing headphone reviews.

@stevelane5885:  So the irony is that if Onkyo can only use the term “Audiophile” if it isn’t because if it was it would be descriptive so the trade mark would not be aprovable !

@jazzandcocktails7:  In the 1980s, Onkyo made some of the best equipment around under the Grand Integra sub-brand. That equipment was truly "audiophile." If you have access to the Absolute Sound, you can check reviews.

@calash2136:  of course it should be free to use, but we live in a strange world

@drewv1785:  Good rant! This just goes to show that everything that anyone might think they know is probably wrong!

@andrewroberts6275:  Being an audiophile is a hobby in which you listen to the equipment.
Music enthusiasts listen to music on whatever media source they can . the quality of equipment is important but to listen to and enjoy music a few hundred quid will do just fine.

@Mark-lq3sb replies to @andrewroberts6275: I enjoy listening to Jimi on my ten year old car radio with speakers that sometimes make a fuzzy sound. I've smacked them with my hand and sometimes it gets better. The reception fades in and out depending on your location driving down the road. I enjoy listening to Jimi in my home with my stereo system that I've spent roughly $60,000USD on. Your explanation of an "audiophile" is incorrect!

@GeirRssaak replies to @andrewroberts6275: You are right!

@Roddy451:  Well...Good. I am a "musicphile" and a "moviephile". Eat your heart out Onkyo... or PAC... or whatever your name is!

@tertia4808:  I have legal training but I am not a legal professional & my comment should not be construed in any way as constituting legal advice.

@janisvaskevics93:  Audiophiles, just like any other "philes, are people with deviances...

@ricardoperoni901:  An “audiophile” is actually a male in his 60,s who like red wine, cheese, and smells ever so slightly of wee. They often congregate in packs at trade shows and salivate over power cables as thick as a child’s arm contemplating its veil lifting potential. So if Onkyo want to associate themselves with that then good luck to them. So it’s basically a person who obsesses over the sound quality of hifi equipment not a component or a standard that can be met. 🤔Richy.

@simplestuffmatters:  Love the rant. Hence, good thing Onkyo owns that trademark.
I see ptoducts like the Taiko Audio Extreme Server (28K for a PC? - WTF?). Looks neater than average HW, but is it value fo rmoney? Hardly. That is what truly defines and enthusiast: Things matter to them that billions of others couldn't care less about and they WANT to spend money for it.
Great channel - keep up the good work.

@tristandesade8635:  I agree. I also think that in general the whole trademark plot has gone too far.

@dead_art:  The fact that this word "audiophile" was not considered descriptive at the moment it was patented means that it was not in use or at least it was not used widely enough to be known as a common name, so it was treated as a proper name as lots of latin/greek words and their derivatives used for trademarks. Probably, nowadays this term is known and used thanks to Onkyo. So, on one hand we've got a brightly memetic and more or less descriptive linguistic unit, attribution of which to the public domain by now would likely be a fair thing. On the other hand, this linguistic unit entirely took off from this trademark. So, only time will tell this heaven from hell…

@SPINNINGMYWHEELS777:  I see more modern Onkyo AV multi-amps in the electronic recycling than any other audio product - never vintage units though

@SPINNINGMYWHEELS777:  @0:15 you can tell I'm more focused on sound thatn $$$ when you said "100K" I thought of 100,000 cycles. Way beyond practical hearing ...and price range whatever way you interpret it.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @SPINNINGMYWHEELS777: I don't think I've ever mentioned 100 kHz. Now, 96 kHz... that's another thing entirely.

