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OneOdio Monitor 60 Hi-Res wired headphones full review

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@plenus7392:  A baggie, 3 different cables and a set of comfy cans for this price?? The audio industry does indeed milk everyone for every penny...

@subwooferroads:  Chinese crap with good marketing

@techbulb3440 replies to @subwooferroads: That’s what I thought

@subwooferroads:  Not in china copyright is allowed

@Synthematix:  The only thing that matters is a good frequency response

@AudioMasterclass replies to @Synthematix: I suspect that this is unlikely to happen. EDIT: I think I intended this reply to be for a different comment. The frequency response of these headphones is good.

@Synthematix replies to @Synthematix: @@AudioMasterclass Yup, you can correct it yourself with inline electronics, make a passive inline eq box

@user-vk1qs1bq2v:  You should get the award for the best "unboxing video" ever. I don't know how I would have ever unboxed a product without this type of video. It is not just the "opening" of a box but the detail of how to remove the various pieces. I have no idea how I managed to do this in the past without detailed instructions. I also appreciate the detailed subjective review - would leather earcups work better than high end camel hair? Would the headphones have more air, impact, transparency or detail that those slimey objectivists can't even measure? Thank you for coming over to the dark side.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @user-vk1qs1bq2v: The dark side indeed but I'm enjoying it so far. As for the unboxing, I have zero interest in unboxing videos but doing it myself and trying to make it interesting is fun.

@maneamarius8389:  Almost perfect copy of Audio Tehnica MX 50 but it isnt .😅😅😅.Nice try but fail ONE ODIO.

@joelcarson4602:  I have a pair of the Odio A70s and other than they are rather bass heavy sound pretty good. Not as clear as the pair of Koss KSC 75 clip ons I have, but not terrible. Unlike yours, the earcups are more vertically oblong than circular, and fit my ears and large noggin better than a number of headphones I've tried, but they do fit snug and wearing my glasses with them becomes bothersome after a while. That's true in a different way with the Koss clipons and most other cans I've tried.

@shlomsi2000:  I have another model from the same manufacturer, a few years now the headband and swivel looks virtually the same as these. I like the sound but the swivel broke a few times, very hard to glue, and the headband widened to a point that the headphones are loose on the head.

@MartinMaynard:  Are you now acknowledging that HiRes audio, greater than 16 bit is audible better? In past videos you say you can't discern more than a 16 bits.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @MartinMaynard: I didn't say that.

@tomstickland:  I absolute swear by Sennheiser HD560 headphones. Open ear and very comfortable with a decent spec.

@Synthematix replies to @tomstickland: Have a listen to the SAMSOM SR850 they are only £40 and are better

@johnfisher3929:  Quite enjoyable, as always. Please use the word “controversy” more often. I just love the way the English pronounce it. Also, “aluminum.”

@AudioMasterclass replies to @johnfisher3929: The other way is the posh way in the UK. As for aluminium, don't start that debate because you will surely lose.

@johnfisher3929 replies to @johnfisher3929: @@AudioMasterclass Heck, I grew up in Kansas. I lose a LOT of pronunciation debates!

@SubTroppo:  How long could you keep them on your head for (in a cool environment)?

@paulphilippart7395:  Oh yes soldering headphone cable🤬🤬🤬

@AudioMasterclass replies to @paulphilippart7395: Clearly you have also known this pain.

@paulphilippart7395 replies to @paulphilippart7395: A few times, to the point of "oh no not the monkeys.."."not the room with the red bricks"..and 3.5mm interchangeable brought sanity finally.@@AudioMasterclass

@joelcarson4602 replies to @paulphilippart7395: Headphone cables and commercially mass produced cables that are very flexible have wires that almost certainly require necromancy (Or worse!) to solder properly. 😬

@maidsandmuses:  I hazard a guess here; the neodymium magnet you once messed with is still stuck to the radiator? 😁 Or did you have a bruised thumb for a week?
You are 100% right re. the headband; the traditional style with a strong connection between the two ear-cups, and separate flexible band resting on top of the cranium is much more comfortable.
My preferred ones are the Sennheiser HD540 and HD250 (the resp. open-backed and closed-backed sibling models of the late 80's/ early 90's); by far the most comfortable ones I have ever found.

@AudioMasterclass replies to @maidsandmuses: The benefit of neodymium pain is that it puts one in touch with the power of the universe.

@maidsandmuses replies to @maidsandmuses: @@AudioMasterclass I see. May I suggest Popol Vuh as the less painful option? (the band; not the sacred narrative of the Mayan K'iche' people)

@AudioMasterclass replies to @maidsandmuses: Giving Popol Vuh a try right now.

@1337wafflezz:  what are your norma every day use headphones?

@AudioMasterclass replies to @1337wafflezz: It’s a secret. They are no longer made. I’m trying to get a spare pair and I don’t want to push the secondhand price up.

@jimdavis5230:  In my experience a response peak around 6 to 7Khz will usually make a headphone sound sibilant.

@thexfile.:  I have my old Sony MDR-V6.

@fowchiiiliedpuppiesdied:  Certifications, credentials, and the “experts” are completely out of hand.

@SomberShroud:  ohms don't neccessarily mean better. just more amp dependant. DT880 600 ohm still sound like a $200 headphone even with a speaker amp. You also don't need to spend a lot of money to get hi-fi. KPH40's are a sleeper headphone that would wipe the floor with any headphone under $200. All you need is a linear phase EQ plugin and some time to make a profile to flatten them and then they beat any studio monitor earphone under $700. I suggest using Crinacles frequency graph when making the flat EQ as others aren't as accurate.

@DJStanSteel:  I’ve used the pro 10’s and the A70’s… both were packed nice and had the same bag to keep them in… both were light and had amazing sound. £30 & £40 later with BT.. I was really taken back by the quality of the wires and added connectors and I have to add the comfort is pretty good. They are very light and a bit plasticky but what do you expect from the low price but we’re able to do what I wanted which is to give me good bass sound for Dj monitoring. So I had them for 2 years, still got the the pro 10’s but got rid of the A70’s and replaced with a really expensive but amazing build of pioneer.(£299) I really like the A70’s as they are super styled and fit right over the ear… you can even Daisy chain the OneOdio allowing 2 pairs listening at the same time.

You can comment on this video at YouTube

Thursday January 4, 2024

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