@analoghardwaretops3976 replies to @SPINNINGMYWHEELS777: ​@@AudioMasterclass..96 kHz that's not audioph...100kHz. YES that is.😅

@mariocassar6087:  Keep up the good work….but tongue in cheek and melodramatic 😂

@ronhutcherson9845:  Sosumi! 😂
Nice Easter egg 👍

@jimhines5145:  Audiophile is such a misused term, even if it is patented. Who is to say their Pioneer SX1980 is an audiophile receiver. It is. We know that from the specs of it. But on the other hand, why does a $500 Onkyo sound just as good, or nearly as good as that awesome (and very expensive) vintage equipment? Well, Audiophile is not necessarily in the playback, but more in the original recordings. An Audiophile receiver is NOT going to make a crap recording sound any better. It's a pig with lipstick. Most self proclaimed audiophiles are in their mid 50s plus. We (yes, me included) cannot usually even hear the subtle differences. Audiophile is complete rubbish and as you said, it is all based on a single patent (haha). Same as diamond engagement rings. Totally invented to increase sales.

@MVC670:  The irony is wonderful, considering the racist snobbery of audiophiles. Why...those little yellow Japs, churning out Onkyo amps for the riff-raff like Zeros, have snatched the very name audiophile right from under the noses of good Englishmen.

@mitchelldries6628:  YORX

@mitchelldries6628 replies to @mitchelldries6628: didn't actually watch the vid, just commenting on yer headline. i'll see myself out...

@Flarptube:  A couple seated at a nearby table eavesdropped on our conversation. We retired guys from the technical trade are selling-proclaimed experts on all things electrical. The words ‘audiophile’ and ‘enthusiasts’ were said and I could plainly hear the response from the woman to her partner, “It should be a life sentence with no parole.” I recognized the couple as regulars and as they got up to leave she said to our little group, “You know what they do to those perverts in general population…” It took until they exited the cafe before it sunk in and then we lost it. After some reflection, I think I agree with her.

@JAFO. replies to @Flarptube: So, if one enjoys cycling, do they also deserve a life sentence for being a Pedalphile?

@bilious-biden:  Worst case of audiophobia i have come across.

@buzzcrushtrendkill:  Well, well, my Onkyo M504 amp is officially and legally audiophile. I always knew it anyway. 😁

@rabit818:  Onkyo has an “audiophile” brand, Integra.

@mrdanger4851:  Did you make up a knew definition of the word Audiophile? Audiophile is a Person not a THING. ALSO Sound is totally subjective despite price...

@Douglas_Blake_579 replies to @mrdanger4851: Do you think it was subjective to the engineers and scientists who developed the equipment you listen to?

Hint: The only reasonable answer is "No".

@mrdanger4851 replies to @mrdanger4851: @@Douglas_Blake_579 Of course the sound matters to the engineers designing sound equipment but all that means is they are trying not to (color) the sounds by making an amp /preamp and speakers sound flat.... unfortunately when WE listen to any source of music it is colored or tailor by Sound Engineers to sound like THEY think it should sound! We all hear different so the only constant is using equipment like oscilloscopes and other tools to companies how Uncolored this equipment can REPRODUCE sound it's is still Subjective to each individual! I Get It More money equals better Equipment but it doesn't necessarily "SOUND BETTER"

@Douglas_Blake_579 replies to @mrdanger4851: @@mrdanger4851
Stop and think about it ... the sound you hear is from a recorded source, as you say, what the sound engineers want you to hear. But that has literally nothing to do with your equipment. The same recording will sound the same on 50 different stereos... and there's nothing we can do about that.

The electronic engineers designing the hardware are completely aware of that and seek to make their equipment as clear and transparent as possible, so the music sets the stage, not your amplifier.

Subjectivity fails the minute we realise that we live a shared experience in a reality that is, in fact, governed by physical laws. Your experience, like it or not, is shared by others.

@deistdean486:  My uncle was an audiophile. I'm kinda glad that my auntie passed before she found out that he was actually a mid range Japanese consumer electronics brand.

@GeirRssaak replies to @deistdean486: Sir! Very good!

@mrmaestro04 replies to @deistdean486: 😂😂😂

@Hypurr1:  Audiophile should be free to use and Onkyo does make some decent stuff for those that don't have 100K lying around. Could get worse. Had one for watching movies once and it worked really well.

@PapaNicksMusic:  I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m just lurking down here in the comments waiting to see if any lawyers are willing to offer pro bono legal advice…

@zinzander2978:  When audiophiles a start saying things like it isn’t about the quality of the reproduction of a sound wave it’s is about the musicality of the reproduction, ie it isn’t about accurately reproducing the music that what was originally created you know it is mostly BS. Yes it costs money to get a nice system but pretty quickly you are jsut throwing money at a wall for forum street credit 😂

@chanslorvalorum6905:  ONKYO A 7040. from 1980
Integrated amplifier.
Outstanding sound quality.
My mom bought it for us at FLANNER & HAFSOOS in Milwaukee for Christmas.
It single-handedly destroyed my wrongly held notion that all amps sound roughly the same.
Also ., however.,
This video is hilarious . Because ., come on… Onkyo ., audiophile .,? Give me a break.

@paulcambridge2687:  Based on the thumbnail, I thought this video was going to be about McIntosh, because...ya know, right?😊

@ray_notes8170:  That's interesting - I didn't know that. Their trademark violates the rules of trademark. The end this, the strategy is simple. A megalithic corporation with deep pockets should just use the term and crush teh trademark out of Onkyo with lawfare until they release the terms back into the public domain.

@trainluvr:  I have a similar onkyo with good speakers and, like a cat, is fine too!

@jelugo77:  Very similar to HIFI, you can't TM that.

@DavidslvPT:  The Dual brand has used the word "audiophile" on their turnable "Dual CS 505-3 Audiophile Concept"

@closereveryday:  Onkyo is and will be Junk!!! For Ever.

How about" Lab Grade audio equipment"

Technically it woud sound the best!!! because its built to laboratory standards

All my Audio Equipment operates to that standard that why I have the best

@richardpolishuk3617 replies to @closereveryday: Can't imagine a less interesting lecture

@paulmcdonough9595:  Given what I believe the word ‘Audiophile’ stands for I would quite content to avoid its use.

@ChiefExecutiveOrbiter:  Taco Tuesday, here we go

@stevengagnon4777:  Audiophile, noun: a person who is enthusiastic about high-fidelity sound reproduction...Merriam Webster
a person who is very interested in and enthusiastic about equipment for playing recorded sound, and it's quality...Cambridge
So by definition an audiophile is a person...not a piece of equipment! Therefore the word "audiophile" does not have an indication of what " quality " a piece of equipment has because it is a noun , not an adjective. One will need other words to properly describe the quality of the sound msde by the equipment whether it's an entire system or a particular piece of the system.
Now for the poeple who think the word "audiophile " is meaningless that would be a mistake on thier part....just like poeple words do have a meaning and just because they are does not make them meaningless . The fabric of our society is built upon the WORD so as a society we need to keep words meaningful or just like many societies of the past our society will become a heap of dust. Take the once great city of Babylon for's a desolate heap where the wild canines roam.
The WORD has always existed and is with us.

@stevengagnon4777 replies to @stevengagnon4777: As a side note I believe this is why Onkio will never sue as a plaintiff in court because a defendif will always have the case dismissed and be ordered to pay for the court costs by a judge presiding over the case rather quickly and a defendif would probably win suing for damages. Since the noun "audiophile " had well established and excepted definition by the time Onkyo applied for the trademark....

@FullFledged2010:  Proud owner of a "audiophile" M8000/P8000 combo 😏

@kevinmcgrath3591:  why are vinyl LP records mastered by parrallel cutting when played back radially? why not radial cutting to match most record players? this simple geometry fact is a hifi contradiction....surely this causes a tracking error (small but there)... not a vinyl fan here....

@earthoid:  Since Onkyo has apparently not attempted to defend the illegal use of their trademarked word by, uh, pretty much everyone, I suppose it might be too late for them to claim ownership.

@davejones538:  Haven't they gone bankrupt along with Pioneer ?

@john29john64 replies to @davejones538: I do believe that I read something to that effect recently

@philipkershaw7918:  Spending silly amounts of money on audio equipment probably means you've stopped listening to the music and are instead just listening to the kit.
This makes you a technophile rather than an audiophile. Thus, neatly sidestepping any trademark issues altogether.
Unless, of course, the term technophile has also been trademarked.
A case of frying pan and fire, perhaps.

@ac81017 replies to @philipkershaw7918: It just means you can't afford Audiophile gear and I can. No harm in that.

@philipkershaw7918 replies to @philipkershaw7918: That tells us a lot about you!

@AudriusN replies to @philipkershaw7918: @@ac81017 Wanna buy some audiophile air for your room? Specialy treated air. Only $10000 per canister, 50l 300bar.

@brianmoore581 replies to @philipkershaw7918: So what are "silly" amounts of money? Anything above what you were willing to spend? A couple hundred bucks?

We all spend our money on something, whether it's a boat, a motorcycle, daily Starbucks coffee. If I spend more than you would on audio components, it's because I enjoy it for what it does - gets me closer to the music I love. I also spent what most of my friends think is crazy money on my TV, not because I want technology for its own sake, but because it simply performs better. Why should it bother you what I spend my money on? Your rant just comes across as jealousy.

@Douglas_Blake_579 replies to @philipkershaw7918: @@brianmoore581
I'm pretty sure nobody cares too much how you waste your money. Really that's your choice. What matters here is that a lot of the "high price" stuff like cables and silly weights and lifters are a pure rip off but people insist on playing the marketer's games. It's the deception that urks me.

@hansfijlstra5932:  I fully agree! Audiophile is descriptive and literally means a person who loves audio. I too like to rant 💪! Keep up the good work 👍

@marxman00:  Ive been using an audio file to expand me baffle cutouts ..and squeeze some bigger speakers make them more better

@drewwilson1477:  I tell people my hobby is acoustics because I am interested in the engineering and science of sound reproduction. Audiophile just has too many negative connotations associated with it because of well meaning but technically ignorant or self serving snake oil promoters. Either way I don’t want to be associated with them.

@Douglas_Blake_579 replies to @drewwilson1477: Agreed ... I dumped the label about 5 years ago and to be described that way today actually feels insulting. So many in the hobby are so deeply deceived and, in many cases, detached from reality that I often wonder what the hell they're thinking... Not my clan, that's for sure.

@thexfile.:  Audiofile ?

@Synthematix:  The word "audiophile" means nothing

@Douglas_Blake_579 replies to @Synthematix: "Audio" ... about sound.
"philia" ... an unhealthy obsession

@Evil_Peter replies to @Synthematix: Not true at all. The word appears in dictionaries and therefor has an established meaning.

@Synthematix replies to @Synthematix: @@Evil_Peter No, the word "audiophile" means "I am a dick and i know nothing about music"

@Evil_Peter replies to @Synthematix: @@Synthematix First you said it doesn't mean anything, and when I said it does you disagreed and said it does mean something. Not the best way to get your point across.

@Douglas_Blake_579 replies to @Synthematix: @@Evil_Peter

Neither is trolling.

@Douglas_Blake_579:  About audiophiles and their shopping habits ...

My uncle used to own a parts supply, dealing mostly with industrial electronics.
From time to time he would get someone at the counter demanding 'Audiophile Quality" parts for some project or another.
He would then calmly go in the back and pull the parts from the regular bins, put them in small bags stamped a red "A", take that back to the counter and charge some ludicrous price for the parts.

One day I'm helping out and there's a huge row at the counter. This guy is reaming my uncle for trying to rip him off. "I don't want the regular parts. I want the audiophile ones!" So, rather exasperated my uncle went into the warehouse put them in the red-A bags came back out and overcharged the guy by about 10 times.
Well he wasn't done ... "Don't you ever try to rip me off like that again!" and off he goes.

Later I challenged him about the practice. He explained that the "audiophiles" were prone to get angry if the parts aren't super expensive, so for the relatively small amount of trade they represented he just took a policy of "red-A" parts and overcharging them. He explained that he tried to sell at the regular prices and they complained about it.

But you see, the problem is that there is no such thing as "audiophile quality" parts anywhere in the electronics industry. Parts are manufactured, then sorted into either Consumer, Commercial, Military or Aerospace grades, based on tolerances and batch testing. Yes there are parts that are made for audio applications... but they are graded as Consumer, Commercial, Military or Aerospace, just like everything else.

Turns out my uncle wasn't a thief ... the audiophiles insisted on ripping themselves off!

@thomasalexand replies to @Douglas_Blake_579: I'm not entirely satisfied with your comment - It wasn't audiophile enough. Card report: Must do better.😉

@hansfijlstra5932 replies to @Douglas_Blake_579: Hahaha, that’s a great story. And as the saying goes: in the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king!

@Douglas_Blake_579 replies to @Douglas_Blake_579: @@thomasalexand
If I were to ever post something "audiophile enough" make sure you let me know so I can delete it.

@thomasalexand replies to @Douglas_Blake_579: @Douglas_Blake_579  😆 Will do.

@SubTroppo replies to @Douglas_Blake_579: Watch out for "audiophile" quality components in your car if you have one. The current crop of EVs have thousands of cells which were initially conceived for small "consumer" devices. Follow Diagnosedan to get my drift.

@schemkesa:  Haha poor audiophiles.... they always seem to be your victim of sarcasm... 😅

@nabman_:  Onkyo's Integra line is higher quality. Don't know how it'd be perceived in audiophelia. My first integrated amp was an Onkyo....I miss it. I now enjoy an Onkyo vintage receiver which I have proudly restored myself 😁

@GeirRssaak replies to @nabman_: Indeed! The integra line was very good!

@sean_heisler:  An Onkyo receiver was my very first piece of audio gear over 30 years ago. I didn't know I nailed the audiophile thing in my first shot and here I am still trying today.

@Synthematix replies to @sean_heisler: Onkyo are Made by sony, so yes theyre the best

@IncognitoChild replies to @sean_heisler: ​@@SynthematixThink again - "the assets of Onkyo were sold to a joint venture between Sharp and VOXX. The parent of VOXX is Premium Audio Company"

@AG-bp3ll replies to @sean_heisler: It was my first integrated amp and tape deck in the late 80s and that system lasted two decades. Not even sure who owns Onkyo now. Don't think they are a standalone company any more. Had no idea they trademarked that name, but considering that it is all marketing nonsense anyway I'm not surprised a corporation came up with it.

@DAVID-io9nj replies to @sean_heisler: I never considered myself an "audiophile". Now I know that is true since I have never owned an Onkyo. But my oldest brother did. Does that make me a quasi audiophile?

@williamm3691:  The sosumi sound! 😂👌

@msingh1932:  I think Onkyo should be allowed to keep the trademark, because that would allow the Master to look Onkyo straight in the eye and challenge it to sue him as he repeatedly taunts the manufacturer of my favorite amplifiers with the word...audiophile, audiophile. And Betty and Debbie can join in unison. I love this video!

@marklloyd4153 replies to @msingh1932: I love Onkyo . I use it on my tv with focal Chora speakers hooked up to a on sale TX RZ50 $1199 . So much better than tv or sound bar . I can even play some music from Tidal. My primary unit for music is a Rotel 1592 MKII , Polk R700s and a Eversolo DMP A8 only for music . It’s better than the first for music but both r fun and make my life so much happier.

@PeacefulIceCave-rp2vp replies to @msingh1932: ​@@marklloyd4153i have a t-401 if intrested

@pauldhoff:  Should actors fear silent movies in the early 1900s in theaters.

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